Simple Magazine Wordpress Theme

Easy magazine Wordpress theme

This is a clear and simple theme for magazines, with a multifunctional design. Best 10+ free magazine WordPress themes for 2018 Magazine-sites are very well-liked nowadays, and best of all, you can start them all on your own... You just need to get one of the high value and free WordPress topics.

To be successful, an on-line magazine must provide high-quality contents and adjust to the latest societal and market research tendencies.

With a good topic, you will be able to achieve this and have the necessary technology to set up an on-line presentation of your work. You can test many WordPress topics on your website, both free and free of charge. Top 10 free WordPress topics. There are some of the best free WordPress magazines out there:

This is a contemporary and pleasant theme for journals of all kinds. It has a clear look, with colourful contributions, a box lay-out and a user-defined backdrop. The IsleMag also offers easy-to-understand contents, a wide spread and is advertising-compatible. Functions: Roundabout slide control, instagram feeder, infinite color, advertising banner, rating system, widgettized bottom line, reactive draft.

The JustWrite is a great full-screen motif with a contemporary, clear and professionally designed image, specifically tailored to the needs of major magazine labels. They use large mediums, merry-go-rounds, presented slide controls, many advertising surfaces and interaktive Widget as well as an optically impressive image. Functions: fast response theme, widgettized index, user-defined section, advertising readiness, user-defined widget, page preloader, second navigational tool.

This is a clear and simple theme for periodicals, with a multifunctional use. The look is minimalistic yet highly engaging, with sliding rotary slides, picture slides and a visually appealing look. Functions: fast reactive styling, sluggish load effect, translatable, user-defined colours, user-defined widgets, different mail sizes, Google fonts. This is a nice and stylish theme for magazine.

There is a contemporary blogscape and can be used for both private and business use. Simple yet elegant, the theme offers gentle animation. Silk may be right for you if you are looking for style and simpleness. Characteristics: fast reacting and translatable designs, minimalistic designs, magazine-like pages, widget-ready, nice authors boxes, newsletters.

Characteristics: merry-go-round slide control for the product, generous bottom line, contemporary and attractive styling, appealing styling, fast-reacting slide control, translation-friendly, extended evaluation overview (WP Product Review Integration). The TrendMag is a very contemporary and stylish multi-purpose magazine styling, with a fantastic and intricate styling that gives you the sense of greatness.

Delivered with prallax section, a fistful of highly engaging eyewear add-ons and an on-line store. Functions: fast response time, real-time customization, infinite side bars, translatable, supports soft link, widget-ready, WooCommerce compatible. Functions: fast-reacting layout, translation-friendly, SEO-enabled, full-width sliders, Google font selection, limitless colour choices. Gewinnmag relies on classical magazine designs, ideal for general publication.

This theme provides support for advertising space of all shapes and sizes, as well as support for slide shows, slide controls and online portals. Functions: fast response theme, slide control setting, three colour scheme, four wide areas in the bottom, current Newsticker, Photogallery and ad area in the side bar, several user-defined wide areas. This is a cheerful and colourful theme for messages and periodicals, with a clear and memorable look that comes with well-organised contents and pads.

This theme offers a large, full-width slide control, various post width s and slide shows. Featuring several ad areas, deep and bright theme skin, box and full width layout, 5 home page blocks, colourful categories background, message box, tabs, tabbed categories widgets and 7 built-in broadgets. Contemporary magazine theme, sketched in red and blue.

Comes with a small slide control and a 2-column post lay-out with beautiful side bars on both sides that present the theme category. There' room for commercials, slide shows and other free choices of widgets. Functions: several display areas, user-defined graphic background/color, Guntenberg capable, fader/button colors option, fast reactive theme, widget-friendly user surface.

An easy and neat blogs topic, with a magazine-like look and feel and a multifunctional look. This theme is minimalistic, contemporary and uses the classical raster lay-out. Characteristics: fast reacting designs, minimalistic patterns, three homepage laysouts, four mailforms ( default, galery, audio, vide ), two page laysouts (with and without sidebar), wideget available. This is another classical example among these free WordPress topics, but still able to look contemporary and be very kind.

There comes with colourful keys and ribbons, a box lay-out on a fixed, user-defined backdrop, well-organized compartments, message tickers and advertising panels, merry-go-rounds and slide shows. Functions: fast reacting redesign, translatable, support for contact form 7, optimised speech recognition (SEO), Newsticker, advertising readiness, customised Widget. The Newsmag is a topic for trade journals that want to dedicate themselves to dealing with complicated subjects such as policy or business.

Newsmag' designs and layouts underline your contents through the clear and simple look of the theme. Functions: reactive artwork, translatable, upload of user-defined logos, advertising easy, widgettized bottom line, parallel image. This is a neat and very stylish theme for press and magazine publishers. Not only is VMag versatile, it's also simple and offers easy-to-use screens.

Characteristics: AdSense capable, easy to translate, Newsticker, merry-go-round novel Widget, 13 built-in Widgets, nice slide control area, smart and stylish styling. The MH Magazine Lite is a free WordPress theme that is perfect for creating any kind of editing web site. Powerful WordPress templates include multiple user-defined Widgets to help you build your own cover page layout and present your contents in an engaging way.

Fully reactive and translatable, MH Magazine Lite provides RTL as well as user-defined logos and user-defined wallpapers. Functions: fully managed title page, uniquely customized broadgets, multiple broadgets, optimized search engine management, preparation for translations and RTL assistance, fully reactive layouts. The AccessPress Mag is a contemporary and neat theme for professionals.

It' laid outs fit any magazine or media/press page and offer a simple and intelligent structuring of the contents. It can be used for everything from business and government to fashions, lifestyles and sport. Functions: mail view and comment counters, nice and simple to use articles page, Google AdSense enabled, integrated reviews system, CSS3 motion graphics, fully reactive page design.

Functions: advertising ad managment, bootstrap frameworks, grids mail layouts, 4 message catagories, neat and minimalistic layouts, WordPress customizers. Functions: Adaptable layouts, infinite side bar, localisation assistance, fast response layouts, user-defined Widgets, HTML5 and CSS3 table-less designs.

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