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The XClean is a free minimalist WordPress theme for eCommerce websites. Bloger is a minimal WordPress blog topic. This is a collection of high-quality WordPress themes for book authors, bloggers, writers, artists and anyone who wants to create a website or blog. You own Meeta, for free! Have a look at these minimalist WP Blog themes and choose your favorite.

Thinker - Simple Blogging WordPress Theme by AnarielDesign

"The Thinker is a very simple blogs topic." It' got just enough details without being conspicuous, and just enough feature sets not to get too complex. Whether 4" smart-phone, 10" tablet or 27" monitor - this topic will retain its own personality and thematic focus. Bonuses to this design include a few user-defined page styles (including shop), colour matching capabilities, and a high-quality slide control that helps further customise the design.

In order to keep it simple, we have created it with the main WordPress functions (pages, posts and widgets) to make it an easily usable website with many useful functions. This thinker has the Jetpack plug-in for WordPress, which loads your website with the functions previously only available for Specific Jetpack functions that we have used are "Jetpack Portfolio", which allows you to use a user-defined mail types for the Jetpack family.

The topic uses the WordPress function named "Postformats". To make your blog entry more customizable, you can use different types of posting format, such as picture, videotape, or quote. The theme Customizing monitor (e.g. Theme Customizer) allows website administrators to optimize the theme preferences and see a real-time previews of these changes.

Customize your website by uploading your own headline, colours (colour options), logos, website titles, slogans, copyrights and more. When you want to modify the theme font, there is a great FREE plug-in that we recommend: Simple Google type. Using this plug-in, you can modify typefaces from within the Customizing application.


#20+ Best WordPress Topics for Writers and Writers

Are you blogging? Thus, this item will be useful for all composers of contents, as it contains over 20 free WordPress topics for writers and not only for them. Contemporary issues are pretty universally relevant, you know. Are you using free material available on the web? These free WordPress books are from one of them.

Yet, if you favor only best WordPress theme websites and are willing to pay for their first-class 24/7 Support and other pompous features, you can just carry on like this. Are you looking for a great WordPress motif? But something makes me think that you will be reading this blog entry until the end.

Maybe you will be able to conserve some of your hard-earned cash and get a nice WordPress motif for free. But you should be prepared for the following frequent disadvantages (risks you take) of the free WordPress CMS themes: Complimentary topics are not backed by developer, so you stick to your problem personally.

The majority of the free designs are not optimised according to the Google PageSpeed specifications, so your website has a low rank if you do not fix this. This free design may contain latent developer hyperlinks that are not nice even if you find them by mistake. Some of the functionality that comes with free designs is often bad.

Pros favour premier topics because they don't cause so many a headache. Also, they won't be costing you too much so if you're not a player, just buy a good looking pattern and forgot about the free features. What makes me so sure that WordPress topics for presented titles are deserving of your consideration?

Cause I selected them (except Monstroid 2 Lite) on, among the newest topics with the highest ratings. Website webmasters know that it's relatively secure to retrieve designs from those sources where they don't pose a waste basket. Any WordPress personal blog theme is thoroughly reviewed before it is added to the inventory.

The free allocation of topics of the highest possible standard is part of the company's overall market research policy so that 100% of our customers are happy. Now, are you willing to pick a free theme for your blog, your letter, your writer or your artists website? This is the only free theme that achieves 90 points in PageSpeed Insights! Featuring a lite release of the Monstroid 2 multi-purpose WordPress theme from our engineers.

It comes with Life Customizer, which gives you the ability to personalize your website with various different theme choices and see all the changes you make to your theme in real time without having to reload your page. And you can select from a Google font collection to personalize your site with typographic styles.

It' s clear, well organized and meticulously annotated. WINWRITERS is a neat and professionally written blog topic with a heavy emphasis on type and contents. It' re SEO-optimized for Google, which means it has neat and lightweight coding and quickly downloads. This topic is ideal for a reporter, writer or blogspeaker who is interested in building a website for magazines like Medium.

