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There are 16 blogging platforms that won't divert you from your work. Blogs can often be overloaded and complex and contain a variety of widgets and plug-ins that we may never use. However, new publication tool are being developed that emphasise legibility, ease-of-use and ease of use. Those advanced blog sites put the emphasis on the typing experiences to provide a trouble-free typing area.

There is an interesting tendency towards minimalistic, fast-reacting, typographical blogs that makes the contents bright. Most of these plattforms include Markdown, a text-to-HTML converter for web authoring. Markdown typing means that a text is as legible as possible in clear text, which reduces the amount of effort you put into your blog postings.

Here is an overview of 16 of the best minimalistic blogs that summarize the functions and concentrate on typing. The Postagon is fitted with everything you need for a clean read and write environment. There is a graphical and markdown editing tool, an intelligent comment system, personal postings and designs, e-mail notifications, pull & dropping capabilities and the possibility to send postings via e-mail.

There is no need for a dedicated portable application, and you can use your own domainname, see your e-mailers, post and upload, post RSS updates, and post to shared sites. The Postagon also offers return on investment ad and is not ad-sponsored, so your blog is kept simple and clear.

The Svbtle is an incredibly simple write and read networking tool that concentrates on write and provides a simple way to collect, develop and share your thoughts with the rest of the family. Originally a welcoming letter mail networking site, Svbtle is now open to the general public. For more information, please visit the Svbtle website. Conceived to work like your mind, the dashboard empowers you to bring your thoughts, suggestions and hyperlinks into a flowsheet or design contribution.

They can then work on turning an idea gradually into a postable article, thus giving a more organically blogged style. It has no detractions, only the main style choices are available, although short format items can be edited with Markdown for more editorial controls. Committed to release, fully adaptable and open sourced, which means it's free to make, distribute and distribute changes.

It' s built to be simple and stylish, so you can waste less of your free blog design effort and more of your own typing in. There is an intelligent scripting interface with the Markdown Builder on the right and a Life Viewer on the right. Spontaneously annotate your thoughts and formats - you can even design the previews to fit the way your blog is formatted.

Inside the widget, you can move your blog's widgets using drag-and-drop to build your own customized widget. Whilst Ghost is free, a fully featured, fully featured, fully featured Ghost hosting solution is available to you. The Wardrobe is a minimalist blogs management tool that is designed to make blogs easy and pleasant by focusing on authoring and administrative tasks.

Contents are saved as Markdown, so they are mobile, with the option to pull Markdown data into the administration area using simple Drag-and-drop to post for fast publication. Feel free to post and plan the date and date you want them to appear. Garderobe uses a simple but powerfull theme system, so almost any theme can be included, which means you can effortlessly make a blog theme that fits your style.

You can use postal tags for categorizing and grouping. Wardrobe installation is simple - once it is up and running, you will be taken to the led installation procedure to setup your data base, add user and specify your page titles, topic and page width. io transforms your Evernote laptop into a web based media annotation system that allows you to add commentary engines like Disqus with Markdown and Google Analytics and more.

As soon as you've linked Postach. io to your Evernote accounts, you'll give them permission to view your memos and diaries, then select a blog name and select a web address. Or you can join your Tumorblr accounts to have your Tumorblr mail imported into your Postach box by default. io blog. Once you have created your blog, you have the opportunity to have Postach. I will either generate an Evernote laptop that will store all your postings, or you can select an already installed laptop.

Media offers a simple, nice, collaboration based environment that helps you find the right audiences for what you have to say. The composition tools give you exactly the right amount of sizing. Just choose the text you want to reformat, and a taskbar opens with just a few simple reformattingtions.

You can''t write with media alone, you can ask for input, split contributions and create links to other items that have the same content. No need to be "internet famous" to have your mail to get to tens of millions of readers, Media uses a mixture of algorithm and editing cure built on interest and commitment.

With Jekyll, you can turn your text into web pages and weblogs without the need for database, comments facilitation or updating, so you can focus on great contents. This works by using a templates folder with rough text file, guiding them through Markdown and Liquid Converter and generating a full, instantly publishable web site.

Since Jekyll is the motor behind GitHub Pages, you can use Jekyll to help hosts your project's page, blog or website from GitHub's server. Jekyll's importer can help if you switch from another blogsystem to Jekyll. The only thing you need to do to keep your blog up and running is to create a text file directory on your computer, without any effort associated with the common CMS's.

