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Every template contains a review, a long screenshot, a live demo and links to buy. Best-of-breed modern Design One Page websites developed with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap with full responsiveness. A stunning collection of one-page website templates available for free download.

Best 40 HTML5 Single Page Website Templates 2018

In contrast to common opinion, high-quality web designs are not a competition for the most striking web pages.... Whilst some website owner are insisting on having intricate websites, it is best to consider a one-page one. A light and simplified lay-out dramatically improves loadspeed. For the most part, one-sided portfolio or commercial pages overwhelm their intricate multi-page equivalents.

However, let's look at some of the best HTML5/CSS3 one-page web page templates: The 2M+ article from the world's biggest HTML5 template, theme and design asset trading place. It' a multi-lingual, fully featured and highly reactive software that can be adapted to all web browser types. The Jevelin uses both widescreen and boxesed layouts and provides a variety of pre-configured options.

By the way, you get a dozen animated videos and even para-lax! Keep up to date with customer needs by using contact form 7. If you are probably looking for the best template for your website and TheOne is definitely right for you. The HTML5 one-page website template will rock a parallel effect and a fully functional lay-out.

You will find more than 25 demonstration layout of the homepage, as well as fourteen inner parts and four different headerstiles with animation in the package. In fact, a working feedback request is also part of this jewel. 12 text lifestyles, owler roundabout, skill bars, Google Maps and hiking are some of the other great things TheOne has to offer.

It' a HTML5 one-page website template with twelve awesome index page layouts and even has three inside pages for all occasions. Amigo's web site and web site layouts are reactive, portable, clean and challenging with minimum impact. At any time, you can view the real-time previews of each demonstration before choosing Amigo as your full criminal mate.

Arco is the HTML5 one-page website template that will best suit you. It' s built on the latest Bootstrap Framework release and uses all the latest technology like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for your comfort. It is a basic and minimalist template, very user-friendly, ideal for novices and web designers.

Additional key elements and features of Arco include an interactive online dating service, Google fonts, Font Awesome symbols, and a category-policy. XeOne is here for all the creatives out there, whether alone or in an agent, to meet all your web designing needs. Backed by videos and parallaxes, an AJAX Contacts page, optimised for searching machines and first-class service, XeOne is definitely a rock star piece of a sound one-page lay-out that you should study very carefully.

It' a state-of-the-art HTML5 one-page website template, perfect for agents, fitness studios, start-ups and more. FYI, Reone has over fifty HTML file templates contained in the kits that have been extended with HTML and jQuery animation. Reone's promise of aesthetical flexibility is a result of its highly reactive and retinal layouts that allow you to browse on any web page or appliance.

An increasing number of businesses are switching to one-page sites because they are much more comfortable and user-friendly. A HTML5 one-page website template is a good choice for the page of your new on-line projects or even a remodel of your current one. One way or another, here's a side screen that has all the features you need to use it to your benefit and more.

It has a classy and tidy look, a quick reacting and retinal capable lay-out that is fully compliant with all current and up-to-date web browser. Further characteristics of this outstanding utility are the parallel effect, the utilization of the scrolling contents and the price charts. Featuring slim animation, dependable functionality and a contemporary and uniquely look, Stray is the HTML5 One-Page Website Template that takes your web experience to the next step.

There are eleven pre-defined homepage style and eight pre-set colour skin options to use. The Stray comes with a grand total of forty ready-to-use HTMLs, blogs and three headers. Many other important functions are part of Stray, like MailChimp, user-defined motion, live contacts, soft parallel effect and comment codes.

UnfinityPlus is a good option for you to build a website that contains only one page with all your contents and detail. It' a tidy, advanced, highly optimised and administrable HTML5 one-page website template with a range of functions and properties. If you are a novice, you will still have great fun settling in with a new site to take your skills and abilities to the next level.

This HTML5 one-page website template is ideal for creating custom portals for freelance artists, graphic artists and photo professionals. Imozar is also great for all web browser and device thanks to its versatile and reactive layouts. Get the most out of the web with the stunning HTML5 one-page website template Bemax. The parallax effect, motion skill bars, nice messaging section, testimonial sliders, and price and platinum charts, you get everything and much more when you get Bemax and unzip it.

