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General purpose WordPress commerce WordPress theme for successful online commerce. Shopper debate - Responsive WooCommerce Theme (page 4) Hi, I was having a little trouble with the store. When selecting the store page in Woocommerce, I am not allowed to use 3 column with side bar setup. Only 2 column are shown (although I have selected the 3 column setup on the store page). In order to prevent this from happening, I didn't choose a page in Woocommerce, but there are other issues now: the side bar filter doesn't work correctly, translating into other tongues shows other settings, etc.

Hi, I have to configure the store page in the Woocommerce settings to make the store work correctly (filter, etc.). Why I don't know why I can't use 3 column with side bar and configure the store page in Woocommerce. Hello, I would like to know if you could please join me in sharing the PSD archive of the topic.

Clicking the buttons Put in shopping basket and Favorit does not work in the shopping basket page. Hi, I have added the Woocommerce Wish List Enhancement to make a Present Tab. When I installed it, I realized that there was no "Add to Registration" icon, which is the most fundamental feature of this Woo expansion.

You proposed that I try twenty-five topics to see if the problem still exists. As I did, the Add to Registration pushbutton was present. The shopper theme thus somehow suppresses the function. This is a screenshots of the twenty-fifth theme with the buttons and a shortcut to the expansion itself.

Tell me as I bought 2 different copies of this theme and need this add-on to work for both. Expansion: You can get help? Why don't you reply to me? In addition, the slide control is constructed with the revolutionary slide control, which does not work by standard on portable equipment, you have to ask the creator of this plug-in directly for interoperability with portable equipment, the topic provides interoperability with the plug-in as it is.

Hello, can you please deactivate the service modus? Marge-links: 25px; I just tried to put a item in the shopping basket and it worked pretty well at the check out, can you explain that? I' m trying to modify and the text isn't there? from PageBuilder, where I can submit screen shots?

What changes have been made and how can I keep this topic up to date? Hello, to perform the upgrade, you need to almost completely overwrite all theme file with the new ones. The images of variables will not be modified if you switch the colour selection. The images of variables will not be modified if you switch the colour selection.

The images of variables will not be modified if you switch the colour selection. Removing the WooCommerce theme file will make the picture of the variations work properly. Topic created by on this page Do I want to divide items via e-mail, facebook and other community based content? but the submission does not divide the item page!

Hello and sorry for the belated answer, you can use a plug-in for community share on Social Book or other community based content, it gets quite well integrated. If I don't want to use the Adobe Tools Kit, how can I modify the typetyle? However, on each of the product pages the text is darkened.

Font styles are the same throughout the theme. Hello, you can go to the styling. bss and find: color: #bfbfbfbf; Color: We have a website called with your theme, and we do not want to page item in store or page category, we want to show all items without page.

WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser" plug-in has been added, but it does not work with your design. Hi, I would like to know if it is compliant with the visual composite plug-in amb, even if there is the option to include a movie or image in the product's supplementary information.

May I also ask if selection criteria for sizes and colors can be included in the information about the item to be purchased? A further question: Is it possible to directly hyperlink pictures of your own range of goods to your own page? This design is not included in Visual Composer, but the standard speakers may work normally, but I cannot ensure that they are compatible.

There are 11 samples, but as soon as I click 'Load more', it no longer appears. Could you tell me how to modify the text and color in the bottom line?

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