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The sleek and feature-rich Simple Business WordPress theme features multiple page layouts and sliders (including Revolution Slider!), FontAwesome icons, appealing design, hundreds of Google font options, and more! This is a great and modern multi-purpose theme for small companies and corporations alike. It looks simple, clean, offers great full-width parallax, one-sided layout and easy scrolling. Neat and responsive with many features and easy customization.

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Lean and feature-rich, Simple Business WordPress Theme features several page layout and slider controls (including Revolution Slider!), FontAwesome symbols, appealing designs, hundred of Google font choices, and more! Nimbus members' thoughts..... Another thing, I like the theme, this is the first Nimbus theme I've used and I'm amazed by many option!

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 Simple Business is an over-flexible, multifunctional WordPress theme designed for small business. Are you a business advisor, electrical engineer, tinsmith, lumberjack, craftsman, calender, pro, tile and grout business or any other type of small business, the Simple Business theme is the solution for you. One part of the challenges in setting up or managing a small business is to find ways to clearly interact with your clientèle.

Most small business needs a website that looks like a website that has the right parts in the right places, with easy-to-use, factual menu options and simple, neat designs that don't harm the product or service on offer. Simple business topic reacts completely.

And if the slide show on the front cover isn't enough to get your brandmark across, use the Revolution Slider plug-in that comes with the theme to build sophisticated picture and movie slide shows that jump off the display. Customise the look of your blogs with the Theme Option panels, which include type (hundreds of fonts), headlines, wallpaper colour, pictures and more.

No matter where your company goes, let Simple Business Theme take you there! Proud of our great, kind assistance. Just send an e-mail to to get help on your topic or file a bug alert.

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Featuring a sleek and feature-rich one-page style sheet, the Simple Business WordPress Theme features various page styles and options, FontAwesome icons, responsive page layout, multiple Google fonts, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!.... Bring your business to the next plane with the Simple Business Theme! It' simple to use this templates to create a website and administer the look and feel and sections of the website without specific skills!

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