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The Showcase Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme to present your portfolio with clear design and raster layout. Be prepared for the attention you will receive because all eyes will be on your website when you use the Showcase Pro theme. The Showcase is perfect for presenting artwork and videos in a beautifully simple and unique layout.

Display Case - Full Screen Foils Wordpress Theme by BoldThemes

The SHOWCASE is a multi-purpose WordPress theme focusing on the full-screen display of products or services. The SHOWCASE provides unrestricted raster layout, many different tile/raster blogs, galleries or portfolios and an unmistakable typeface. Designed to adapt to any type of mobile phone, from smart phones and spreadsheets to desktop computers. Whatever you present, you'll find that the functions of SHOWCASE perfectly work.

As they are designed for full-screen transparencies, display cases for products, applications or services, you will find SHOWCASE full of creativity.

Skewed - Vitrine WordPress Theme by Pirenko

The Twisted is a large, fat and neat design developed to draw users' attention to what is really important. With a few sleek and clear modern features, you can create a website in just a few moments. Topic choices span a broad spectrum of possibilities and the theme has been meticulously researched to ensure perfect presentation on all kinds of equipment.

Particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of the fonts and the most important layouts. Subdivided into 7 parts, the twisted Options Panel allows you to fully manipulate the contents and choose how to display some parts.

Shop Window = Fast Reaction WordPress Raster

Shop window = Responsible WordPress Grid / Masonry Blog Theme.... The Showcase is an enormously easy-to-use solution suitable for a wide variety of sites and all types of project, but especially for creating sites that present your product. Fully customizable to look perfect in any portable handset, easy to use with any handset and even with a PC.

Entries instantly generate a posting with outstanding state, so admins can check the element before it goes online. Every submittal is still outstanding if you wish, and each submit is either accepted or declined by the WordPress Dashboard. Send a contribution from the front end as a non-registered or as a registered subscriber.

Options page - The user can adjust the options. E-mail notifications to the administrator e-mail after successfully submitting the mail. Custom mail after submit. Include a feature picture in the posting. If you are signed in, you can have more than one picture and other elements added to the article. Contributions are stored directly in the WordPress data base and appear in the dashboard as outstanding contributions or in any chosen format with titles, descriptions, categories and tags.

WorldPress Multisite prepared. and more..... Topic options: Common Preferences = Screenshots. Topic options: Start Home Setting = Screenshots. Topic options: Headsets = Screenshots. Topic options: CSS Style Settings Selects CSS style setting. Topic options: Preferences of the footer =creenshot. Topic options: Back-up option = Screenshots. Article Option 1 Example =creenshot. Article Option 2 Example =creenshot.

"The " Showcase " topic gives you the option of using all widgets according to your wishes. WordPress Theme, fast reacting theme, optimised for tables and phones (change your web page size and click Update to checkout). Blogs Posts Infinite pictures for the slide show mode with dragging & dropping, this theme can be used like a photo theme or even a private theme!

Ready for translating, you can start translating the topic into your own languages. Design contains the POT filename for simple translations. This Premium WordPress Theme contains an XLM document that allows you to export the example files to your website, what you see in my demonstration you get!

The options for smaller topics have been modified. Added: GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox. You can now use the WordPress or Page builder to create your homepage contents. Change the text colour when hovering on a widget if the colour is modified via Topic Options > Style Settings. Automated, free theme update.

Kid theme. Send a contribution from the front end as a non-registered or as a registered subscriber. Small changes to CSS: headers podding / logos & reactive menus. Topic Optionsdata = transfer the stored optiondata between different installations.

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