Simplemag Wordpress Theme

The Simplemag Wordpress Theme

View a full report on the SimpleMag theme for blog, news and magazine websites. Easy Magazine - Blog Wordpress theme for online magazine Easy Mag - WordPress Magazines Theme. The name of this fast-reacting, retina-ready, minimalist blogs and magazines theme for WordPress (developed by ThemesIndep) is ubiquitous. His clear styling and blogs look great for any kind of material. Easy Mag theme is full of useful functions and possibilities.

It features an easy-to-use handy draft and pop page componist, a customizable drop-down megamenu, off-canvas navigator and side bar for portable equipment, a full-width picture merry-go-round that provides support for varying slides width for the Galerie mailbox, a custom WordPress Galerie lay-out, multiple categories and a customizable leader.

Simple Mag WordPress blogs look great on any device, from large-format desktops and tables to small smart phone displays. Further suggested topics and template can be found here.

SingleMag Blog, News and Magazines WordPress Theme by Topics Independence

Thémes Indep Autor created the SimpleMag theme in June 2013, specifically for the newspaper and newsletter sites. This theme has a nice, minimalistic look with appealing layout. With SimpleMag you get a customized page creator, widgets and extra utilities to create a great website for your magazines, blogs or eShops. It' s a contemporary look that is also browser friendly and works with most of the WordPress plug-ins.

Attractive designs combine well with simplicity and aesthetics of architectural work. SimpleMag is an interesting and stylized pattern. EasyMag offers two possibilities to choose the layouts of your website, in full width or in boxes. No need to be concerned about the website's behaviour on small monitors, as the creator of ThemesIndep has added a retine-ready SimpleMag icon to the SimpleMag layouts.

To see how your website will look and act, you can also bring in the demonstration contents from the theme file bundle. EasyMag offers three different ways to view pages - with a standard page composer style sheet that can be customized with the Page Composer and as a site map. This theme offers you two user-defined menus: the top level top level as well as the top level one.

SimpleMag offers you a versatile slide control to increase the value of your page. First you can select whether you want to display two user-defined articles or full width articles, then insert one of the three style options and make a nice slide bar. A picture, a track, a button text and a hyperlink can also be part of your slide bar.

If you want to show a movie, you can also use a YouTube or Vimeo movie that includes a customized wideget. The theme has a rating system and functions such as voice and videos that add dynamic to your website. SimpleMag's templates contain three headers and an intelligent bottom line that can adapt to the number of side bars and Widgets used.

In addition, both the head and foot areas can be adjusted based on colours, type, frames or left-hand sides. SimplyMag is a socially responsible topic and therefore includes socially shared posting tools to help your users use your site's contents. The SimpleMag comes with a theme options pane that stores all your preferences in one place.

There you can adjust the general theme, the headers, the posts, the displays and the imports of your data. SimplyMag offers you a user-defined page creator named Page Composer. With this page creator you can create new parts to your pages, such as text, posting sliders, mail merry-go-round, user-defined sliders, latest postings, latest ratings, images, codebox and more.

Create a maillider and change its font and styling. In this sense you can also use SimpleMag to create a postal merry-go-round on a page and specify the maximal number of contributions for this section. In order to be able to work with the Page Builder, you must first configure the templatestyle as ' Page Composer'.

You can then draw the required section (Posts Slider, Carousel, Feed, Image Ad, Code Box, and others). Help your users get to the most important items by showing them customized broadgets in the side bar. SimpleMag also includes over ten pre-built Widget features such as About the Site, Featured Posts, Image Banners, Video, Latest Reviews and more.

The SimpleMag has a display system to help you monetise your website. Therefore, you can include ads such as ad pictures, ad hyperlinks, or ad code in the headers, above/below the contents, and in the bottom area. This design comes with four free plug-in options suggested by the ThemesIndep developers. A plugin is Shortcodes Indep, a short code creator that lets you include various button or setting types in a contribution or page, such as drops, column, picture frame, tab, titles, website authors profiles and other items.

It is also compliant with WordPress plug-ins like Yoast's WordPress, WooCommerce and WPML. We' ve been testing the SimpleMag standard demonstration on various page speeds, and the contents are loaded at a mean page throughput. Although SimpleMag is a great model, it contains very few choices for the communications world.

If, for example, the videos are available, the videos play lists are not there. Consequently, the binding rates of the website may be affected by the shortage of power provided by the visuals. It is included in the files pack, but is not as detailled as anticipated, with very few printing displays and no tutorial videos.

In addition, the knowledgebase and videos of the topic are obsolete.

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