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Flexkit lets you quickly convert any of your simple HTML forms into a working payment, sign up and sign up. Safety systems - Security camera - Set up your system. Obtain offers and safety instructions. Submit these. Easily build & launch mobile apps quickly Quickly design, build, and deploy mobile applications - tailored to your business, not the other way around.

( SBI! ) offers everything you need to build a profitable online business.

flexible kit

The full versatility of an application programming interface without having to rewrite the source codes. High-performance HTML payment, username and password authentification and client administration interface - everything you need. It' s like using Stripe, but without having to type it. Script and check all HTML and HTML codes. It is not an embedable mould.

It is your own unique identifier on your own website. FlexiKit takes over the entire checkout and validating logics. Simply look into our scripts day and Flexkit will find and edit all your paytables for you. Create your own basket of goods very simply. Integrated login and credential system. You do not need to type a password to manage your logins.

Simply create an HTML template and Flexkit will do the rest! They take care of the user interface, Flexkit takes care of everything else. Flexkit lets you quickly convert any of your simple HTML templates into a working payout, log in and log in. Just create your own custom blanks, then insert a few Flexkit HTML delimiters and the Flexkit part of the HTML to your page.

And all your shapes will function in a magical way! Create and load everything with effortlessness. Would you like to include a basic paymentform on your website? Would you like a comprehensive order formula with several different items and subscription? The Flexkit makes it easier. Simply create the HTML template and Flexkit will take it all!

Simply include any number of pay schedules in each charging cycle that your clients can select when signing up. There' s no need to encode anything. Flexible kit copes with the entire range of complexities. Adobe® Flexkit® software transforms your HTML-only login into a form into a true username and password authentification system. The entire process of determining whether a client has typed in their login information is done by using flexibility.

If a registration or login attempts are unsuccessful, we will share your information with you and you will be given automatic right of acces to your proprietary information. No coding is required to achieve this, our server-side Flexkit takes care of it all for you. Once you have created your own pay order on your website, simply copy and past the following line of your own pay order line and you' re done!

When you use Flexkit for authentification (user login and logon), you need to get our Flexkit backend clients. Authenticate, authorize, and maintain your information securely and securely. There is no need to use this customer if you only use Flexkit to process payment and/or subscription.

This is made possible by flexible kit. Just copy a piece of your registration key and your registration, registration and pay station are fully prepared for you. Concentrate on developing functions that are useful to your clients, not on creating and administering an invoice/payment system. Include as many blanks as you like in your registration and payments to get more information from your clients.

Each transaction and form of prepayment is safe and secured.

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