The Finza is a HTML5 one-page website template that is perfect for almost any kind of company or start-up. Finza has also added a blogsite, a store and a FAQ page to the kits. The Finza is multicolored, has Revolution Slider, high performance coding and a lay-out that is both fast reacting and retinal-style.

Everything you need to do with this inventive and imaginative template will meet the highest demands. Would you like a web site that impresses your customers in eternity and beyond? Your response is the one-page website template for HTML5.

Using the stunning para-lax effect, it is fast and reactive, built on the bootstrap framework. Now you can take full benefit of all the stunning functions, use them to your benefit and highlight a single miles. Therefore, the membership name, HTML5 is a one-page website template for freelance and agency members who want something more.

What makes membership surprising is the fact that it keeps things easy and uncomplicated, with a single, challenging and premium demonstration. Our professional designs and layouts will help you impact your prospective customers with your exceptional products and service. Macro provides free Macro user manual support and you can speak to the Macro staff of expert support staff if you need them.

The Macro has pallax scroll, smooth search, stuffy browsing and many other practical features. The ZOONX is a multi-concept website template with a one-page outline. Because every demonstration has its own page of previews, make sure you first take a look at each one to see if ZOONX is an out-of-the-box system or if you need to change it easily.

The HTML5 one-page website template includes a variety of pre-built demonstrations that give you the agility to easily build a website. Anything you find in Synx is reactive and portable, as well as compatible with web browse. The Arone is an HTML5 one-page website template with parallel effects and fast responsiveness to fit every market segment and every product family.

The Arone has a handy and functional Contacts page, Slider Revolution and RTL language assistance to meet the needs of a truly international clientele. The Arone technical staff will also be happy to help you if you need help setting up your website. The name Salmond is an interesting name for an HTML5 one-page website template, just like its design is interesting and thrilling.

Remember that new looks may fall with upcoming template upgrades that are free and periodic. Portfolioraster, neuliedfriendly encoding, three advanced colour skin, audiovisual capability, as well as a working and easy to customise enquiry interface, bring Salmond now and look no further. Spear HTML5 one-page website template is the trusted helper of every Suinessman.

Of course, with its design and feature set. Spéar is built on Bootstrap Framework, rocking a Swiper Touch Slider, Revolution Slider, Magnific Pop-up and Parametric Wallpapers. There are seven enticing homepages designed to give you the liberty you need when it comes to sorting a website quickly. Elementsty is a multi-faceted and unprecedented HTML5 single page website template from parallax that surpasses all expectation.

It' s great functionality can be used to improve the sites of online agency and creativity people. The template was created with Bootstrap 3 and encoded in CSS3 and HTML5. It has a very high performance layout, but stays easy to use and use. There is also good documentation and information about all functions.

Elementsty has several one-sided demonstrations and a fully appealing look. The Navbar is available in black and white versions, in additional to 9 stunning pre-design colourways. Designed for cross-browser compatibility and compatibility with all major platforms. More information about this template and its advanced functions can be found in the Life Preview.

Visually pleasing trade includes the parallax scroll effect on all pages and background videos. There' s no need to say it's totally reactive. It is the sacred grain of simpleness and effectiveness. The Appro has a versatile styling that is fully compliant with a variety of equipment. Quit searching and give your site that extra, little bit of extra something.

Fofo is a high-quality one-page HTML5 and CSS3 template for repeated use. His strengths are art istical or imaginative aspect, especially for the parallax effect. Don't be concerned about monitors or compatibility; this is a 100% reactive utility! Visit a customer opinion page and have your clients evaluate you using Pofo's feedback form!

The reason for this is not only its light weight construction, but also its optimisation of performance in terms of overallEO. This includes header and footer, FAQ areas, portfolio single and much more. Lydia is the place to be if you are looking for an HTML5 one-page template that will enhance your website. Whatever your profession, this template has already masked you.