The Theme' theme styling is shallow, minimalistic and simple. It' s fast and works well for a wide range of portable devices and desktops alike. There is a side bar in which you can place a link to your archives or other Widget. To put it simply, you will be enjoying your own unique write experience based on this theme. writerBlog is a free WordPress minimalistic blogsite theme from ThemeIsle.

It' s fast reacting and it' s compliant with a lot of different plug-in like: The ClubTravel is a free WordPress blog / magazine / person / writer theme. Designed for designers, photographers, fashion, writing, travelling, health, commerce, financial, portfolio, artwork, arts, photography, face-to-face or other imaginative sites and blogging, it has a neat, minimalistically reactive outfit.

At the heart of the theme, the boatstrap framework makes it portable and tablet-friendly. It is a fast reacting and minimalistic subject. Now you can begin to write about fashions, businesses, lifestyle, travelling, philanthropy, clothing, clothes, garments, whatever, with this multi-purpose theme kind to you. Reactivity works for both face-to-face blog topics and company topics. The theme's theme features a slim styling that can be rotated both femininely and mannishly, with colour matching and a corresponding selection of headers and text.

This theme allows you to unfold your imagination and retinal optimize and beautifully presented contributions and pages to the world. This topic is also great as an author book. Magnetizing is a WordPress theme specifically developed for blogs and writes. Using pixel-perfect styling and type, it is suitable for creatives, blogs, freelancers, business people or anyone who wants to highlight their work.

Magnetic is reactive, networkable, easy on your ears, SEO-friendly and will look great on any machine. News Buzz is a new, neat, reactive magazine WordPress theme. Are you an auteur, novelist or blogspeaker who enjoys writing about fashions, movies, music, technologies, travelling, lifestyle, eating, video, books, entertaining or perhaps a private magazine? Then this reactive paper motif is for you.

There are many side bar widgets so you can use advertisements like Adsense and run your blog with affiliated music. It' simple to start blogs and writes because the topic is simple to setup. It works on cell phone, tablet and desktops.

Is a free topic for WordPress Blog / Magazine / Staff / Writer. The ClubBlog has a neat, minimalistic, responsive style that connects niche areas such as fashions, writing, travel, healthcare, economics, finance, portfolios, designs, art, photography, face-to-face or other imaginative sites and blogging. This theme was created with the Bootstrap frame, which makes it portable and tablet-friendly.

Whiteish elite is an elegantly designed WordPress theme designed specifically for blog, shop and web site portfolios. This includes a customized API with fantastic real-time adjustments that makes the set-up procedure quicker and more convenient. White Iite can be converted to any type of website, be it for travellers, authors, photobloggers and many other people.

The Burger Factory is a minimalistic theme for authors. Extracts are used as abstracts by the theme. The default blog styles, however, can still be used. The Hayley is a really pretty and pretty two-column theme, perfect for the blogger and author. User-defined headers and backgrounds, user-defined menu items, symbols, and pictures are available from Hayley.

Briefly, this theme is sleek and extremely easy to setup. BlogsKori is a fully reactive minimalistic WordPress topic for face-to-face and photoblogs as well as professional webloggers. Are you a novelist, traveller, adventurer, performer and still don't have a blog, here's a good one for you.

The BlogKori is a clear, simple and fantastic typographic style. This theme has its own logotype, its own headers and its own wallpaper, which you can set up using the theme customizedizer options. You can also find dropdown lists, the right side bar area, the thread comment feature, and a tacky posting. Customize your blog postings with pictures to make them more attractive.

The design is based on the Bootstrap frame, which makes it portable. It' a light design with HTML5 default mark-up that is sort of helpful to your website using HTML. Designed as a simple and contemporary WordPress theme, Spotlight House has been optimised for Google and Bing. It allows journalist, writer and author to post messages through blogs or post.

It'?s got neat coding, so it's loading. If you like to eat, need fashions, photographs, traveling, or a store inventory, then this minimalistic item motif is a good option. When you are a company or an agent, you can use it to create your own stylish and original destination page.

