Simple Blog Layout

Easy Blog Layout

But the problem is that the design of a simple web layout is known to be difficult. WorldPress multi-concept blog and magazine website theme. Models with few graphic elements and a simple composition. Find layouts only in "Simple". Here is an example of a blog layout that is not easy to view.

KISS: A shop window with a beautifully simple blog design

Being a member of the KISS website has probably already given you the term 'KISS'. To those of you who haven't, it means 'Keep it Simple Stupid'. It is an accepted practice that you should not overcomplicate your layout, but rather concentrate on the key objectives of your site.

But the problem is that the creation of a simple web layout is known to be tricky. Although it contains less information and less graphic, a successfull minimum web site is actually very hard to do. Each detail must be exactly right, and it is these detail that can make or break a simple webpage.

There' s a big distinction between text glued to a simple backdrop and a breathtakingly small website outline. There are often several ways to make a simple page look special: In a simple page, a graphic is not very open, but it can still give your page some great accents. Designing a brand or icon creatively next to your blog post can really help make your brand stand out.

Because your site is easier, it doesn't mean you don't have to concentrate on where you want your visitors to look. On a page that is so simple, little encoding tips can go a long way. Having a sleek mtml5 effect here, or a stereo show-off there can make a minimum side from dull to classy and stunning.

When you choose a simple layout, you should consider a 1-column layout. It can really help draw your main message to your screen and leave less room for diversions. Libraryket is a classic simple blog desig. There is a very small range of colours and a dash of blue-green is used for the back frame and text of the logotype.

Menus and text are also very simple. Most of the overall styling is focused on the published jackets that deliver the main message. This is quite appropriate as a so-called "Book Book Book Blog" and shows how a minimum layout can give the most important topics a more clear focal point. A large amount of whitespace and upholstery around each and every volume enhances this focal point.

With Jason and Erin, a charming minimalist blog is run by a Brooklyn team. This website has a very focussed feel, avoids any side bar contents and focuses instead on a fundamental single columns theme. Streamlined headers and easy-to-use menus make it easy to get started with blog contents, which are virtually a collection of beautifully styled photographs and text.

Orderered List is the archetypical minimum page, with a monotonous colour pattern and a clear shortage of pictures. Actually, the theme is almost entirely composed of text in plain text on a blank backdrop. Simple? Because of its minimalist style, this blog easily looks classy and sleek. This is a great example of good detailing.

Old Guard is another awesome example of minimalist styling and a blog that only asks to be reread. Although it is largely text-based, the blog designs wonderfully translate pictures and videos into specific postings. You' ll see different hues of blacks and greys throughout the entire contents, making a clear sense of your own hierarchical structure.

Thus, for example, the large dark postal headlines attract much more interest than the smaller, weaker text with the date. This is a beautiful minimally blog by Nazar N. In this photo the contents almost take a back step to the scene of the website's pictures.

Scanning the eyes downwards is easy with the 1-column, slim contents area, almost like scanning a sales slip. It has no detractions within this style and the emphasis is on the artist's work. Because of the tight focusing of the contents, they were able to use a truly minimalist look with a very small contents arrows and a one-column procedure.

That kind of minimum, slim layout really makes the contents easier to scan. There' s no mess of bustling browsing, just three main menus. It' s a blog so small it doesn't even have a headline, logotype or menue! The Josh Collies website is evidence that contents are really great, because although they omit several blog/website designing convention, they are completely legible, appealing and attractive.

Simplified Bits has established itself as a trendsetter for simplified blogging. Initially it was the styling that ventured to distinguish itself in its minimalist style, but now it has inspire hundreds of different stylists to remove the detail from their own pages. Blog designs are almost exclusively type-based, but do not in any way touch naked.

Classy, minimalist symbols next to the contributions adds a beautiful detail, while the different, sleek fonts represent an item of interest visually. May not be able to grasp the contents of this non-English blog, but that doesn't stop me from appreciate the minimum outfit! The blog is a great example of how a creatively appealing logodesign can maintain an overall website.

It would be a sound but perhaps a bit dull without the logotype. Yet the logotype frame the underlying contents to perfection and form the heart of the work. Figure 37 is another blog that stands out for its creativity within the online world. Basically it is a very simple two-column text layout.

The use of some subtile backgrounds and an eye-catching, imaginative logotype make this a real jewel in minimum styling. We immediately look at the bigger right hand blog post section, and the side bar on the right serves as a naturally supportive contents area. Fundamental construction philosophies at the highest level.

Like the name says, MMMinimal has a wonderful simple blog-style. It is interesting to note that the website directs the user's eye to the images accompanying blog postings and not to the less conspicuous text contents in a weak grey type. Smooth, centred layout is not intrusive in any way and merely serves as a subtile framework for previewing blog postings.

Designed by Arts Eqals Work, it uses a lightweight, simplified blog layout. There is a pale grey side bar to help differentiate areas of your site's contents, and the look and feel stays basically text-based. Luminous bluish postal headlines are the first thing that attracts our attention, and the blog contents are beautifully surrounded by the minimalist, artful emblem icons. Useable Efficiency is another minimum blog style that really focuses on the contents.

Because of the simple backdrop and colour scheme and the elimination of side-bars, blog postings are the only place to search. They are presented in cinematic form and are a particularly distinctive feature of the overall look, which is also underestimated in its detail (see the weak little tweet below).

