Simple way to Create website

Easy way to create a website

Would you like a simple solution, preferably a point-and-click solution, to create a visually appealing one-page website? Join them and you will soon be on your way to creating professional website layouts. As the structure of the website becomes simpler, it becomes easier for users to navigate. When you are an author who has not yet been published or not, you need your own author's website. WorldPress is a simple tool that helps you to create a good looking website.

Creating an authoring website: Simple guide

When you are an autor who has not yet been released or not, you need your own website. Now, this all begins with your own authoring website. Whatever you say about yourself and your work in finding agencies and publishing houses, one of the first things they do - sometimes even before they read the remainder of your suggestion - is to do an online sweep of your name.

First thing that should show up is your author's website. Actually, you would be under pressure to google the name of a posted writer and not find his website with a user-defined domainname (usually, like mine, with his own name). You can use your author's website as a platform for your work. Here agencies, editors, readers as well as supporters can find out about your work, give your name a face and get in touch with you.

Please do not be tempted to be content with one of the fast and simple website fixes that looks like everyone else's and has a little feeling. Just kind dress-up your best for a business meeting, your professional-looking website will put your best foot forward. Your best forwards. Her authors website becomes your homebase, as if you had a company head office.

On your author's website you can post a blogsite, like I do here. This will be another window of your letter, and it will also let others get in touch with you. As soon as you are a public writer, the reader of your books can get in touch with you here. One of the best advantages of an author's website is that it is exactly what publishing houses and agencies are looking for in prospective writers.

Let your burgeoning lineage interact with you and each other by asking a simple questions or making a brief overview of their favourite things: novels, films, celebrities, whatever. Even better, the publishing houses will find that you have a following, a tribal deck. So you are confident of the need and want to take advantage of your own authoring site, but maybe, like me, you're not a technician.

You are intimidated by the whole concept of building a website. The following simple tutorials should enable you to rebuild yours from the ground up in the next lesson. Just think, you're having your very own, good-looking website with your chosen .com name (note: it should always be your name). Here is all you need to do: 1. select a business that hosts your website.

Renters just hire. When it comes to the web, some lessors own the equipment that makes web sites work. Obviously, your website doesn't belong to them. Host your website on the web with your hostess. To most prospective writers and blogs I suggest Bluehost as your host.

By the time you begin to reach literally hundred thousand people, Bluehost should be for you. A bluehost is cheap. There is a website sending for less than $9 per months, about 30 per cent per night - a smart move for your typing careers. The Bluehost has excellent client services. The Bluehost works with WordPress. WorldPress is a simple utility that will help you create a good looking website.

It is used by 25% of all web sites on the web, mine included, and it is the kind of support I am teaching you in this manual. Blue host has been supporting WordPress for over 10 years and has its own WordPress expert if you ever have a Q. Click on this hyperlink to start with Bluehost.

Complete Disclosure: I get a fee (at no additional charge to you) if you use this URL to subscribe to a Bluehost account. I' d still suggest Bluehost. Once this page has opened in your web navigator, click the gray "Get startet now" icon. Please note: Bluehost needs at least one year's salary to stay within reach.

Bloehost often conducts promotional campaigns that offer rebates to first-time adopters. When you are new to this area and imagine a website, Basic should be all you need. When you are considering several sites, you will want to consider the more comprehensive one. Press the gray "Select" icon below the prize. I. A. Navigate to a different website expansion.

B. Select a newomainname. Just keep it simple - "" is good; "" is not. Keeping your domainname simple, clear and professionally - not cranky or outlandish. Once you have entered your new domainname, click "Next" and you will be taken to the "Create Account" page. Bloehost is trying to sell some things here.

The domain privacy feature makes sure that someone who visits your site does not see your unique information, but that of Bluehost. "Type yours, click the check box next to "I have reviewed and agree..." and click the orange "Send" icon. It will take you to another page where Bluehost can provide special offers that you can include in your purchases.

Click on the "No thanks" icon. You will then be redirected to a "Welcome to Bluehost" page to create a temporary user name. On the next page, click on the orange "Login" icon and type in your e-mail address and your login name. Start your website. You will then be redirected to a page where you can select the topic of your website.

This is your website, just think about it. "Now you want to create a tagline. Jean Oram has made a great contribution to the creation of writer tags. You should aim to create a blogs that you can use to create a following. And if you want to jump over this and make your first posting your first full article, that's okay too.

On the next page you will be asked if WordPress should create a "contact" page. Of course, the best advantage is that agencies or editors will find a fast way to you when they see something they like. Keep in mind, when you present your work, your website is the first place where an agency or journalist will look for more about you.

In the right edge of the screen, click on the cyan "X". Stage 3: Click the "OK" pushbutton. Stage 4: Provide a short explanation of your work. Stage 5: Click on the green "Update" tab. Stage 2: Click on the links symbol (circled below in red). Once you have done this, click on the blaue "Update" pushbutton.

Once you have clicked the "Refresh" icon, click "Pages" in the side bar on the far side of the page. Stage 2: Click on the "Add media" icon. On the page that opens, click the "Select Files" icon and find the picture of yourself that you want to use. Once you have finished your biography, click on the blaue refresh icon.

Let us modify it so that it applies to an originator rather than a company. Stage 1: Modify the page name to " Contacts " or " Contacts " - because there is no "us" when you are alone. Stage 2: Modify the expansion to " please contact" or " please contactme". Stage 3: Click the "OK" pushbutton.

Stage 4: Briefly note the reason why someone might want to get in touch with you ("I would like to listen to your thoughts..." or "If you are looking for a speaker..." or "If you are looking for an author who..."). Then of course your personal data. Stage 5: Click on the red "Update" icon. Now' s the right moment to create a menue so that your users can get to all the pages you create.

Perform these operations to create your menus. Stage 1: Enter "Main Menu" in the "Menu Name" field. Stage 2: Click on the colored " Create Menue " icon. Then click on the "Save Menu" icon on the right side of your computer monitor. Then select the CheckBox beside "Automatically adding new top-level pages to this menu".

" Click on the check box next to "Top Menu". "Finally click on the "Save Menu" pushbutton. Only two more clicks before your website is prepared to go online! "Do this to see your new website! And now that you have an author's website, you will soon be enjoying it: You took a big leap today.

Go to other authors pages for suggestions and to make sure you don't copy (unless you decide to do so). Here you go - you have your author's website!

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