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Suitably titled SimpleSite is an old-school free drag-and-drop web site creator that, while simple and outdated, offers a sound free layout and liberal free e-commerce." SimpleSite was established in 2003 by the Morten and Jacob Elk brethren in Helvetica's taste paradise Copenhagen, Denmark, and was initially known as "123hjemmeside" (123homepage). In the following year, the business was started in the USA as

Over the years, SimpleSite has been developed in 25 different languages for 25 different locations around the globe. The SimpleSite announces the following on the About Us page: The use of our products should look like a game - it should be simple, thrilling and expandable. When I first saw SimpleSite after visiting its homepage, I realized that despite the fact that a happy Pixar-like honey was present, the scent of obsoleteness penetrated the entire company.

SimpleSite stores its price information on its FAQ page for whatever reasons. Might this be because SimpleSite wants to highlight its free services and persuade you later to eliminate the page/design restrictions? Unfortunately, a celebrity price site would expose the fact that SimpleSite's payed plan is more expensive than that of many competing sites.

This is not good if your trademark image is built on the fact that you are "simpler" than the competitors. So far only with month and 3-month schedules, SimpleSite has recently taken a small, timid leap towards the modern age by providing yearly schedules. Therefore the pricing and plan information for SimpleSite are as follows:

Please also keep in mind that although this is not mentioned on the FAQ page where prices and functions are mentioned, a per subscriber is needed to submit a file to your website. This is a fairly fundamental one, so the unexpected removal from the free pack felt like a hint of the old lure and flick.

EasySite provides Visa and Mastercard as the only method of payments. The SimpleSite is fully web-based. When you sign up for a SimpleSite user interface, you will be asked whether your site is for your own use, the use of blogs, commercial use, or "others. Once you have created your website, a new page opens with some "templates" to select from: but these are not "templates" as they have been used by most other website builder, but only contents blocs, which are then pasted into the same default page style.

SimplySite keeps the promises contained in its name! SimpleSite's editors also keep their promises of ease. Simply click on the "Edit this page" icon at the top right of the page and a listing of contents will appear: Text, photo, video, slideshow, columns, messages, signatures and adding documents (a premier feature).

Those contents block work exactly as you would want a website creator to. Although the SimpleSite website development may indeed be easy, it is difficult to say that it "feels like a game," as the authors have proposed. Concerning these layout options....obviously, with such restricted edit possibilities, every SimpleSite headers will look the same as there are plenty of template choices available.

SimpleSite does not allow you to add HTML or CSS to your website. A special thing that is not found under the "Edit Design" button but under the "Manage Pages" button is the possibility to listen to an audiotrack when someone opens your website! However, the taste developed from the times when Tom was everyone's boyfriend, and this characteristic is now just an entertaining setback.

EasySite is a free, high-quality website builder according to the 2003 standard of Mr. and Mrs. Denmark. As a new enhancement that can make your SimpleSite website more up-to-date and attractive, there is the possibility to include a wallpaper. This was one part of the theme I didn't mentioned in the game: the theme of the game: the game: the design editors:

EasySite has an optional feature that allows you to randomly select the colours, text and wallpapers of your website. SimplySite provides a small range of functions, one of which is perhaps the most important sales argument: eCommerce: SimpleSite's thing that I really appreciate and that makes me feeling terrible because I have to critique them on other points is the fact that they allow free subscription customers to have up to five articles sold in their shop.

Only very few competitive website builder give free subscription users such a free subscription facility - the only other site I have found so far with a free eCommerce application was Jigsy. eCommerce is almost always a premier facility, so SimpleSite should be praised for its contribution to reducing the eCommerce entrance barriers.

SimpleSite's eCommerce solution offers a number of choices (see picture below), three different base layout choices and PayPal integrations. The SimpleSite makes the compilation of correspondingly easy scripts. Whilst the debugging tools do not contravene the simplification guidelines, they are still operational and should satisfy the fundamental needs of those wishing to do so.

The SimpleSite feedback request page is a disappointment. A SimpleSite function that most of our competition does not offer is a family tree card for your pets. I' d be careless if I didn't go into another SimpleSite novelty. Like I said about the SimpleSite template, they... don't really do. In addition, as you will see below, the free SimpleSite adds an ad and a block of "Share this page" link in a row on the right side of your page.

You can remove the share link using a radio button under "Manage Pages" while the display is still. The most free website builder simply places an ad in your bottom line (which SimpleSite does). Portable editor: Not surprisingly, SimpleSite has neither an application for processing on the go nor features to customize the look and feel of your website.

SimpleSite is actually the first website creator I've checked that has no SS button or timeline or no SS at all. SimpleSite PayPal is the only on-line method of paying that you can offer your clients with SimpleSite eCommerce. Concerning off-line payments, with SimpleSite you can create a shop where orders are processed by e-mail so that your clients can make payments using pre-modern methods.

SimpleSite offers restricted services to its clients. The SimpleSite was used for the following tasks: Although SimpleSite users do not experience bill claims everywhere, some of them have said that they have received non-authorized charge of their payment cards from SimpleSite. The examiners gave SimpleSite their applause on the following points: this is really the only commendation I received when I read SimpleSite review.

TrustPilot users rated SimpleSite on 7. 3 out of 10 on Average. SimpleSite, even with the blatant restrictions of SimpleSite, generally does what its clients want it to do, even though there has been increasing critical attention recently. The selection on SimpleSite does not really look sporty. to be Weebly or Wix.

It' just an outdated website creator that allows folks all over the globe to build a fun website and even get a few articles for free. It would not be right, however, if I did not point to the obvious: SimpleSite is a clear anchronism. Every website built through SimpleSite will look so outdated that folks think it's conscious; an ironic one.

SimplySite is what it is: a means to get your contents up and running as quickly as possible, without considering aesthetics or societal issues. SimpleSite is waiting for you when the pet keeping is your pocket!

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