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Toothy SKT, a preferred choice in our list of free simple WordPress topics that offers you an excellent option for your new medical business (healthcare, dentist, surgery, etc.). Comes with a simple and versatile design that fits any theme you might have on your plate. Parallax head in full width. The free minimalist WordPress theme comes with a modern, integrated, fully responsive slider.

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Top 30 free minimalistic WordPress themes 2018

The WordPress topics have developed a lot in the last 5 years. WordPress began as a plattform exclusively for blogs, but today more and more topics function as a framework. As a result of this increase in theme category, the topics have become inflated and full of unusual instruments that are not always necessary or necessary.

However, it is great to have a theme that does everything without extra plug-ins! Nevertheless, minimalistic and minimalistic topics are still in great demand. What is more, they are still in great demand. e.g. This is mainly because WordPress has such a multifaceted team. Minimum styling is more of a predilection for personality/style, and minimum styling often allows more versatility and customisation with plug-ins.

Are you one of those authors who value neat and minimalistic designs? You've come to the right place to find a theme for your new WordPress website! Below are some minimalistic topics that can be downloaded for free and are very diverse in their styles and presentation. Our best effort is to create summaries of topics that address the respective alcove, which in this case is minimalistic, in its full splendour.

If you ever need help adapting a particular topic to your needs, we are always there for you. Simply scrolling down to the comments area at the end of this article and leaving a note. Layouts remain constantly refreshing, with a clear basis and minimalist style.

When you are in the free topic business, Activello is for you. Minim uses an extended slide show Widget that makes it a great theme for life style, travelling, clothing and photo blogging. In addition, the simple typeface with lots of blank areas makes Activello a great theme to tell your story with.

After all, the code base is structure with skeletal aspects of what makes your code base a great topic if you want something that is already SEO-optimized. Blaskan it is a special WordPress theme dedicated blogs and magazines. The theme uses a strategic placed menue and a nice top-bar. Blaskan is also completely free, can be downloaded and has a demonstration.

The Portum is a free WordPress website theme that is free and easy to shape. To be successful, the topic that is the weapons of every webmaster needs to be in his armory. Regardless of your alcove or your markets, Portum lets your company expand into new sectors. Discover new areas of activity with seamless multi-media delivery. It has never been so easy to provide evidence of the value of your service.

Portum also provides the foundation your company needs to grow into the web. The Pixova Lite is a WordPress theme developed to provide a new page layout expertise. The aim is to be simple, straightforward and fast and at the same time completely free. It' simple to navigate through the built-in option panels, with which you can adjust all subject areas.

HTML5 mark-up is also included to adjust panels and many Google fonts. Never mind the laziness issues with Pixova Lite. The Breviter is an attractive, handmade and free WordPress theme for bloggers and pros. Every different postal style has its own distinctive postal style. Never will your visitor miss an images mail, galleries, videos or links from you.

Breviter's smart designs give your contents a catchy coherence. Download Breviter today for free! The MedZone is a specialised WordPress topic for medicine. This is a topic intended to offer service both on-line and within the organisation itself. MedZone's one-sided look emphasizes information about all our service, even the doctors' specialties. Others great supplements are a blogs and comments thread.

The MedZone is based on pure coding and high quality coding to ensure smooth operation. Go get it now with continuous free upgrades and a very committed customer care group! Don't hesistate to get it, it's so great because it's just made for your company. Minimum Minimally Theme is reminiscent of Blogger like ZenHabits, who have adopted the simple nature of minimality and consider contents to be a top priorities.

Minimum way of working is that you get a slim listing of contributions on the homepage, with two navigational choices. And you can insert one or two links if you want. Voce theme is perfect for blogs who post stories with lots of text.

Looks like the writer of Voce himself is a programmer, and so has made the choice to develop a theme that will support his cause. In terms of legibility, Voce has a clear typeface, and instead of using WordPress annotations, the Facebook Observations Widget is used. This is what Voce has already described as a real minimalistic theme.

WP Mighty is a new actor in the WordPress theme and makes her first publishing début. A colourful and effective theme perfect for your corporate blog, your stationery or even your magazine! Already with a first publication the publisher ly topic exceeds some of the best-selling topics in this alcove clearly.

