Simple Minimalist

Easy minimalist

Return to the basics and buy yourself a simple phone. The only regret is that we didn't find minimalism earlier - that we wasted so much time, so many years and so many resources. Twenty brillant daily hacks to make your job easier, reduce your exposure to loud sounds and lead a more minimalist lifestyle.

I' ve believed in just being alive for a long while. When I was a teenager, I bought Volkswagen Magazine with the idea of one night having to live in a VW motorhome. Focus on the important things in your lifetime, such as affectionate relations, your home and your passion. Fewer choices means less spending your attention on what to put on.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg in his dressing room and why he mainly wore the same clothes: Take out all the maps in your purse and go through what you need regularly. Lose your Kaffeekundenkarten and keep all the rare tickets in a secure place.

It' s from in America, it's sleek, minimum and very user friendly. Smart phones are a big part of daily living. Much of the reason I used was not to create value for my Iife. Return to the fundamentals and buy yourself a simple telephone. A lot of the things you use your device for are timeconsuming.

View e-mails at home or at work. Smart-phone cameras are a part that can cause you some ache! It is an area of my existence that has been frustrating in the past. Subscribing can mean many unwanted e-mails. When you pause from your phone, you can take a pause from your favorite music.

Try a weeks or so without using your own online tools and see how you are feeling. Lose your badge or make sure you cash it out every single months. Haven't had a major charge for about five years. They can do most of what you need these days. Nowadays. Don't fight against the amount of times it needs to get to work, make it pleasant and use it well.

Spend your free moments reading, meditating, listening to your favorite tunes, or listening to a live video broadcast. It gives me a 25-minute stroll, which is a good opportunity to collect my thoughts for the whole afternoon. Taste your unsugared cup of tea and after about 3 nights you will begin to savour the genuine cup of tea. If you don't want enough sugars, you'll have less of it.

The clear worktop in the living room is a good way to get into your home from work. Easy and breathe! It'?s a very stressful place to live. Just take your sweet moments to slower down, breathe and scent the rose! Leave the offices at work, take a short break, spend 20 minutes reading a novel in a café.

You do one big and important thing after another. It'?s quite easy not to have too much to eat. Put a memory on it, and after a whole weeks you'll have established a custom. Out of the cubicle for dinner and running around. Searching for businesses that do this can help you conserve a lot of your valuable resources.

There'?s a lot of squeeze when you have a lot of debts to repay. Purchase a simple auto with real estate rather than a chic one with debts. Lose the credentials. Go outside the box in order to transform your working weeks, live is born. What do you do to make your lives simple and stress-free?

I' d like to know your thoughts about a simple way of doing things and how you do it. Some great resource for idea for a minimalist life:

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