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Download simple Google Slides themes and PowerPoint template free of charge

Would you like a direct styling for your embassy? Find minimum, easy-to-edit but no less pro-quality Google Slides themes and PowerPoint layouts for your work. Bring your display to life without diverting the attention of the people. Immediately work in Google Slides or load the PowerPoint PPT sample and get back to work on your computer.

Get your decks up and running really quickly with this simple pattern. The background can be adjusted to any colour and the background works in both directions. So you can customise the subject with one click with a colour that fits your subject or your company image, and then use the symbols contained to add an additional note.

Round forms used in this design give a contemporary and vibrant look. In addition, it uses only monochrome colors, so it matches any branding. This multifunctional topic allows you to make a professionally presented show in half the while! Easily make an attractive display with this vivid design tool. Featuring an illustrative backdrop using an iconic design, this topic matches a featured note about team work, a new proposed collaboration, or your next online strategic vision.

Since the symbols are semitransparent, they work with any colour progression and colour backdrop! Deliver an appealing and professional looking slideshow in just a few moments. The free templates offer a simple and refreshing look with many different foil designs to use. Utilize a minimum and stylish look for your next launch and your contents will sparkl.

In just a few moments, you' re ready to make a professionally presented product that looks and feel welcoming and targeted to your company or your company. Present professionally without having to spend your precious moments designing your transparencies. It' easy to set up, simple to use and easy to follow, so you can concentrate on the contents of your presentations.

It is a clear and simple subject, developed for businesses and companies. Half the way you can make a professionally presented page with this subject because it's fully customized, with multiple easy-to-use page layout and graphics tools. Developed for medicinal, healthcare or physical activity use. It' s clear and simple, very simple to use, and if you want to get rid of the images of the living person, it would fit almost any subject.

Using this pattern you can build professionally designed meeting deck. It' s easy to use and you can customize it to suit your own style by choosing a different colour. Layouts and looks are so neat that they match almost any theme.

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