This template is also compatible with all browsers. There are 11 beautiful colour patterns and it can support Parallax video and pictures. Definity was developed using the Bootstrap 3 frameworks and is certainly an amazing one-page HTML5 website. There is a clear and appealing look with every item and promises to improve the overall look and feel of your website.

Furthermore, this template offers cross-browser interoperability. Wonderful Parallax movie effect has been added to enhance the look and feel of your website. And there are many more portfolio layouts to help you present your contents in style. You have two major colour scheme for your page, black and bright. Definity has a collection of 20 different demo versions and more than 70 HTML template versions.

There are full width and full screen wallpapers available, in addtion to some motion headlines and a seamless scroll function. And for those who want to try Definition without committing to a sale, a built-in real-time previewer has been added. Canna is a beautiful HTML5 one-page template for a page of web pages.

Sleek and optimised in shape, it maximises charging speed and improves the surfing sensation for the user. When purchased, the user will receive a set of free $53 worth of complimentary plug-ins including Slider Revolution, Cube Portfolios, Master Slider and Qform contact forms. With the Bootstrap Responsive Framework, and a retinal -capable display that' s compliant with high-resolution retinal display, you' re sure to find the right solution.

Follower can also share your contents from their tables and phones. Add to that some unbelievable CSS3 animation with built-in real estate portfolio management. When it comes to customisation, you can use Google fonts, fantastic font icons, Pixeden icons and PSDs. And for those who want to try this template without committing to a sale, an educational real-time previewer has been provided.

Mountains is an excellently crafted, one-page HTML template. There are many handy functions that allow you to create an amazing website. HTML was created with the Bootstrap-Framework. Moutain has annotated headlines and a soft scroll function. There' a service page, a log-in page, a landing page and a stylized 404 page.

Also, this model has an attractive price tag in it. The creation of a separate commercial or private page can be a problem for new user. Fortunately, this template includes a detailled document resource that describes everything in detail. The Slider Revolution plug-in even lets you create stunning transparencies. More information about Mountain can be found in the Mountain View previews.

INTASTA is a powerfull and customizable HTML template that can be used to improve your commercial or private website. Its advanced technologies include CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap. In the past, only desktops and laptop PCs could connect to the web.

Fortunately, Insta provides a fully reactive design that is able to resize and adapt to any display. Template coding is well scripted and rationalized, which maximizes website load speed and throughput. Innsta has a fully featured Contacts page, in additon to many Font Awesome icons. To try this template without committing to a sale, make sure you have full control over the ability to view your previews first.

Conrad is the best HTML template on the web for many happy clients. Offering a strong, appealing and varied look that never ceases to amaze. There are more than 25 different layouts, each with its own specific contents area. Conrad's Timber Framework contains more than 20 handy features that make it easy to build layouts.

It is a fully reactive design that can be used on any size screen. Check out the Conrad Mini Quick Look if you want to try Conrad before making a decision to buy. Hygge is the right place for you if you are looking for an outstanding page template. Either a single or multi-page choice can be selected as required.

Consumers can use this template for their commercial, blogs or portfolios website. You can also create your own colouring. Today's highly-competitive market means that only those businesses that build stronger relationships with their consumers can stay important. Disqus' deployment has enabled Disqus to provide our customer with an outstanding comments system with many useful functions.

The Hygge provides more than 40 SEO-enabled HTMLs. Template layouts are fully reactive, eliminating the need for incompatibility and size problems. See the Life Preview for more information. This template can help you if you are a freelance journalist, writer, photographer, artist or writer.

It is an outstanding tool because it offers a wide range of useful functions. Strong and flexible, the designs retain a minimalistic and appealing look. Only a few models are as available as Vular. When it comes to equipment preferences, Volar's layouts do not differentiate. Altogether there are 18 different homepage variants and 15 different prefabricated colour samples.

Aja Secure Contacts is available in combination with 6 different portfolios and free webpages. To try this one, make sure you have full control over the ability to view your image first. Featuring more than 57 home page layouts and over 190 HTML page choices, H-Code is an outstanding template for your website.

