Single page website Template Wordpress

One page website template Wordpress

The One Page WordPress Themes are designed to harness the power of WordPress to make your One Page website easy online and editable. Best 30+ free one-page WordPress themes in 2018 Individual page topics are intended for smaller websites that don't really need to deliver a very large amount of information or simply don't burden the users with unnecessary contents. Unilateral topics are manageable, straightforward, easy to organise, portable and can sometimes be better for AEO.

So if you are looking for some free one-page WordPress topics, I have created a 30+ most interesting ones for you. Easy or complex, contemporary or backward, minimal or sophisticated, these topics are in their own way one-of-a-kind and you should take a look and test them. Designed as a multifunctional WordPress topic that can be adapted to any company image, Neve will consolidate your web experience thanks to its feature-rich, contemporary look.

It' s the parallel effect - which makes browsing more pleasant - the memorable animation and clear background make it the perfect choice for displaying your website. Characteristics: Elementor and Gutenberg compatible, reactive style, one-sided layouts, light weight and easy going towards using advanced technology, price charts, parallel and load effect, overlays, overlay contents block.

This is a neat and imaginative WordPress topic for your company, designed on a single page. There is a gentle scroll, pallax section and a great Pinterest-like store. The Hestia is always an elegantly designed option, whether you want it for art or work. Characteristics: UI Materials Kits, Fast Response Designs, WooCommerce and Page Builder compatibility, Sendinblue integrations (for Newsletters forms), Widget footers, Live Customizer, Live Customizer.

A one-page WordPress interactivity with a full-width picture and a plain blank menubar. All in all, the overall look is stylish and classical. Characteristics: neat and verified coding, subject option control panels, localisation (full translation), appealing look and feel, ease of networking. This is a minimalistic and clear office and company site look, with a sleek and straightforward one-sided look, a wide slide control, a beautiful inventory and a Ribbonbar with motion statistics.

All in all, a cultivated look that distinguishes your company. Featuring: fast-response interface redesign, 6+ Widgetareas and 11+ user-defined widths, draft & dropping page builders, colour choices, boxesed and broad layouts, great products filter, Flash Toolkit plug-in, optimised for performance and easyEO. The Fagri is a sleek and easy one-page WordPress topic that can be used for any use.

Comes with a clear and attractive look that has been designed so that the contents come first. This noble look of the subject is enhanced by a fashionable parallel effect. Fagri also offers a shopping area, gentle scrollability and a contemporary look. Altogether a very adaptable WordPress-topic. Key features: reactive style, Elementor Page Builder compatible, WooCommerce enabled, multi-purpose style, full width headers with contactsheet, pallax scroll, colour choices.

The Llorix One is an elegantly designed and fun topic for small companies and start-ups. Designed professionally but fun and easy to use. Partal lax scroll makes it even softer and more stylish. Colourful lettering and icons make the topic look even more fresh. Functions: fast-reacting interface layout, pallax scroll, one-sided layout, soft link, adjustable tape, translatable.

This is a lovely, easy subject for small companies and agents, with a lovely and colourful look and an elegantly designed surface. Looks fashionable and offers a fast scroll of parallaxes. Key features: fast-reacting look, parallel effect, blogs look, minimal look, one-sided template, multi-purpose look, soft symbols. Clear full-screen motif for companies with a full-screen slide, gentle scroll and pretty animation.

It has a pro look, a wide base line and a sleek look. Functions: fast reacting layouts, translatable, parallax background, slide control or fixed head, soft link, Google type. Stylish and very tidy looking, free one-sided desig. They are neatly designed and all parts are well segregated, ensuring a clear and uniform look.

Topic is fully mobilized responding. Characteristics: 100 percent fast response, WordPress Customizer activated, infinite topic colours, widgettized homepage, advanced search, advanced search, advanced search, SEO prepared, parallel search on homepage, customized contents section on homepage. An attractive multi-purpose WordPress topic for commercial and professional use, with a clear and minimalist outline. Stylishly designed, it offers gentle scroll, full width slide, attractive product range and attractive layouts.

Functions: fast response time, infinite colours, full lay-out check, user-defined shortcuts, user-defined typeface, parallel axes scroll, WooCommerce-capability. This is a free multi-purpose topic with a great contemporary look and full frame out. Featuring a full width slide bar, clear look and gentle pallax scroll. All in all, the topic appears cheerful and professionally. Functions: fast-reacting look, soft symbols, user-defined menu, four user-defined widgets, Awesome sliders integrated, scanning parallaxes, colour choices.

With a full-width picture backdrop with parallel axis effect and interactively designed, Moesia is a great free one-page WordPress topic. It is intended for commercial web sites so that you can establish an efficient on-line operational readiness level. Customers also have an important place on the site, their endorsements have a prominent place on the site layout.

Functions: fast response, translatable, user-defined widgets, pallax background, user-defined headers, title page pads, soft. Breathtaking multi-purpose motif with a one-sided lay-out and stylish parallel scrolls. There is a contemporary and appealing user surface, an on-line store and a product range. All in all, a good looking topic that fits all your objectives.

Functions: fast response lay-out, para-lax effect, sliders, extended mail options, multi-playout, user-defined adjustments, call to action button. This is a great WordPress topic for small business, on-line agency and freelancer, with a one-page lay-out and a professionally designed look. Topic has gentle scroll, cheerful animation and para -lax band. The Latte also comes with a portofolio, a blogs, price charts, an excerpt meal, extra lax head and an overall elegance.

