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The Stella is a WordPress theme for bloggers looking for a simple design and powerful features. You can set up all theme options with the Live Theme Customization Program. WordPress TheSimple is a business-oriented WordPress theme created as the last theme you need to buy. When you are looking for some of the best yet simple looking WordPress themes, I want you to look at the following themes. EasyCorp Corporate and Portfolio, simple and appealing topic.

The top 5 of the best simple WordPress themes for blogs, business and photography

It'?s that simple! With these simple WordPress topics you can get right to the point. The topics are simple in both shape and functionality. Continue reading to find the top selection for the easiest WordPress topics of 2018. Please also pay attention to our minimalistic WordPress topics page. Any of the following topics is compliant with the latest WordPress release.

The Founder is a simple one-column WordPress theme, and unlike most of the other WordPress themes here, it's completely free! It can be installed in a few moments and you can start with Founder. The founder is extremely minimalistic and removes all unnecessary items until only the most crucial contents remain. A simple blogs theme that visually emphasizes the caption of each article and the featured images - the main picture associated with each article.

Founder is the place to be if you're looking for a simple topic for your blog and write. Founder Theme contains a fistful of fitting choices, such as over 50 different style symbols to choose from, post-excerpt checks, and a user-defined logotype. There has also been a premier upgraded named Founder Pro with a set of extra fitting functions for the simple, empty Founder theme.

Are you looking for a simple theme with a hot, colourful atmosphere, visit Ignite. Another of our themes is the Ignite WP theme for free, just like the founder. The Ignite uses an elegantly designed serif typeface that stands out from the otherwise contemporary aesthetics. This results in a theme that is appealing and legible on desktops, tablets and portable equipment.

With Ignite, you'll find a wide range of user-friendly functions, such as a user-defined wallpaper colour, right and right side bar layout, five different font styles, and more. Ignite is a trusted topic to run your website on, with over 150,000 downloaded files and a 5-star review on, and a good option for WP newbies.

Properly titled, the theme of our Scan WordPress is minimalistic and classy. Balance news with pictures for an appealing and efficient look. While there are a few playlists for the topic, you'll notice that the primary demonstration shows a slide bar with selected messages, followed by a playlist for the topic colum.

When you want to present your photograph, graphics artwork collection or other visually appealing work, the theme is a clear and minimalistic one. As with other topics mentioned here, Portfolios are roomy and bright. Folder allows you to adjust the number of rows in the picture galleries lattice and select the size of the pictures.

There is also a supplementary minimalistic styling for the blogs and postings. Portfolio is simple to create with socially minded symbols, choice of hundred of fonts available and limitless colour choices. Do you need a simple look for your business space? Don't look any further than the topic Business. It has a classical look that is immediately obvious to the visitor.

Enterprises contains a number of home page chapters for your teams, your service, your business mix and more. When you need to offer professionally designed service or product and still want a theme that is simple in shape and functionality, your company is an ideal option. You can use this topic to resell your applications, software downloaded and trainings.

You haven't found a topic you like? The Divi is the most adaptable theme ever developed. What simple topic is right for you? When you want a simple and free design for a blogs, try Founder. Ignite may be the better option if you also want a page bar for your website.

Cleaner theme works better for magazines and message pages with more contents. Portfolios are the best options for a graphic-oriented or image-rich website, and Corporate is the natural fit for anyone looking for a simple business model. Don't neglect to consider the assistance you will receive and what kind of features the topic will provide, and you will end up with an outstanding website.

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