There is a wide list of useful functions and it can be adapted to any shop area. They can use H code for your e-commerce, photography, spa, portfolio or bridal website. Essentially, this is an HTML template. Besides a fully functional lay-out, cross-browser interoperability is also possible. Your high-value contents can be accessed by any user from any mobile phone, regardless of monitor sizing.

HTML code has a large number of ready-made layout, page and folder options. Inadequate choices will never be an issue, as you have the option to create a page that meets your expectations. The template is eCommerce-enabled as it allows you to create a truly original shopplace. Oshine is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best HTML template on the shelves.

They also save the need to make a fresh grounding in the adaptation proces. Mention should be made that each demonstration has its own inner side. Altogether there are more than 150 HTML page variants. The template has many stunning CSS3 and animation features added, in addtion to a very handy Google Maps function.

Oshine also has a working form, an optimised source and an excellent system of assistance. Irrespective of your problem, you are welcome to turn to one of the courteous technical staff. Template layouts are fully reactive and interoperable with any web browsers on the web. Flashing is a contemporary and stunning one-page HTML5 template that meets the needs of its users.

Blink's designers gave Blink a daring and pleasing look as they carefully manufactured every detail. You can also use this template for any kind of work. Also your website will react fully. Exactly like tapewater, which assumes the shape of its container, your lay-out seamlessly adapts to the display sizes of its successor.

Furthermore, the building contractors can also do their work on the road, so that they do not have to be permanently bound to a desktop seat. If you want to know more about Blink, a real-time previewer has been added. CREISSE is a fully reactive single-page HTML5 template for single-page or multi-page Web sites.

Developers used the advanced bootstrap framework to support this template. This template is an excellent option for both commercial and leisure use. You have no limits to what you can create and do. It is also fully reactive and can work on high-resolution retina screens. Full-screen superfoils are available in conjunction with a working Ajax Contactsheet.

You can also use this feature because Crexis has some amazing e-commerce store layouts. See the Life preview for more information. Featuring 15 unique home layouts and a rich list of unbelievable functions, Kwoon is one of the best HTML template on the shelves. Kwoon can have either a multi-page or a one-page design, according to customers' wishes.

You can also toy with any of the features because the personalisation proces is very easy to access. There is a bottom line with a widget available in conjunction with some retina-capable symbols and images. Designers have also made the design fast, and you can present it on tables, smart phones, laptops, and desktops. The user will also be able to appreciate animation scroll, parallax and Google Maps. Lanka is a one-page HTML 5 template.

The Blanka contains HTML documents such as single, feature and asset items. There is also an HTML index with nine prefabricated segments (home, service, prices, etc.). There are many options for your website designs. The Blanka is absolutely reactive and simple to build, without a single line of coding. Among the best functions are Google Webfonts or FontAwesome Set!

Bid a constant liaison with your clients via the liaison form 7. is the first and last one-page HTML5 website template you'll ever need to buy. It is a very flexible tool, a result of the many useful functions it offers. Access to the user's website is possible from all machines thanks to the fully reactive design.

The latest Bootstrap release is available and it has a dynamically updated contact page. Fortunately, this template includes many nice Google fonts that allow you to create a truly memorable event for your fans or prospective employees. We should also mention that 31 Html template have been added.

To try Pillar without committing to a sale, you can always view the Pillar Mini Quickview. With over 150 block Variant Page Builder, it's simple to set up and customise this template for your make. Englage is a slim and well optimised multi-page HTML5 website template for one page.

There will be no size changes to the Engage layouts as they are fully reactive. Trailers can share your contents via their spreadsheets and phones. Furthermore, this template is interoperable across browsers. Designs are minimalistic and clear, avoiding undue complexities. And you can even customise the look and feel of your website with free Custom Web Fonts.

You' ll also get font awesome icons and a number of Google fonts. There will be several upgrades that promise to extend and enhance the template's abilities. To find out more about Engage and its amazing functionality, visit the Engage Mini-View. The above mentioned template are all encoded with HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but none of them is equipped with CMS and you should do your own integrations if simple contents administration is what you are looking for.

Therefore we would like to refer you to a page theme developed for WordPress. Most of the above mentioned template have their WordPress versions because CMS owners like this CMS because of its ease and continual further develop.

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