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Upload these free website templates to create a website with a simple layout! Contains basic HTML templates, CSS templates and more. HTML templates free of charge to start your web design project.

Easy HTML Website Template

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Best 25 Free Simple Website Templates for All Famous Niches 2018

Easy website templates help you concentrate on the contents and also greatly improve the usability of your website. However, simpleness is always a complicated thing. This free simple website templates listing is a collection of some of the nice website templates that are simple and stylish. To use a simple website submission, you must specify your target, your contents, and what you want from the users on your website.

Since the arrangement of web items and web page layout is a critical part of a simple website creation process, a simple alignment error can result in your entire efforts ending in wasted time. Don't worry, all these free simple website templates are specially crafted for different niche markets, so you can place all the web items and block of code in the most visible places.

The only thing you need to do is to append your contents and start enjoying the simple website. In order to help folks from different backgrounds get a simple, neat look, we've created templates for all the popular backgrounds in this free site templates mailing list. Here's a free guide to help you get your own, simple, clean look. Give it a try and get a cleaner website.

Stack is a minimally neat website presentation format for creating websites. Also, the visible effect on this pattern is minimized to fit the simple look of this pattern. A big challange when creating a simple website pattern is the choice of icon. With this batch model, the designers have chosen suitable symbols that both look simple and meet the requirements of the standard website.

You can also integrate logon and registration features in the upper pane. And the good thing is that the batch submission provides you with a ready-made simple application and registration sheet. Have a look at our templates page listing for administrator pages to get a better idea of how to create an efficient administration page.

The Resto is a simple website templat for dining. Neat simple website templates are the best companions for the food-related sites. The use of a simple website presentation will help you present your brand to your customers in an elegant way. Use of manuscripts such as scripts makes the signature website submission to the original restaurante a trademark.

Special Chess-board type area is a funny theme, in this theme you can include both pictures and text. Paralyx between segments makes the user experience a vibrant feeling as they move down. You will receive a booking request via this web page which is fully operational from the front end.

Atomatic is a versatile website submission for doing businesses. Its flawless, neat styling makes this submission a great choice for any kind of web site. The light-blued web features look appealing on the clear and concise lay-out and attract users' interest. Inside the headers themselves, you have room to insert a videolink, because it is an HTML5 website presentation, it has natively supported rich media content.

Even the pictorial effect is kept to a minimum to do justice to the simple styling of this pattern. It' a multi-page templates with all the essential pages like info, service and contacts pages pre-configured for you. When you use this templates for a softwares enterprise, you can roll the Call to Action icon onto the demonstration page or the downloading page of the game.

Paper's is another content-oriented website submission with a simple look and feel. Are you a start-up that wants to make a big contribution to the cosmos with its creative thinking, then this is the best choice for you. Interaktive scrolling is used in this templates to keep the user active and present the information to the user interaction.

It uses professional-looking typefaces, making it easy to read on both small screens and desktops. Bright greens in the colour schemes of this pattern are very attractive for the clear backgrounds of this pattern. This simple website templates uses advanced web features to help you keep your website simple for the long term.

Custom line symbols are used in this style sheet. The Stellar is from the same makers of the above-mentioned atomic model. On this pattern you can see small designs here and there. Not only will this rich-text look help you explaining your service, it will also help with your search for information.

A further best part of this submission is that it is a one-sided submission. If you are a solo preneur looking for a website submission that needs less effort, this submission is the best for you. You can use this site for both your own and your own website. Visually enhanced features are used to help you easily divide more content within the given area.

The Transcend is a simple variant with different layouts of the above Stellar templates. As both templates come from the same designers, you can recognize smaller resemblances in the designs. Text is the central part of this pattern, so the designers have carefully chosen the script. You have the possibility to link to the important area of the homepage in the headline.

In addition to the head-buttons, you also have a Hamburg menue item to display all page references. Further useful functions in this pattern are motion counter, carousel and galleries. Talking about galleries, the designers have used a bricklayer raster pattern so you can easily insert pictures of any sizes and orientations.

It uses the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks. It is also a one-page submission, but you get all the choices you need to create a real website for a real eatery. Since pictures are the best media for restaurants' web sites to let the user sense the meal, this pattern has many picture slices.

