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Easily create websites for iPhone and iPad. In minutes, create mobile websites with shop, blog, and video. Review, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Simpl Website Builder. From the main screen of the app you can see the list of pages of the website you are creating. Which apps does Simpl have?

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The Simpl website allows up to 8 pages and offers 6 page types: If, for example, you are creating a text page, you can only include a picture (or video) on that page. When creating a photos page, you can choose to just insert the image headers. Photosites have an 18 photos cap.

You have no page contents page options, only the page lays and there is no pad style, no orientation, or other page layout option. Picture processing is simple, without trimming, resizing or other processing possibilities. However, the shortage of other image-editing functions is not such a big issue, as there are a number of image-editing applications for the iPhone in the App Store.

While you can write text in either font or italics, there are no layouts that go beyond inputting return and space characters, and no controls over how text matches pictures. Really there are no other functions to be reported; no Google Maps, no contacts forms, no integrations with services like Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP, no website stats, no e-mail address or mailinglist functions.

It' not possible to attach a photograph and your e-mail will be revealed, so there is no way to avoid spam emails. It' s extraordinarily simple to use on an iPhone, which is a more challenging job, so we gave it the full "Ease of use" sign. It' s simple to find and use all the functions.

However, if you have some previous experiences with computer-based website building and are looking for more of the frequently available functionality, you may want to look at other applications. A little critique is that the workspace doesn't look like a website, although the previews and pages look similar to the edit area.

A useful way to build a simple website on an iPhone. Provided that your projects need only essential functionality, satisfactory results are possible. At the same time, the shortage of design agility, brand appeal and search engine optimization capabilities is a small issue for the prospective sucess of your website.

??????? Almost all page type's restricted contents, especially the restriction of the page layouts to "no more than one image", are somewhat disappointing. There are no web site visitor stats available. You can' t modify your website from a computer or Android machine. ??????? The minimalistic Simpls user experience is the most important thing to keep up with.

When you need help, you can browse the Simpl database. Many of the items are quite old, but still pertinent, because the Simpl application doesn't get many big fixes. There' also a website builder blog with article about things like increasing your audience and how to get the most out of it.

Design restrictions lead to a somewhat disinteresting viewing sensation on bigger monitors. On a Full-HD display, the width of the website is less than a third of the size of the display. However, if you mainly address people on the move and keep the pages of your website quite brief, the results are okay.

?????? Websites released by Easy Application download very quickly. Searchengine ( and community ) meta data is the same for all pages, so you can't check how every page on your site is displayed by them. Simpl will discourage businesses and those who want to be more imaginative from using its inflexibility, but it is a great way to create a web site or store with just one iPhone.

Anyone who can agree to the restricted functionality is welcome to create a website.

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