Nevertheless, you can run your customizer in WordPress and do at least some fundamental customizing before the next one. As soon as you have reached this point, you can use Lite Portfolios, a sleek theme from Organic Themes. Organic Themes is not so different from any other creative people, they had to begin from scratch.

Against this backdrop, the Portfolio Lite theme mirrors the distinctive designs a free-lance designer needs to showcase his work. This theme emphasises minimalistic designs with contours of professionalism. If your customers come to your website with an Apple device, the retina-ready look can really make your work smile!

We use original sized pictures for each part / page of your blogs. However, in fact, the pictures supplement the remainder of the overall theme, which is reduced to a minimal. Look at how the menus differ from the overall look, but blend easily with other items. It is a demonstration of engineering skills and is sure to be a subject that will make humans appreciate, loving and learning.

There is a big distinction in the presentation of the contents. In this sense, Spiffy is perfect for photobloggers and photoexperts in general. Although free WordPress topics are often limited in their variety, it is still possible to find many stunning gemstones. Blog Way is such a jewel, an impressing theme for Blogger and authors.

Well, the best way to describe Blogs Way is to compare it to a wireless frame. The first thing you'll be drawing for a blogs is the headline, side bar, and contents bar. Blogs Way is just that. The edges of the posts are really deep coloured, as is much of the side rail, and the edges between the panels are large enough to make everything team.

Premier editions of Blogs Way are available on ThemeForest and have many other functions. Complimentary version of Blogs Way are still full of functionality and can be infinitely customised through Live Customizer. Somebody could do it to make a living, while others can use a blogs as a means of reporting on journalists.

However, most often a blogs is used to convey passions. Authors' topics are some of the most popular on free and prime markets. Writers Theme is a contemporary and neat WordPress theme that presents your wrote story with class. Featuring a key legibility emphasis (thanks to excellent typeography and colors), this SEO-optimized design offers incredible performance with high readability.

Newspapers, writers and blogs are the most frequent types of person to use the subject of writers. Writers' minimum approach comes into its own when you look at how items are presented on the homepage. It is a one-sided power pack with many advanced functions and a styling that will make a permanent impact.

Of course, it added a bit more items than you would think, but it's not difficult to see that Asterion keeps things simple. Unfortunately, the trouble with all premier topics is that they saturate the necessary items of a website, making it difficult for blogs to determine which theme is best.

While Asterion clearly defines its mission, it is a minimum designed model for blogs, portals and start-ups. Asterion' s best styling characteristic is the launch headers themselves. Like always, if you are a creator performer or a contractor and want to grow your company through a website, then Asterion is a smart one.

Most Theme77 publishes premiums, but sometimes shares some of their work for free. Like Valazi - a lightweight WordPress theme for journals and newsletters. Minimalism comes into the picture when you consider how things are coordinated. If you have a minimum topic like Valazi, we suggest you add minimum plug-ins that need little or no JavaScript interactivity.

The largest load time consumers, even in today's designs, are exactly third parties' resource. The Primal is a multi-purpose theme with an appealing and stylish look. The best part is that Genex Themes has put a great deal of effort into the Primal theme to ensure that every single users is happy. The most important thing is that Primal is a topic that hears your contributions.

When you don't like something, just take it away. If you look at the demonstration, of course it doesn't look minimum, at least not at the beginning. This allows Primal to be set to show only a few items at a glance on a page. Primal's remarkable capabilities include WooCommerce for creating an on-line store, Yacht Charter Widget, a number of side bars and Google Maps for displaying locations.

Maybe you get sick of seeing all these unusual topics, and we completely comprehend that. A part of our purpose in any thematic summary is to make it varied and not old-fashioned. However, Burger Factory is a message that stronghold it old-school, and really film! The author has optimised this topic so simply that the only two things you will find on the homepage are a side bar and a postinglist.

Postal mailing list can only be displayed as a title, but if you wish, you can show a small portion of a certain length of words. Within the postings you have the classical WordPress mailstyle, with an additional Social Share Widgets and even an e-mail subscribe sheet. Perfect, and as fairly minimum as possible.

Branches is a minimalist and neat theme for blogs and journals. There is only the absolute minimal amount of choices necessary to run a successfull weblog. Apart from post-images, the display does not use any graphics within the display area. This topic has been tried and trusted when working with popular WordPress plug-ins and Widgets.

is a bootstrap theme that uses reverse typeography to create a reverse feeling in your blogs. Enthusiasts who appreciate the neat design and brickwork will find the teletype an ideal partner. You can also use topic choices to modify headers, set backgrounds, and modify the appearance of the sidebar. You can have a main submenu shown horizontally at the standard site, while a submenu is a great place to view your favorite content.

