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Get the perfect shop pictures. FOR FREE stock images sent monthly to our SC Insiders. Policies for the inclusion of products in the shop area of your site.

High-quality stock photos for successful creative labels

By making this sale, the Buyer recognizes that the sale is accompanied by a non-exclusive, limited-use licence so that the Buyer may use the Image for his/her own private or trade use in the ordinary course of the Buyer's affairs. Buyer may cut the picture to size and superimpose text or pdf' of design products that meet Buyer's needs, but Buyer may not otherwise modify, process or tamper with the picture.

Cochrane Shay shall remain the owner and proprietor of the copyrights in the picture and the purchaser may not resell, rent, lend, convey, assign or give away the picture or any derivate thereof or otherwise permit any third person to use the picture in any way. The images are developed to become part of your own marketing, just like a logotype or fonts.

Do not hesitate to trim the picture to your liking and superimpose it with text or design to advertise your trademark and increase your product sales! When you purchase the picture, you agree not to give the picture (or any part of the picture) to any third party, even if you have turned it into a nice free e-book sleeve or a fancy wallpaper enjoy.

Also, it would simply be incorrect to resell the picture in any way, such as converting it into an artwork or incorporating it into a website or other artwork layout. Should you have any question or concern regarding the legitimate use of our images, please do not feel free to email us!

Guidelines for the inclusion of products in your shop

In the shop on your site you can list as many products as you like. The following requirements and recommendations apply to the addition of product images, descriptions and variantes. At least one image is required for each product. Each image must show the product itself. The images should have the following characteristics : Ils are easy to understand and show the whole product.

The product is presented in real situations. The images should not contain the following : The descriptions should have the following characteristics : The information refers exclusively to the product. The descriptions should not include the following : Note : Une variante fait référence, par exemple, à la couleur, à la longueur ou à la taille. A single variant can contain any number of options.

For example, a pair of socks can have the colour as a variant and the colours red, blue, green, yellow and purple as options for the colour variant. Find out more about variants here. Do not use abbreviations for variants, e.g. write "Large" instead of "L"). Use variants instead of entering a product several times. Visitez la page d'aide Boutiques pour d'autres questions fréquemment posées.

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