The pictures of foodstuffs appear more vivid on the pure whiteness of the backdrop. We' ve created a seperate article for restoration website templates, check them out for more useful templates. The FineOak is a website architecture model. It' s versatile styling makes it a good choice for building sites and architecture websites.

Internal architecture is an art alcove, the more simple the look of your website, the more easy it will be for you to present the structure in an elegant way. Minimum visible effect adds additional refinement to the minimum website artwork. FineOak is a full bundle, with this pattern you will receive the necessary pages prefabricated for you.

Sub-pages you receive with this submission are about, service and service portfolios. At the bottom you have the possibility to insert your own profiles link. If you have more sub-categories, this will help you to provide a better navigational experience. The FineOak is optimised for portable viewing and the power of the original is also adjusted accordingly.

Connect is a web site solution. It' s creatively designed to make it the best choise for even the most demanding agency. There are no advertising items on the template's homepage, the user lands directly on your project and case study with this standard homepage. The shared artwork of the templates gives you the ability to include both pictures and text.

Talking of video effect, the cartoon effect is restricted to this pattern. As this is a minimum artwork, only the desired effect will be applied. The full-width full-width styling with plenty of whitespace makes the content appear clean on both the small display and the large display.

Web items are all scalable for viewing on the go, so you can count on the same level of power from your device. Frames is one of the best multi-purpose commercial website templates from us. Everything is neat and tidy, all text and items are resized to the right size.

Contains all fields of a contemporary web site theme. Actually, the frame is a page land pattern created on a page. Web items and section are all placed in the right place, improving usability and speed of migration. In order to do justice to the minimalist overall appearance, the colour pattern used in this model is also minimum.

Rather than opting for a full-blown, minimum-blue white look, the designers have selected minimal-blue tones on which the text and web items look clean and readable. Further useful items you will receive with this pattern are the price chart and a clearly arranged enquiry and enquiry page. It is also a website site for restaurants, just like the Resto site above.

However, the instance is very small than the Resto. The clear layout and fashionable web features of this website present the contents directly to the visitor. Visually affects are only used for hiking only. Use this one-page templates to create info, menus, gallery, event and contacts. You will not receive a booking request as you saw it in the Resto request document.

The Explorer is a website photographer' s website reference. Please have a look at the property of an efficient website for photographers in our templates section for photographers' websites to learn more. It has all the features of a website photograph website templates. Considering this, the Explorer templates allow you to limit the number of photos you can include on your homepage.

A simple, minimalist style that gives your photos more depth. As this is a multi-page submission, you have other sites to advertise your work. You have the possibility to integrate symbols for your own contacts in the bottom line. Incorporating the latest technology, the pattern is perfect for your portable device and optimised for maximum performance.

is a new listing in the free simple website templates group. Create a website based on a website templates intended for enterprise and commercial use. For those who are looking for simple yet different website templates, this one will be interesting. Text and type plays an important roll in web designing.

The FPlus pattern gives you larger and more legible type. One of the elements in this style is the prominent menubar. Designers have discreetly designed this imaginative menubar as they scroll through the page and it fits in well with the overall look. Oranges are the main colour schemes of this pattern, which looks appealing on the pure whiteness backdrop.

The Rea submission will slightly amaze those who always look beyond the end of their nose. Best suited for a online marketing company or online marketing company. The Rea is the best option for creating individuals like graphics artists. Lively graphics will look great on this simple minimum website.

Designed for creativity and subtlety. You can hide the navigational options behind the Hamburg menus. It opens in a seperate screen where you also have the possibility to integrate a plugin to your account. Due to the fact that this pattern uses a very imaginative design, it is a laborious task to present the whole section on the homepage.

Re-open is a minimally looking website templates for a professional website. Imaginative web items are distributed in this website submission. Like the FPlus submission, this submission has done a good job in text and writing. Thanks to the harmonious layout, the larger text can be presented clearly and concisely. Menus in this style sheet also open on a seperate page, the sub-menus are marked with a plus symbol.

