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WooCommerce Shopper Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for any e-commerce store, with clear design and minimal layout. You can download the WooCommerce theme 'Shopper' and install it on your WordPress page. Buyer Multipurpose Woocommerce WordPress Theme by GT3themes WordPress Looking for an e-commerce solutions? Experience the shopper theme with the power of GT3 Page Builder and WooCommerce plug-ins capabilities. Greet your e-commerce customers with a colourful, beautifully styled and adaptable theme.

Although it has a beautiful look and feel, the theme is not restricted by e-commerce possibilities, but can be used as a company, agent, folder, gallery, blogs and many other niche applications.

GT3 Page Builder plug-in functions will help you to create the infinite number of pages and adjust the design quickly and easily. Explore your "shoes" with GT3 Themes products!

Buyer - Responsive WooCommerce Theme from FinalDestiny

The buyer goes back to the origins of a sound ecosystem that used to be focused on simplification, a system that simply works. Shopper's kind of a load'n'go thing. Install, load the database and you're done! ShoppingClub can be used either by ordinary people or by agents for their customers, if you are looking forward to creating only prototypes of something nice, ShoppingClub can also be useful!

Customize the Shopper theme (Woo)

You can download the WooCommerce theme'Shopper' and have it installed on your WordPress page. When the standard WooCommerce pages have not been generated for some reason, go to WooCommerce -> Status -> Tools and use the Page Installer Tool: So if you want to create new pages or modify which pages are used for things like shopping carts and checkouts, you need to tell WooCommerce which pages you want to use.

In order to tell WooCommerce which pages should be used for shopping cart and checkout, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout. Adds headframe ( 1950*500 pixels recommended), sets wallpaper colour, text colour, links colour, links over colour. Pages => Add new: Type the name displayed on your homepage picture, insert a brief page caption in Wordpress Notepad and make a'Shop now' shortcut by inserting this text in the'Text' editors mode:

Header. Configure Wallpaper Colour, Wide Wall Wallpaper Colour, Headline Colour, Text Colour. Wallpaper. Allows you to specify a wallpaper, its location and wallpaper colour. Colour. Sets the header colour, the text colour and the link/accent colour. Adjust the colors of the backgrounds of the buttons, text colors, backgrounds of the alternative ones, text colors of the alternative ones.

The Shopper features 4 different menus: It''s primarily',' secondary',' footer',' social'. It is possible to choose which menus appear at each position. The " First " submenu will appear under the website logotype before the contents. The " Sekundär " submenu will appear at the top of the page, above the site name. The " Social " pull-down menus appear at the top right of the site, next to the " Secondlyary " pull-down menus.

The " Footswitch " submenu will appear in the website page footing. For more information about how to create and assign theme item menu items, see: WordPress. org Codex: Menue guidance. The shopper theme has 7 widgets: 4: The four widgets in the bottom row are displayed in equally wide rows, depending on how many rows are currently in use.

This is the suggested plugin that you can use with WooCommerce and this topic: Sites: social: Further suggested topic guides:

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