Anschor is a super-simple, light blogging system that gives you full liberty over your words. Markdown or HTML can be used for writing, and the creation and modification of a topic is as easy as getting to know very simple PHP and HTML/CSS. When you want to include customized style sheets, JavaScript, or an artwork in a posting, simply drop the filename to anchors.

Easily build and use topic hook without requiring coding skills. This system is expandable so that you can easily insert or delete an unlimited number of user-defined boxes from each posting or page, with the possibility to make each item one-of-a-kind by inserting user-defined JavaScript, HTML or JavaScript into your postings or pages.

The Bolt is a demanding, light, simple CMS that can be quickly deployed. Empowers end users to devote more productive hours to creating and modifying assets with a fully reactive desktop platform that provides support for portable and desktop tablets. It has a base level layout and a simple data and picture load. So if you work in a group, you can see who worked on which page on the site, and who did.

Flexibility of contents means you can use different file formats in your contents to build different pages of contents such as blog posts, meetings, book review, gallery and more. Hello is a quick, easy and high-performance blog engine based on Node.js that allows you to easily build multi-threads and generates thousands of thousands of files in seconds.

Markdown analyzes your contributions and creates statically generated data, which takes only a few moments to install. GitHub also support spiced Markdown, Octopress plugs, Jekyll, EJS, Swig and Stylus. It' easy to get going, just make sure you have both Git and Node. js on. It is another simple blog frameworks based on Node.js that is definitely worth reviewing.

SILBRACK is a Markdown-based blog that provides a streamlined, advanced user interface and full trademark management over your website. They can customise your blog to fit your make, and they can sign up for e-mail notification when you add a new one. Filvrback offers powerful archives and biopages, user-defined favoricon functionality, and a clear real-time mail viewer.

Because Silvrback is based on the AWS backup, it is set up to scale automatically when a peak load is recognized, so you don't have to fear that your blog will fail. It is a nice, distraction-free blogsite without set-up or coding. Works on all portable and portable tablets, with each application focusing on the typing feel rather than a feature set before.

When you manage more than one blog, simply click'Add new blog' and you can start a new blog, all under the same login area. You can write in Markdown or Rich Text as well as change between different text and markdown styles at any point in the game. If you want to be able to export your blog files, your blog is properly organised in a zipped archive, where each entry is stored as a Markdown in its own folder, along with any pictures you have up-loaded.

It is a long-term effort aimed at creating one of the best hosting sites in the globe and keeping it going for as long as possible. Up to 10 blog entries can be created, posted via e-mail, and posted using the Web Mailditor. Poshaven provides the possibility to add your blog with pictures, songs, videos, files and any kind of files.

Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, track your blog with e-mail alerts, have more than one contributor per blog, and set up your blog as your own with a safe passphrase. Auto-anti-spam comment system means you spent less of your working on blog commentaries and more of your typing for them. Scripogram is a utility for creating simple, stylish, yet still looking blog posts by importing Markdown data from your drop box folders.

It is possible to use your favorite editing tool (and publishing from there) or the Scriptogram dashboard to type by pressing 'Synchronize'. The Scriptogram is conceived in such a way that it is hidden, since text formats, mail title, date and tag are edited within the editors of your choosing. HTML and CSS allow you to optimize and modify your current topics or even build a new one to fit your own brand.

It' easy to get in, just authorise Scriptogram to log in to your blog and it will then generate a new directory to save your contributions, type in your e-mail and select a user name that is part of the web site that your blog can access. And if you like Scriptogram, try Calepin, which will read Markdown text in your drop box and convert it into blog post.

Pen. io allows anyone to publicize on the Internet without going through a sign-up procedure or setting up an affiliate bankroll. Without having to register a domainname or pay for your hostings, you can build a persistent website with your contents. It' simple to make a contribution, just enter your page header and your username, so you can make changes and editing, and click 'Create new page'.

There' s no backend to update because you make changes spontaneously, and posting several pages is easy - just include the ":page" tag. It' s great for those who don't want to sign up to start a blog but want to split their texts, stories, researches, researches, etc. You can move your pictures with drag-and-drop and attach YouTube movie URIs.

Droplets is a simple blogs application without the need to manage a data base. You can create droplets on any web site, create them off-line with Markdown and post them to your own name. Installing the software only lasts 30 seconds, just load the zipped version, unzip it and load the unzipped version onto your computer.

Droplets allows you to write your blog entries in any text editing tool with Markdown, which is simple, memorable and easy. As soon as you are willing to submit your contribution, simply modify the posting to " Submitted " and submit your transcript using the up-loader. Whilst droplets come with a free sample that you can use, there are free samples that you can buy on the plaza.

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