Blogs can use advertisements such as Adsense and affilate branding for the blog page about blogs, movies, actors etc. as well as writing a magazine / bio about your own lifestyle with this typographically optimised, readerfriendly, shallow and lightweight layout. It has many functions such as a widget, headset and quick response designs, so it also works on cell phone.

Highhriser is a big, fat and nice theme that helps authors and creative people to divide their work. The Highriser is a contemporary and classy theme. It' s clear and sleek styling is constructed with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery and is fully reactive and simple to browse on different kinds of screens from desktop to mobile phone.

The Highriser theme offers a full palette of media maps, unorthodox headers designs, customized menus, customized footers, customized sliders, and customized choices to help you build a compelling website. This topic is suitable for translations. The Purplous Lite is an absolute free theme that is perfect for your own blog or your own blog. Since it includes the Customizing API tools, the theme is very adaptable and simple to setup.

It' a great place for bloodlines, photoblogging, loggers, travelers, magazines, newspapers, news, authors as well as spas, salons, salons, shops and other imaginative sites. The Structure Lite is a minimalist, multifunctional, fast-reacting WordPress theme. Design offers customizations within the WordPress natively fit. In addition, the design is perfectly compliant with the Organic Widgets plug-in, which turns the customized tool into a page Builder.

The Structure Lite is a great website tool for blogs, authors, designer, journals and any company that values neat styling and types. A simple theme designed specifically for authors. It looks great on desktops browse, tables and handhelds as well. The Brigsby is a quick, roomy, SEO-friendly, reactive theme for authors, small businesses, face-to-face website blogs, churches, states, colleges, universities, travelling, educational and more.

With Brigsby you get a precise point-to-point look with a very versatile lay-out and many customisation possibilities. Brigsby is a quick load and easy theme with a clear and minimalistic look. The Prakashan is a simple, stylish and distraction-free WP theme for authors/bloggers who want to emphasize their contents without mess.

Type was selected to focus the reader's attention on your article and blogpost. Superb Blog is a free, reactive theme that lets you build breathtaking blog and web sites. It' great for weblogs, magazines, messages, photoblogging, writers, travellers, Blogger, business travellers and other imaginative sites. At Verbosa, everything revolves around sleek type, effective use of contrasts, distances and ease.

Writers used all the available tips and techniques to make your site more readable, accentuate it, and produce a correct look and feel that makes your site more compelling. It is also truly reactive, with a smooth lay-out, uses Microsoft Word formats and micro data for best results in terms of SMS, exploits the benefits of presented pictures, support Google font, has over 100 soft menu, is translatable and RTL.

Everything is customizable with over 100 different settings. By the way, as an added bonus, it is encoded in a refreshing and delicious fragrance that will keep you going wherever you set up the theme. fBlogging is a fully reactive WordPress theme, a great option for a blogsite, blog, writer, blogger site.

It' s 100% reactive, adaptable and simple to use. It is a WordPress topic for blogs, authors and small business that reacts cleanly. It' s built on the HTML5, CSS3 and response designs, with each item meticulously designed to ensure a flawless appearance across all equipment and plattforms.

Featuring a host of different features, you can change your layouts, styles, content, headings, sliders, page breaks, symbols, menu items, breadcrumbs, widgets and much more directly from the Theme Customizing tool. The subject is currently being prepared for translating into Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Lithuania and China.

An easy and approachable topic for Blogger and authors. Media is a neat, simple, translation-friendly and stylish Twitter bootstrap-based WordPress theme mainly written for professionals blogging and writing, but it can also be used for company web sites. The theme media was created with the Twitter Bootstrap Frameworks, which makes it portable and tablet compatible.

Media Theme includes the latest web standard like HTML5 and CSS3 and is easy on your web browser. There are theme option for managing logos, favor icons, and text in the bottom line. Media Theme has a fantastic colorful switchable menus and an AJAX-based quest. You' ve just reviewed 20+ WordPress topics for author. What is your preference for free WordPress topics over our Premier topics?

Feel free to submit your thoughts/plans/suggestions in the comment area and don't miss to evaluate this blog entry and join your buddies on community sites. Feel free to check out the corresponding article where you will find much more free web designs and good looking web material.

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