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Nice WooCommerce WordPress themes that bring more sales. How _to_install_Shopper_Theme">How to setup Shopper Theme ??

This guide explains how to set up and set up all customization functions in the Shopper Theme. We recommend that you review this manual and keep it ready for future use as a guide, as it deals with the process of installing and using this product. Do you have a question about your topic or need help with something, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and our committed customer service representatives will be glad to help.

Shopper Theme: How do I get Shopper Theme installed? Select the Topics tabs. If you click'Add New', click'Install', let it finish, click'Enable' and you're set to use the theme. This is how you deploy the Shopper Pro Add-on ? First, you must retrieve the Shopper Pro additional files from your dashboard by logging into your user area.

Shopper Pro activating license: You will probably need a licence code before you can activate the Shopper Pro add-on licence. In order to obtain these keys, you must log into your user interface -> Licence tabs -> Click User Keys (to view the licence keys) -> Copy all licence keys.

Once you have enabled the "Shopper Pro" plug-in and downloaded the licence keys, go to Admin Dashboard => Shopper Pro => Preferences =>'License' tab => Enter your licence code => Click Activate licence. ShoppingCarrier has a simple options window that allows users to control their layouts and style.

You use this item to refresh the home page pages and control pages. Used to select the homepage design. Control Use this to drag and drop the control on the home page for your page and turn it ON/OFF. Control Settings Use this item to change the titles, number of posts, and columns of the Home page control.

Merry-go-round settings Use this to enable/disable the merry-go-go-go-go control on the home page control. HeldenboxUse this item to specify the appearance of the hero box and insert a hersbox. You use this item to refresh the topic head area. You use this item to insert a wallpaper picture of the headers. Wallpaper Color: Use this item to change/select the wallpaper color of the headline.

Color of Text & Links Color & Link Over ColorSelect this item to change/select text and links color in the head area. Upper Navigation: Use this item to change/select the colours of Text & Links, Text & Links and Hover-Link in the upper area. Primary navigation: With this item you can change/select the colours of text and text in the primary section.

You use this item to refresh the bottom pane of the theme. Wallpaper Color: Use this item to change/select the wallpaper color of the bottom line. Use it to change/select colours in the widget header. Header Color: Use this item to change/select the header area color in the bottom line. Use it to change/select the color of the text in the bottom line.

Columns Use this setting to specify the number of columnsfoot widgets. You use this item to refresh the layouts and settings of the theme in the blog. Generic settingIn the Generic setting, you can specify the general position on your website. The following is the easy way to administer this feature. You use this item to specify a grating or listing.

You can use this setting to restrict the number of words that appear in your blogs or archives. You can use this to create user-defined page style (digit, older/newer, load more, and automatically scroll infinitely). You use this item to enable/disable the Back to Start tool. Individual setting Use this item to adjust the settings in individual articles, for example:

The shop option allows you to edit your shop's shop page as well as the shop's categories and the section Put in shopping basket & at checkout. The following are the easy ways to administer your choices. Choose the side bar page spacing for the categorie page. Choose the type of presentation of the items. Choose the detail page lay-out for the item. Choose the spacing of the buttons you want to include in the shopping basket. Colour: Choose the colour of your mouse pointer, text and backdrop on the icon.

Choose the styles frame and contour of the buttons. Sets the text of the icon. Allows you to control the wallpaper and wallpaper colour in Wallpaper Option. Sets the picture on the website wallpaper. Choose the colour for the website wallpaper. Colour Option allows you to control the colour of the website title, links and text.

Specify the colour for each headline of the website. Option allows you to administer the website buttons. Sets the colour on the back of the icon. Sets the colour to text on the icon. Sharer option allows you to administer the welfare part. Checks the kind of free community content that should be included in the shared key.

Choose the frame design and the contour of the icon. Show/hike countdown on the shared key. Choose the Destination Radio buttons to open the sharing in a new pane. Fade out/show the tag of the socially sharing buttons. The Typography option lets you control the typefaces, fontsize, and line length of your head and torso.

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