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An easy and light magazine in the style of WordPress. Top Free WordPress Magazine Topics 2018 MagicBook is a WordPress theme developed solely for messages, journals, magazines, publications, blogs or reviews sites. It' s neat, supremely versatile, fully reactive themes, stunning new functionality, full 1-click website demonstrations and lifelong free upgrades. It is an elegantly minimalistic theme mainly conceived for a web paper and a magazine with a huge amount of research on modern on-line papers.

Using the available customized and widget features, you can create custom layout as a trendy newsmagazine, trendy modem magazine, motionlogging & magazine, neat and minimum message pages, blogsite and more. Hueman theme has a varied look. Therefore, it is used on very different web pages such as blog ging, magazine, small business, school, churches or private webpages.

Made by Madd Magazine, this is a one-of-a-kind and fast-reacting theme for magazines, papers or business journals. Made by Madd Magazine has a built-in, fast reacting slide control with either picture or movie options. Semikolon is a simple and neat magazine theme for WordPress. It' s got an appealing lay-out, neat and easy-to-read type, a one-of-a-kind raster lay-out with marked post assistance, a few widgets, a dedicated menus for your community and more.

The Poseidon is an elegantly styled WordPress theme with a great full-screen slide show.

Its clear typeface and generous blank layouts make it great to divide your story. The News Portal is the ultimative magazine theme with creatively designed and powerfully featured functions that let you quickly and simply build a look that meets your needs. It' fully based on the Customizer, which allows you to adjust most theme presets using simple and easy way of previewing your themes later.

ColourMag is our most favorite theme among all our free WordPress topics. Perfectly responding magazine WordPress theme. Designed for newspapers, magazines, blogs and other websites. Rubies is a neat and retina-capable magazine theme designed with ease of use and ease of use in view. Its appealing styling makes your contents legible on any machine.

The Awaken WordPress theme is an elegantly designed magazine / new WordPress theme. There is a magazine outline with two major widgettes. The theme is equipped with three postal widgets to show postings in different style. The ProfitMag is a neat and reactive magazine theme with an elegantly designed look, perfect for blogs, magazines, newspapers or any other website.

Comes with a customisable theme customiser that lets you administer the site in an instantly. New Vibrant is a cutting-edge magazine theme with creatively designed and powerfully featured functions that let you easily post your own news items and blogs. Uses the best neat HTML5 editorial practice, HTML5 and beyond, it's quick, simple and simple to use.

Newsdesk is a contemporary and energetic WordPress theme with a nice slim styling and great versatility. The WordPress messaging tool is perfect for current blogging, on-line magazine and all kinds of other lively messaging sites. The AccessPress Mag is a neat and up-to-date WordPress magazine. It' perfect for newspapers, journals, on-line magazine, web sites or even your own brand.

It' an innovative, feature-rich, free WordPress theme and is fully reactive. NewAnchor is an easily manageable magazine theme, ideal for on-line message pages that want a refreshing and contemporary look. Diamond was developed by ightPixelDesign and is a contemporary magazine theme for making topical announcements or any other content-oriented website.

This magazine theme homepage is equipped with WordPress kernel functions such as customizers and widgets, making set-up quick, simple and versatile. WordPress Theme is a fast-reacting magazine developed specifically for magazines, newspapers, message boards, publishers, face-to-face blogging, business blogging, company blogging and web site editing. Magazine is ideal for magazines, newspapers & magazines or weblogs.

It' a stunning visual, vibrant and highly engaging WordPress magazine theme.

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