It' as simple as activating or deactivating a particular item. Teletype, in a nutshell, is an issue for professional users who want to enhance their service and work with a media that is digitally-enabled. Plenty of opportunities to view a product range, post blogs and even run an e-commerce-shop. The Oncanvas must be one of my favourites as a minimum topic.

Being a pro, I like it when you can put everything on the front screen with one theme. Instead, the pictures of the contributions are displayed in a smaller type area than the mean type area with a small supplement of contribution titles and categories. The first thing they see when a reader jumps into a blogs posting is a solid picture.

It' perfect for making a point about what your post's gonna be about. Most of the remaining mail designs are pretty much default, 2/3 wide contents area and 1/3 for the sideline. But when you think of Minimun, you know for sure that Minimun means as little as possible.

Tidy, simple and blog-oriented, this theme is ideal for story-tellers and authors who just like to work. Often it's the minimalist styling of the blogs that manages to keep a steady crowd. Some of the big newspapers are even adopting a more minimalist style just because it doesn't affect the reader experiences.

You can still do your own merchandising with techniques like add subscriptions at the end of the article. Whilst some choose to use affilate linking within the mail contents. Unnecessary to say, we are entering an age in which only a blogs can maintain a convenient lifestyle.

The Lightpress is a great topic for freelance authors who just want to get in touch with their audiences. Without a designer saying that a design is rigorously "minimal" and nothing else, one can safely say that a design has a specific use. For Counter, a theme of ThemePatio, this attractiveness is a model enterprise for companies such as a bakery, restaurant or café.

In contrast to other theme types that use a Page Builder for theme creation, the Counter uses WordPress Live Customizing. Particularly versatile, when the developer of a theme integrates interactivity within the Customizing. If ThemePatio has done this, you can add/remove/edit things as you wish. If we talk about aesthetics, we get a light feel with a clear texture.

One nice little supplement is the ad of certain pages. It' s interesting how such a small amount of optimization can have such a big influence on usability. The Bloger is a simple but minimum WordPress submission for pros, blogs and even journal articles. The Bloger can be used for collaborative ventures with its easy-to-use portable interface, integrated media and translation-friendly data-sources.

Inside the theme you'll find three stylistic laysouts, live customizer, box lay-out options and a one-of-a-kind feature post section on the front page. Face-to-face blogs and pros can enhance their blogging experience with Widget tools like Instagram and Pinterest Feeds. It is a means of advertising for many Blogger, in addition, a possibility to remain regularly in contact with your municipality.

The WPStash is an emerging venture that aims to provide and enumerate topics, plug-ins and the best WordPress offers. WordPress Stash has so far succeeded in publishing five singular topics! While other parts of its commercial space are still under construction. Gatsby is a WordPress blogs subject with nothing but ad serving contents.

It is therefore a minimalistic theme that concentrates exclusively on the legibility and presentation of contents. The contents of the title page are displayed in a raster format that can be modified upwards in the customizer (column numbers). Gatsby is a good topic for blogs, authors and small journals. Whereas other minimalistic designs prevent the use of a bottom line, the Gatsby theme uses the bottom line area as a way to encourage more information about the site.

Consequently, Generius is an issue for the needs of the portfolios. By default, it is quite simple, you get an area to display a horizontally oriented navigational menus, followed by the lattice diagram. You can, however, create an extra sales volume above the grids with an idea of yourself or your company.

Your portfolios themselves are categorized, and any new posts added to your blogs will appear using the picture displayed. The WP topic is a free WP topic for authors, as it concentrates mainly on typefaces. In addition, the theme contains a drop-down list, searchable visuals, Jetpack and BuddyPress and bbPress forum sponsors.

Overall, Typist is a neat design that charges quickly and is optimised for portable use. Isn' a topic like Typist really valuable? The Lyretail is an officially published topic on order of Automattic, the mother of WordPress. The Lyretail submission is also available for installing on the platforms, totally free of charge.