In spite of a three-column layout and a fair amount of contents, 90 Four still succeeds in feeling very small. The main reason for this is the missing graphic, because the page decides instead for a text-based layout over a pure blank one. Our designs are characterized by a striking logotype, good typeography and the conscious use of colour.

While many of the themes in this storefront use a slim layout, Trent Walton makes effective use of as much room as possible in the web browsers. The broad yet reduced styling really lets the big text breath. In addition, it will help to clearly differentiate between the different areas of contents. And I like the way the pictures of the blog posts are shown as small thumbnails, which is much less intrusive than traditional format.

Since the first repetition, a piece of art that has been inspiring many styles, ForeFathers blog has now moved to Tumblr, giving it an even more basic touch. An exaggerated copy of the headers' backgrounds and old-fashioned typeface result in a clear 1-column layout for the postal area.

That kind of minimum layout allows the user's eyes to be pulled down naturally. This is another awesome example of a minimalist style that works very well due to its delicate details. Most of the artwork is text-based, but the main logotype symbol and date/comment symbols give the site a nice hint of detail.

Brian Hoff, another frontrunner in simplified blog designing, has designed a nice single-column blog layout that focuses on what you want to see. Instead of affecting the blog postings, the fat, light colored backdrop is used to surround the core contents area. Another miniscule blog theme, Flux Blog, depends strongly on its own imaginative logotype to framing the otherwise simplified one.

Under the vivid, colourful logotype, the blog theme is really very simple, with simple text on a simple blank backdrop. There' s not even anything that distinguishes the different contents areas, apart from different text heights. Amazingly, the outcome is not messy, but the eyes are of course pulled across the various blog postings to the bigger text box on the right.

A further minimalist blog theme, surrounded by a nice logodesign. Since this blog is discussing iconic designs, it seems appropriate that the focus of interest visually is the sleek iconic logotype. Remaining of the head and body area is very simple, avoids too complicated graphs and opts for neat symbols and text.

There is just so much to be loved about this website as one of my favourite blogstyles! From logos to menus to blog postings, everything just seems to feel minimum. Basically, the page would be just a dull three-column text layout. First, if you look carefully at the backdrop with an unbelievably weak, delicate sample that gives the page an edge of deepness.

But the best part of the site must be the ingenious logotype designed to capture the blog's public in perfect style. This is one of the easiest styles in this item, but one of the most efficient. Basically, when we disaggregate the page layout, it is a separate text field.

Each of the two font styles is meticulously selected to create a contrasting and intriguing look, as the clear logo/headline text blends with the more stylish menu/blog text. Not even the symbol of the logotype cries out for minimumism, as it easily conveys 8' E' and F' in a few simple outlines. The Josh Spears website is so simple that it gives the feeling of having read a private journal.

No excessive mess on the page, only the concentration on the contents. Stylish type is enough to make the site interesting, supported by a graphic symbol and some sleek style effect. MNML' s slogan "simply disruptive" is the flawless way to describe their blog-designs. This site is unbelievably simple and consists mainly of pure text over a simple backdrop.

Unlike many minimum sized fixtures that adhere to a pillar or fixed mesh, MNML uses a layout that is intentionally interrupted. There is no longer any coordination between the different contents areas, so that the user's eyes flow more in a diagonal than directly downwards. Interesting shape that shows what can be accomplished by fracturing the shape.

Immediately after the launch, Simon Collison's blog became notorious. Considering a very minimalist look, it adds some great illustration and html-reactive designer magics to things. There are many detail in this theme, such as the page's wallpaper but nothing that affects the foreground area.

Every detail is very subtile and takes a backstage to the blogpost. Using the reddish colour in the styling parsimoniously to direct the reader's gaze across the page. There' s a decent amount going on in this look, but it still felt pretty small. Its monotonous black-and-white colour range keeps things very simple, and the contents, although widespread, are very well distributed and do not seem arrogant.

It' s a simple enough piece of furniture that you really have to go there and toy around to appreciate its subtleties. On first sight it is simply a text columnisto with a relatively appealing typeface. Yet the elegance of this style lies in the detail. First, the top blog posting has priority because the other lower blogs have all crashed (until you expanse them).

If you hover your mouse over these broken contributions, you will see a small beam that will vary depending on the number of words in this post. It' small touch like this that can differentiate between a dull and bold, minimalist outfit. The Bobulate is a marvelous single-column blog that uses some nice types.

Through the use of a blue/red/white colour range, the overall look conveys a sense of prestige. From the first look, you'll see a clear hierarchical look on the page, as your gaze is directed from the fat printed blog logotype to the smaller heading text to the light grey blog-posttext.

It' s basically a very basic blog layout, but the different typographical features help to give the site a great deal of variety and make it a very appealing one. Dryburgh has one of the easiest styles in this series. As a very minimalistic styling it really works.

Proxima Nova", which has become a synonym for contemporary web designing, uses appealing typeface. Its true benefits are how the amazing photograph that' imbedded in blog postings is incorporated into the site, but you have to go to the site and look under the pleat to appreciate it!

The weight of Cheery Pow is quite satisfactory, but it still felt too small. Partially this is due to the restricted font size in the headers but also to the unobtrusive wallpaper used. Beside the symbol of the company logotype, this weak backdrop is the graphical core of the page, which is actually mostly text-based.

Readers are not offered useless search possibilities when searching the theme, but of course scan through the celebrity blog-postings. Did you find any favourite samples from this article, or did you perhaps find a particular piece that excelled you?

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