Simple Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Easy portfolio Wordpress theme

The Arnold is a minimal portfolio WordPress theme. Contemporary and clean creative WordPress Portfolio & Blog Theme. Ideal for building a simple portfolio website with blog and four different grid layout options.

Best 10+ free portfolio WordPress topics

If you want to create something great and want to communicate it to the rest of the community, a portfolio website can be a very precious commodity. Fortunately, there are many great (and free) WordPress portfolio topics out there. Next you will see the most important free WordPress topics on the web. Maybe you are also interested in this WordPress creative theme library.

This is a free WordPress theme that is suitable for almost any creativity company, be it a web design/digital studios or a marketing/advertising group. In addition, it fits in perfectly with a portfolio of people. There are all the main items of a portfolio website, but at the same place it doesn't look overloaded.

Functions: fast-reacting theme creation, fast-reacting slide control, theme option panels, XHTML + CSS validation, full -width slide control, user-defined wallpaper colour and picture, optimised for searching. A great portfolio and blogger look with a classy and clear look. The site provides a nice on-line experience for creative people as it boasts a great brickwork animation style, a contemporary look and many different layouts.

Functions: fully reactive, GT3 Page Builders, Retina-ready, Ayax effect, raster brickwork lay-out, contact form 7 assistance, many mail sizes and page lays. A fantastic and contemporary WordPress theme for creatives and companies, with full width full width head, nice full width tapes, clear styling and a great portfolio section.

It stands out for its beautiful form, contemporary full-screen look and stylish outfit. Functions: fast reacting redesign, retina-capable, full frameheld, WooCommerce-capable, translatable, font awesome icon, endless colour-settings. Although the name suggests otherwise, this is a great looking portfolio theme. There are beautiful quadratic boulders in which you can present your works, and cliffs with an overall deep coloured look that is well suited to focus on your work.

Functions: Velocity, fast response time, minimum and clear styling, SEO-enabled, AdSense optimised, limitless colour choices, limitless backgrounds, including Font Awesome symbols. This is a minimalistic and clear office and company site look, with a simple and sleek one-sided look, a wide slide control, a beautiful portfolio and a Ribbonbar with motion statistics.

All in all, a cultivated look that distinguishes your company. Featuring: fast-reacting styling, 6+ Widgetareas & 11+ user-defined widths, Dragging & Dropping Page Builders, colour choices, great products filter, Flash Toolkit plug-in, boxesed & broad layouts, optimised for performance and easyEO. The Masonry is a minimalistic WordPress theme that is well suited for portfolio sites, creativity firms or face-to-face sites.

It' s an appealing theme, so your website looks good on a variety of different gadgets, from smart phones to tables to desktop PCs. Functions: fast-reacting styling, grid-based lay-out, gooey menus, Hover effect, stylistic type face, soft symbols, user-defined backgrounds, unrestricted use of domains. Functions: fast reacting designs, jetpack portfolio, multimedial headers, Google scripts, 3 blogs laid out, colour choices, rotten portfolio, large portfolio elements.

is a minimalistic and nice WordPress theme that presents your project of any kind in a grid-like format. There are two different homepage lifestyles, an animated header/slider, a roundabout for your on-line store items and a clear, adaptable user area. Featured: reactive designs, two different demonstrations, nice grid-style portfolio, user-defined headers, WooCommerce-capable, multi-blogstyle, minimalistic and contemporary designs.

This is a simple portfolio theme, with a minimalistic look and a grid-like outline. This theme has a neat look and gives you the opportunity to present your works to the rest of the globe. It' s designed for those who want to concentrate on their project and not necessarily on the website itself. There is a portfolio page, a blogsite and an info page.

Characteristics: Completely reactive, Retina-ready, Finite scrolling, Widget-ready, Optimize your search engine, Search for your favorite search engine, Search for social links. Distinct and minimalistic portfolio theme with a multifunctional, sophisticated look. The game comes with great animation, a beautifully equipped slide control and a great Ajax portfolio. Whatever the nature of your company, with this theme you can present your best work in an elegant way.

Featured: fast-reacting interface redesign, 10 soft symbols, three page layouts, broad lay-out options, Ajax portfolio, SEO-friendly, photogallery page, translatable. Portfolio is a simple WordPress theme for portfolio and picture series. It has a minimalistic but nice and stylish theme and is very simple to use. I am sure your guests will appreciate the ease of use.

Functions: fast-response theme, user-defined home page, user-defined portfolio axiom, user-defined picture galery executive, associated portfolio item quantity options, infinite portfolio category, fast load tree. This is a minimalistic full-screen theme for portfolio sites. Featuring a full width slide control, a fantastically colourful brick-style portfolio, picture galeries and blogsayout. All in all a neat and kind WordPress theme for the portfolio.

Functions: fast response time, different mail format, simple to use shortcuts, customizable tool, preparation for translations, font awesome icon, extended colour selection. The Adapt is a universal theme for small companies who want to publish their best work. Featuring a minimalistic and clear look, a labeled slide control, a nice and professionally designed portfolio pad, a blogs look and a generous bottom line.

Designing the portfolio gives you a great deal of leeway and you can present both your creativity and your company work. Functions: fast response desing, drag-and-drop homepage, style choices, portfolio element with presented picture or picture slide control, portfolio page style sheet can be filtered with isotope js, full width page style sheets, contact form 7 supported, landed page style sheet.

This is a nice and neat WordPress topic with a raster portfolio on the homepage. Functions: fast-response interface, hundred of Google scripts, limitless colours, customisation, custom logos, customizable content, community graphics, community graphics, community graphics, community graphics. This is a contemporary and very kind way for creatives - mostly fotographers, designer, painters, etc. - to get their work done. Featuring black-and-white designs, old-school icon designs, and stylish typefaces, this free portfolio theme is a little vintage-style.

This portfolio has a blog-like look and feel and shows the elements together. Functions: fast-reacting interface architecture, stylish style symbols, full-width motion headers, photo-friendly interface, sluggish load effect, limitless color, comment coding for advanced search, translation-ready. This is a minimalistic and simple free WordPress theme for the photographer, with a beautiful raster portfolio.

What's great about this theme is that it doesn't contain any disturbing items, so your works are the first thing people see. Functions: fast reacting designs, extended Widgets, lightbox, translatable, photofriendly designs, different mailforms, thematic style for contacts plug-ins - Gravity Forms and contacts7.

This is a simple WordPress theme for the photographer. There is a minimalistic and clear styling, with a full-width headers and a grid-like portfolio galery. The theme provides high-resolution imagery for maximal portfolio exposure. Functions: fast response time, simple to adapt, infinite number of galleries, instant translations, page styles, different mail styles, user-defined widgets.

This is a simple theme that can be used for author/blogger portfolio. Functions: Topic option panels, infinite colour scheme, fast response, ad administration, advanced search engine (SEO) capability.

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