Functions: fast response, pallax scroll, simple customization, translatable, limitless color, portfolios and price charts. When you have a small company and need a free design for your website, this can be a good one! Featuring sleek palladium scrolls and some subtle bright oranges and whites, this one-page WordPress topic is a great way to advertise your company.

Characteristics: fully reactive (including text and video), retina-ready, build with bootstrap 3, translatable, pallax-enabled. A fantastic and engaging, free one-page topic for any type of store. The full frame design and the great effect and animation make it look amazing. The Gaga Lite has colourful scripts and paragraphs and has many advanced functions.

Functions: Parametric scroll, fast reactive layout, several colours and scripts, several layout, price table, multi color, multi font, multi page, multi page, multi page, SEO friendly, multiple widgets. It is a one-page web page for WordPress. Functions: user-defined topic option, auto update, translation-friendly, page style, user-defined background, fully widgettized, clear coding. Clear and minimalistic one-sided look for small shops.

Comes with a full-width parentallax head, a basic e-commerce area, fast scroll, colored symbols and button and customer ratings. Characteristics: The WooCommerce solution is available in endless colours, reactive designs, translatable, blog layouts, Google Maps integrated forms, free online search, free online search, free online search, free online search. This is a great topic for companies, with a contemporary and memorable look that suits every function - whether it' business or creativity.

It has a one-sided look, a cheerful full-screen look, gentle lax scroll, beautiful straps and an elegantly designed look. Characteristics: fast reacting designs, infinite colour variation, various banner/slide show choices, photograph compatible designs, pallax section, slide show compatible with AEO. Simplicity and colourful styling. Spaces dominate the remainder of the page. Functions: basic back-end settings, pallax wallpaper, more than 60 motion editors, over 60 Google animations, over 600 Google scripts, infinite colour scheme.

It is a complicated and interesting one-sided issue. All about this topic is interactively, playfully and has some rather austere colours like blues, greys, whites and browns. Functions: Setup with bootstrap, updates notification, reactive layouts, scrollbar, exchangeable colours. This is a nice one-sided topic for small companies, with a contemporary and colourful look and a full-screen outline.

Comes with fast accordion scrolls and an sleek styling. Key features: para-lax effect, fast-reacting look, soft symbols, one-sided template, multi-purpose look, blogs look, minimal look. Free WordPress topic in color edgewater for small business. It has a contemporary look. Functions: fast response layouts, fixed and variable sliders, section filter and section on/off, limitless backgrounds, llazy loaders and fluid scroll, pictures can be used in any section.

Cheerful topic for small business and start-ups that combines colourful scripts, symbols, widgets and animation. Functions: fully reactive, price chart, rotten charging, reactive rotary slide, font Awesome included, contact form 7 included. This is a great and contemporary topic for small companies and start-ups. There is a breathtaking accordion scroll, and it comes with colourful knobs and section.

This was conceived as a one-sided topic. Contemporary animation, as well as sluggish load effect and sluggish play of characters, make it even more stylish. Functions: fast-reacting layouts, translatable, custom backgrounds and menus, para-lax scanning, WooCommerce compliance, soft link, user-defined contents block. Turn is a contemporary, parallel, one-page WordPress topic for companies and start-ups.

Its look is neat and proper, with soft scroll and a full frame homepage slide. The site offers advanced animation, broadgets, an easy-to-use contacts page and interactive button controls. Characteristics: fast reacting redesign, dossier mail style, parallel effect, broadgets and soft link, build with Redux frameworks. A fantastic multi-purpose graphic that is suitable for any kind of company.

There is a cheerful, fun and contemporary look, with a full frame headers, colourful items and paragraphs and beautiful animations. What's more, it's a great place to be? Partallax makes it gentle and simple to scroll. Functions: fully reactive, high-performance topic option, videos background (YouTube and Vimeo), para-lax effect, optimised speech, price list inclusive, Google Maps and contact form 7 supported.

This is a really attractive and fashionable topic for any kind of company. There is a full-screen headers, rotten load contents, sleek symbols and a contemporary look. Gentle scroll makes navigating more comfortable and styleful. The One Paze comes with styleful motion graphics and iconography that will look great on your website.

Featured: reactive, SEO-friendly, three meal laysouts, customized logotype, favicon, multiple blogs laysouts, portofolio area, optimised for velocity, pallax section. A great one-sided topic, with a lot of colours, animation and contemporary graphics. There is a soft pallax scroll, full frame lay-out and many interactivity items such as button, ribbon, forms, box, etc.

This topic can be used in a variety of ways, making it suitable for almost everything. Characteristics: Retina-enabled, fast-reacting designs, pallax scanning, Ajax library, limitless types and colours, streaming wallpapers, visuals, online feeds. The Talon is a nice and neat one-sided topic for your company. Versatile in use, it has a contemporary, stylish look. Functions: adjustable header/slider, user-defined symbols, Google fonts and colours, SiteOrigin page builders supported, widget footers, blogs laid out, reactive designs. eVision Corporates is a one-page topic for companies, start-ups, small companies, portals and more.

Designed in a straightforward and colourful way, it is both pleasant and at the same that it is highly-skilled. Functions: fully reactive, one-page style, retina-compliant, CSS3 animation, colour controls, Font Avesome and Google Fonts, versatile layouts, translatable. The Launcher is a very interesting prospect on a website of the kind "under construction". With this topic you can show your site to your audience something engaging while you work behind the scenes to make the site great.

Functions: fast response, subscriptions mailbox, count down time, Twitter integrated, community content integrated, option panels.

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