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Use existing template parts in the design to dynamically create a custom page layout per page. Simple page creator WDS Leverages available templates in the design to create a dynamic user-defined page per page layout. On an option page, you can specify your Document Parts List (if you want to split these document parts from other document parts) and the document part preference you use. In order to use this plug-in, your topic templates must have the following do_action wherever you want to upload the templates:

Doing so ensures that the right parts are loaded in the order you specify. Or, you can specify a particular stored lay-out by specifying the lay-out name as a second argument to do_action: Hint: For stored Layouts, the name you give to do_action must be exactly the same as it is stored on the option page.

So if your layouts were instead called "My Stored Layout," you'd have to hand them over to do_action, leaving the blanks untouched. Page creator by default uses the original parts that were specified on the page when you specified them on the Edit Page monitor. If, however, no templates have been specified on the page, you can also specify global templates that will be loaded on all pages that have not specified their own custom templates.

If you do not want to specify templates for a particular page, you can keep the globale settings at "- No templates -" to avoid defining them. Stored Layouts are used if there is no page (or post) for this page and globale laysouts are used as generically falling back. With do_action, you can specify a stored style as the standard style for all messages of a particular style, or you can call it up when you include do_action in your topic templates.

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The WDS Simple Page Builder was designed with a basic notion in mind: that page designers (the persons who choose the page layout) should not be obliged to master HTML or CSS. WDS Simple Page Builder is a simple page builder that allows you to create and edit pages without having to know HTML or CSS. WDS Simple Page Builder is a simple page builder. This means that the plug-in will assume that you are a topic designer, that you are creating a customized design, and that your design contains templates that can be placed in templates wherever you want.

All I need to know as a site creator is that there are these things (template parts) that I can insert into my posts or page and I can order them as I want, and something happens on the frontend in a magical way. We need to be conscious of the "magic" that flows into these templates from the developer's point of view, in relation to how they are structured and how they interacted with the topic templates file.

The WDS Simple Page Builder provides functions that can be used similar to a default function in WordPress getting_template_part. What does it do better than let' templates is the fact that you (or your site publishers ) have the power to adjust not only what parts of a page's templates appear in a page design, but also in what order they appear.

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