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Easy E-Commerce Wordpress

Easy eCommerce Earn Money/Bitcoin with a Buy button from Merchant WPM in 3 easy steps: We' ve developed our product so that everyone can easily, effectively and innovatively buy our product one-click via our web site. We' ve made it as easy as possible for you to receive payment from your clients in less than a second ( don't believe us, watch the movie below).

And we wanted our clients to have the fastest possible fully built-in buying stream (they won't be diverted to another website or even another page); so they won't have to spend $200, $300, $400 or $500+ a year to keep their premier enhancements up to date; AND, most significantly, so everyone can make a living today reselling products/ widgets/etc with our wkp merchant.

The WPMerchant is the fastest, simplest and most efficient way to build an on-line shop that generates revenue. Our cash register processes are made as simple as possible to give you a better opportunity to turn a leads into sells! Once you have clicked on your WPMerchant Buy button, your client can buy a unique item, several items or a package of items.

This means that your clients can checkout much more quickly than with competitive e-commerce plug-ins - which means the cash flows quickly into their pockets. Buy Button - - und It' contained in this free copy of the plugin named WinPMerchant. Buy Subscription Button Watch your subscription - These functions are only available in the paid versions of the plugin only.

WinPMerchant Money Transfer Forms - These functions are only available in the paid versions of the plug-in only. The free copy of WinPMerchant offers the following features: We are proud to offer the simplest on-boarding expertise of any e-commerce plug-in. With your access data you can link to a payments service providers (e.g. Stripe) or a mailinglist service providers (e.g. MailChimp) instead of looking for API keys (leave this to us!).

Here, too, you can earn cash with a WPMerchant Buy button in just 3 simple steps: Our goal is to facilitate the entire business cycle, from linking to payments processing and mailings to product creation, product management, order management, selling analysis, revenue growth, and more. Our goal is to make your lives simpler than any other eCommerce plugin or platform out there.

We' re always anxious to make things easier; just let us blow all your tolls. Our goal is for your website to be taken seriously and to look as professionally as possible. While our competition offers cash register sales via off-site payments free of charge, we therefore provide you with a FREE, fully featured and simple payments processing service (especially Stripe Checkout).

When you have a dilemma, you can submit a query via the plug-in. I am tired of having to pay $200, $300, $400, $500+ dollar every year to update enhancements with other eCommerce plug-ins. Additionally, we are offering a number of free upgrade options of our software at much lower cost than our competition. There is an agreement that if you receive an annually scheduled web site hosted at, we will give you free of charge access to our services as well as free access to our members.

Additionally to our services offered in our program portfolio we are offering our customers our services in the areas of WPMerchant Professional and WPMerchant Membership. They can be found at WebMerchant allows you to generate user-defined payments using the short code webMerchant online payments tool. They also have the option of earning recurring income by building subscriptions for your subscribers. Watch demos of our latest demo of our WPMerchant Professional:

Buy Subscription Button - WinPMerchant Money Transfer Forms - It also gives you full control over the functions of Windows Merchant Professional and Windows Merchant Professional. There are 5 easy ways to set up a member page, send us an e-mail and we'll guide you through the site! You must download and run it before you can use it.

Move the mouse pointer over the Plugins page in the side bar on the right and click New. Press the Upload plug-in button at the top of the page. Then click the Activate Plug-in link. You have successfully install and run HOORAY!! software. In this section we describe the 3 simple ways to use the WMerchant plug-in. Move the mouse pointer over the register card WMerchant in the side bar on the right and click on Preferences.

Complete the preferences on this page, and include your name, city, etc. On the Payment page, click. Once the authorisation is complete, you should be taken back to the page with the current user account and see that Stripe is on. Once the authorisation is complete you should be taken back to the developer's preferences page and see that MailChimp is up.

From the dropdown menu, highlight the lists you want buyers to subscribe to and click the Save Changes icon. Move the mouse pointer over pages in the side bar on the right, click Add New, change the page name to Thank You, and change the page name to Thank You. Move the mouse pointer over WPMerchant in the side bar on the right and click on Product.

Press the Publish button. Move the mouse pointer over pages in the side bar on the right and click New. Insert a page title and insert the short code from WPMerchant Products (which you copy from above) into the Contents pane. On this page you should see a wrPMerchant buy button that matches the item you have previously made.

When you want to stylize the badge, have a look at the complete listing of wrPMerchant short code parameter at - you can append a class/class to a badge to stylize it with css. On this page, click the Buy Now link. Move the mouse pointer over WMerchant in the side bar on the right and click Preferences.

Choose the Payments page and choose Alive as the Strip Status. Press the Save Changes icon.

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