Simple Responsive Wordpress Themes

Easy, appealing Wordpress themes

The Responsive Magazine is exactly what it says; a newspaper-inspired WP theme that offers a modern and sleek design. They are also responsive and flexible.

Free 20+ simple, clean and minimalist themes (WordPress 2018)

The best free simple, neat and minimalist WordPress themes available. Choose from a large selection of popular themed stores that promote and publish free themes that can be used and shared worldwide. Our thanks go especially to the Topme Stores, which are sharing their work under the GPL license and releasing it for use.

When it comes to having the best free minimalistic themes on a website, the best way is to have a contemporary and neat website. The free minimalistic WordPress topic comes with a state-of-the-art, integrated, fully reactive slide control. There is a large logotype at the top and an appealing menu on the links. It' ultra minimized, just with a simple slide control on the homepage, with portofolio section in a grid-based lay-out.

Cleaner and contemporary Minimalist focuses on your work and shows your best portfolios. Cenote is a multifunctional minimalistic blogs topic with a simple and clear styling and many customisable functions. Click on the fully responsive free WordPress submission form built on the most beloved Website builder Elementor. This is the ideal model for any company or creativity company looking for a contemporary and original subject.

The Basic is a neat and fully addressable simple and minimum WordPress-Topic. A large slide control with full responsive movie options lets you easily insert your favorite movie or movie, your pictures and your videos on your TV or your favorite music. Comes with 3 marked picture poles under the slide control. Searching for a simple Wordpress topic with just one slide control and few tagged items is a simple WordPress topic of today.

Made by Madd Magazines WordPress topic for blogs, authors and reporters. The Madd is a fully responsive contemporary design with built-in, responsive slide control, user-defined right and left hand broads. Simple to set up with lots of customisation functions, colours, lettering, etc. Shade the minimum WordPress topic with the most important picture and subcategory items below in a raster lay-out.

Superminimal and neat WordPress topic for creative people or professional users looking for this look of minimumism. The design is very simple to set up and set up, just post your comments and show it in a neat and contemporary way. The Belise Lite is a wonderful minimum subject with a special emphasis on restaurant or private cooking looking for a simple and contemporary website.

There are many equipment possibilities, but the overall look of Belise is contemporary and stylish. It is a truly minimalist and simple subject for any gastronomic enthusiast or restaurateur. A blogger and simple Wordpress topic for blogs looking for neat and clear webcams. Comes with built-in infinity scrolls. The Blogger is built on a 2-column lay-out with user-defined Widget on the right side for your Widget.

Blogs are simple and neat, simple to use and perfectly suited for any new blogspeaker trying to set up a free contemporary Wordpress topic. Simplified is a great topic for any free simple company that wants to upgrade its website with this completely responsive minimum WordPress topic. Ideal for your small businesses solution when you need to get small and adding more to your work.

That simple minimum Wordpress topic is just what you need free neat topics and free minimum topics to get your new adventures and businesses work. The Zillah is a simple and minimally free WordPress topic for the blogger in his head. Featuring a built-in advanced slide control and columns posting layouts, these are neat and minimalist themes for your new blogs.

It' a great design for any weblogger who wants to get started with blogs and uses a design that is simple to set up and set up. Personnel Bird is a simple and contemporary Wordpress topic for the website of your CV. Create a responsive menus and a large wallpaper area with text features over it, one of the latest and most raster-based themes.

Simply to show you the latest portfolios or the latest works. Large optional extra for Wordpress optimised minimum topic for AEO. The Gille is a minimalistic WordPress topic with a large wallpaper and text with a call below. Perfected simple and simple for your next advanced and minimum website, optimize your site's search engine optimization (SEO) and set it up simple and uncomplicated.

A well-designed and encoded simple Wordpress topic. The Kustrix Lite is a contemporary, minimalist and simple Wordpress topic with a large slide control and single-column contributions. It also features a built-in right-sided wide font for your own accents, tag, search fields and archive. Nice and well designed simple yet challenging simple wordpress topic for professionals.

Alesterion is a neat and simple, free, modern collection of themes with a large wallpaper to present your best work with text overlays and call-out buttons. A perfectly neat design for your next imaginative range, simple and minimalistic look is what you need to concentrate on your work and not on the design itself.

First, one of the easiest and most humble free Wordpress themes available is if you are looking to just type and set up your website in just a few moments this will be a perfectly tidy and minimalistic topic for you. Featuring a glossy navkbar and simple pictures underneath, this topic makes it so easy to start easily in your new blogs.

Simple Shift is a simple one-way Wordpress topic, with a neat and contemporary look. Below the primary topic you have simple text fields where you can write about your business, your products, your services, and more. Freeom is a simple and fun, fully responsive Wordpress story with a major filly glider and a grid-based entry lay-out for categories.

Extremely simple and minimum look if you need a contemporary and imaginative Wordpress topic to launch your next website or blogs. Optimize your site for better results with better results from your favorite web sites, simple to set up and set up, so you don't have to waste your time posting your blogs there. Writing or just writing is great simple Wordpress topic for writer in general.

Here the emphasis is on your text and not on graphic art, the best subject for simple and contemporary authors who simply want to get their message across. When words is what you need then this Wordpress type topic is the perfect neat answer for you. Feeling is another great looking topic, with large focusing picture and short codes.

It' the ideal example of a contemporary, neat Wordpress topic where you don't have to waste your precious moments pondering pictures or layout, just writing your articles and focusing on your core ideas. Blogs Blogger perfectly advanced Wordpress minimalist topic with large built-in motionslider. This is the best choice for you if you're looking for a minimal-looking subject, but with large pictures inmotional film.

Elegantly and elegantly charged with customization features to suit your needs, perfectly contemporary and nice Wordpress themed for your next website. The Expositio is a classical contemporary minimum wordpress subject with slides from right to left, this is a minimum and one-of-a-kind effect if you are looking for something contemporary and new to amaze your clients and guests with contemporary innovations.

This is the ideal topic for someone who goes beyond his own nose and shows the whole wide range of contemporary styles. Free simple Wordpress topic with built-in responsive nav, large home screen, and grid-based feature postings. Nice, fully responsive, cutting-edge and neat Wordpress topic for your next website or blogs.

Wonderful way to build your WordPress website, with great functionality and simple customisation. It is a lightweight and grid-based, simple, minimalistic, free Wordpress topic that is perfectly suited for any blogsmith. Looking for a simple grid-based Wordpress topic with deep nav functionality and side bar Widgets might be the best topic you can get for free.

A well-designed and encoded Silk Iite is the ideal way to make your next Wordpress themed page minimal. The Regina Ilite is a neat and simple looking phone designed, but it is well built and encoded for the best possible optimisation of your next advanced store experience. The Regina is neat and fashionable, simple to set up and deploy with great images and call out boxes to attract the interest of your customers.

The Bandana Iite is a contemporary, stylish, minimally free Wordpress topic for any contemporary blogsmith looking for a neat look. BandaƱa is a classical example of well built Wordpress free simple topics blog with a column post and right side bar widgets. Great for a clean-looking Blog, simple to set up and customized and great for optimizing your search engine performance, this topic will make your next Wordpress Blogs look astonishing.

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