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I am a simple guy, so I design and create simple but creative websites. Easy is an internationally recognized branding, graphic design, web design and advertising agency based in Adelaide and Melbourne. The simplicity of web design does not necessarily mean minimalist design aesthetics. Plain website design offers advantages that more complex websites cannot offer. In this tutorial you will learn about the graphical design of a website.

#30 Nice neat and simple web designs for inspiration

Connect with 62,179 marketers who receive our best findings, strategy and advice on your next step in your lifecycle. Attractive type, strategically chosen colours and graphic design, and barrier-free aesthetic without creating confusion are just some of the features divided between web design that is neat and simple. You will find in this range some great web design that is neat, simple and stylish.

Fifty Attractive Clean and Simple Web Styles

Connect with 62,179 marketers who receive our best findings, strategy and advice on your next step in your lifecycle. My experiences when it comes to web design have shown me that it is simpler to complement a design than to take it away. With minimalistic layout, the goal is to create something nice with simple design features and as few as possible.


Hi! I'm Valentine and I like... painting the net. I am a simple man, so I design and create simple but still imaginative web sites. It' s something I like to keep simple, and that's something that can be seen on all my work. I am in a permanent need for wisdom and that's why every day I am learning something about everything new in web design.

Mobility is no longer just a trendy thing, it's a MUST and also standard on my design. Mm-hmm. I just really enjoy toying with these babies. I', also with other gadgets, like Fireworks, Illustrator, Gimp..... Wordpress, Magento..... It'?s what I like to do best and I like Wordpress the best. However, that didn't stop me from using Drupal, Magento, Joomla or anything else that contained some coding.

Easy - Graphic design - Web design - Adelaide - Melbourne

Using a staff of two tens and internal skills covering a wide variety of market discipline, we can be commissioned to carry out an individually tailored solution - such as a fire alarm, website design or promotional campaigns - or an integrative solution involving a number of market discipline at the same time.

Whatever the foundation on which we operate, we concentrate on establishing long-term relations and not on short-term assignments. No matter if it' s battle, sports or commerce (which is a little bit of both) - an efficient strategic approach is the winning one. We start every single implementation with a strategic approach. We can help you to define your market strategies, your e-commerce strategies, your overall market strategies, or the overall market strategies of your organization, which takes a holistic view of each of these strategies.

Today, an efficient marker can have the same effect on your targeted markets by putting a picture in your head that can last a life and distinguish you from the cattle. We have a wealth of expertise ranging from new development of trademarks to strategically refreshing and positioning long-established trademarks.

A good design is a good deal. We offer a wide variety of graphical design options. Since our foundation in 2005, our work has been awarded design prizes every year, which underlines the high standards of work always offered to customers. The work encompasses a wide spectrum of design fields, among them brands, stationary, publications, packagings, advertisements and web design.

It is said that you should not evaluate a product by its envelope, but every single passing passing year, billions of customers evaluate a product by its package. Grocery packages play an even more important part than the covers of a books, because with a books the customer can take a few pages. In the case of foodstuffs packages, only what they can see determines the assessment of the content in terms of perceived qualities.

We have a full range of skills in all aspects of the business, from strategic planning and web design to on-going online advertising. Whereas today technology is an important part of almost all of our merchandising activities, we are not new. Since our foundation over a century ago, our company has been a fixed part of our methods and workflows.

Based on the fundamentals of conventional advertisement, digital merchandising uses the powers of the web to reach your audience cost-effectively and measurably. While digital commerce is a wide concept, it usually means taking the lead on Google, posting in the Facebook Feeds of your prospective clients or webmanners in front of them as they surf every day - whether it' surfing their own website to read their favorite messages or watch your cats' video on YouTube.

We are familiar with both classic and popular media and can provide built-in campaigning that balances both. No matter whether you want to run a TV spot during the Bachelor's final or advertise your company local, we build appealing, unforgettable marketing initiatives that provide short-term results and long-term market value.

First we can help you formulate an ad policy and then we have the internal skills to make your ad come to life, regardless of how big or small it is. In fact, photographs and videos make an important contribution to a company's market. They are often the first thing a customer notices when looking at a website, promotional drive or package.

Our end-to-end photographic and videographic teams have found their way from caverns to overhead travelling gantries in quest of the ultimate photograph.

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