With a single entry, this theme incorporates a strong look designed for write-heavy blogging. Lyretail theme supporting more than 20+ symbolic backgrounds, among them lesser-known places like Polldaddy, Pocket and Digg. Now, you have it (as long as you have a look at the demo!), because Lyretail uses its own user-defined navigational link dash.

Like Lyretail, it is available for free downloading as an independent WordPress theme or for use on! It is a beautiful place for authors and fictionalists. He cultivates a simple but strong look and looks like a real novel. Default messages are displayed on a magazinestyle screen with three large screen bars, two middle screen bars and one smartphone and other device bar.

In addition, Cols provides support for a variety of dynamically changing mail sources - pictures, video, quotes, hyperlinks, chat, and sub-stories. There should be no safety issues, because the WordPress owner is behind the game. Things like DW Mono make many things, one of which is a one-of-a-kind creative styling.

You often have to grapple with topics that have a distended nucleus of thin elements. Consequently, developpers are forgetting the best practice of using WordPress. A side-effect of this is coming from DesignWall, which publishes a new WordPress theme format. However, true enchantment happens when you open a blogsite.

Then the other side turns into a blogs posting headline with its own custom picture. Give the reader the opportunity to concentrate on what you have said. definitely deserving of exploration, could possibly be the minimum styling you are trying to find. The Modern Decode is a derivative of the well-known Decode theme.

Raiber, a WordPress designer, is trying to turn the Decode theme into a kind answer for those who enjoy emphasizing their work. The Decode theme has been used by thousands of businesses, brand names and individual users to build rich web sites. Modern Decode, on the other side, is aimed at individual persons and experts with simple needs for typing.

Of course it keeps the style of Decode, but does most of the work without taking up the additional space. State-of-the-art Decode theme preserves mobility reactivity, with a semiantic design for best possible presence in searching machines. If you' re just focusing on your typing, it will help give a clear picture to your web site's users of how your contents are organized. writerBlog from CodeInWP is a vibrant writer's blogs for authors with a fistful of highly engaging plugins/widets.

Consequently, you can take full responsibility for the designs that your website uses. Don't forgetting that the overall theme retains its kernel that is simple and beautiful. WooCommerce also lets you create an additional shop by adding a separate shop theme.

There is a "box" pattern in the poles, in which the vessels are divided by edges but still run with large amounts of liquid. If you choose Integrated, a simple one-sided theme with an appealing look, you have two choices. Get the free version or buy the free version directly! Also, the full topic demonstration should be more than enough for you to find out how much you like this topic.

Integral's customers include experts, small businesses and agency customers. The Topic Option Control panel is also different for both releases. The Integral Free bundle lets you tailor your website through the Customizer, while Pro offers a rich theme option Dashboard. One way or another, Integral is an appealing design with the most sophisticated functions for WordPress theming.

The Munsa Lite is a small artistic work, a theme developed to perfect art for artist, writer and photoblogger. Utmost reactive styling makes sure that those reading your article from cell phones get a fully satisfactory viewing experience. What's more, it's a very reactive style. Rest of the Munsa artwork is placed on a blank wallpaper, with several tagged postbuttons and blogs postlists.

The Reyl Lite is almost a CSS-based theme with nothing but text to use. Certainly, it maintains the fundamental taxi meter view such as commentaries, tag and category. However, overall the Reyl theme offers nothing more than a home away from home for a novelist. Blogs use a large-format fonts for posting title, followed by a colored taxi ad and eventually a tagged postal picture.

Entries are displayed as full width pages without sidebars. But since you work as a minimumist, you probably don't need the side bar anyway. Try it out with your hands on slicejack open sourced WP theme with minimal istouch. It' s been a great job for the writer to create the theme for your website, and it's just as simple to set up as it is to use in your everyday blogs.

When your audiences know you as someone who likes simple things, they will see why you have chosen Briar and not another theme. The blog is designed to incorporate some advanced features, such as a tacky bottom sideline. Inside this gooey side bar, the theme shows automatic taxonomy information such as author's image, category, tags as well as a return to home page icon.

Have you found a minimalistic theme for yourself? And, of course, more than 30 topics are already a large number. Of course, the WordPress Topic List contains a few more, but our preferred option is to list only the best of the best. Not all topics that you can access on are regularly refreshed.

The last installment of Make Theme was at the end of last year, but it didn't stop over 2,000 blogs from continuing to use Make Theme for a portrait or another photoblogging site.

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