On the homepage you have a brick raster to display your portfolios. The Sun is a minimum website design pattern for a creativity company. Placed on a pure whiteness backdrop, the reddish web panels look appealing and attract the user's interest to the needed items. As with most of the other web site templates, you have a grid-style galleries area on the homepage to showcase your work.

And the best part of this submission is like the premier submission you have four home page variants. Solar panel has a traditionally upper navigational toolbar. As in the Reopen button, the menu items are indicated by a plus symbol. Beside the four homepage variants there are further sub-pages like about, portofolio and blogs.

The Drimo is a free website submission in top level print design. Get more from this site than you would ever have expected from a free site submission. You will receive eleven demonstration variants with this sample. Each of the eleven templates follows a minimum and simple website outline. Remaining asking if this is a free templat? The templates in this pack are all one-page templates and destination page templates.

Contains minimum artwork, blend color, picture wallpaper, and the listing continues. Choose the model that best suits your needs. Kunstmuseum is another simple website submission for artist and creatives. Luckily, this artwork website submission is a multi-page website submission. This way you are not only fixed with the homepage and since you have preconfigured sub-pages, you will have a uniform layout of your website.

On all pages you have the possibility to insert an artwork wallpaper in the headline, you can use this area to insert your trademark flag. It' a function-packed full website submission. Using this pattern you get many features and contents blocs. You can also use this artwork to support your own activities, so you can also use the Kunstmuseum as a model for the website.

Rent a Car is another free website submission of the premier category. So why paying so much when you get all the free templates' free functions yourself? Rent a car is one such scheme that gives you pixel accurate styling, powerful well typed coding, multi-page, advanced web items and the listing goes on... All frontend work is done entirely with this scheme.

This is a simple task for designers who want to migrate this site to other CMS plattforms. It has a clear colour and looks appealing on the pure whiteness of the ground. The colour schemes of this model can be reminiscent of some building site templates. The Book is a simple, neat website submission for an author. Although this submission is primarily intended for the author, the web items are sufficiently diverse to be used in almost all categories of web sites.

The use of trend colour sequences gives this pattern a vivid feeling, and the sequences appear more vivid on the clear backdrop. More useful items that you get with this submission are Animated Meters, a large price chart with a Call to action button. At the bottom you have the possibility to include information, the Subscribe to our Newsletters page and the links to the page of your own choice.

Another simple website presentation for food-related sites is Kaffee. These templates are entirely conceived for coffeeshops. A simple and stylish looking website style sheet where all web items are placed in the right place. In the upper panel you have the possibility to specify the opening and locking bars of the store.

The other useful web items you get with this submission are annotated counter, reviews and clean annotation effect. As the name suggests it is a fashionable looking website presentation. These templates ensure that all your works are presented correctly and elegantly. There is also plenty of room in the presentation to enhance your own unique website mark.

A simple website submission that uses only subtile motion to ensure your works are presented to your audience in a neat and professional manner. Map-like styling not only helps you simply attach pictures and text, but also keeps the content clean on your website.

Directly below the asset class is the services area that helps you advertise your company. The use of line symbols in the services area makes it appealing on a simple website submission like this. An important thing at Landing Pages is the clear introduction and the whole concept has to be about the respective products.

The Watch website submission does the job for you. Because audiences prefer content more than content, this style sheet also gives you room to include it. The simple, neat styling of this pattern will make your products or service look great and be easily readable in both small and large display screens.

Launchup is a neat and simple website submission for businesses and launches. You can do this quite simply with the help of the start-up website templates. Impeccable artwork layouts of this templates will help you focus on the contents of the website. Smartly designed, this pattern will help you accentuate the important functions for the user without compromising the clear look of this pattern.

The other useful functions you get with this original are the price chart, testimonials and proper optical effect. At the bottom you have the possibility to integrate Instagram Feed and the registration forms. Blank is a web site blanca submission blanca, it is immaculate and clear. As it is conceived for private blogging, you have many private labeling items.

The readability is the first thing we have to consider when creating a web site layout, with Blanca the text is clear and readable. When you are looking for a blogsite submission for your photographic website, Blanca is the best option. It processes both the picture content and the text content in the same way.

The simple, clear lay-out makes the pictures look even more attractive. On the right side bar you can specify the current articles, the tag and the section about the topic.

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