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#25+ Fantastic WordPress Membership Topics+Plugins (2018)

When you want to turn your existing website into a fully functioning community-based website, you can find tonnes of different WordPress subscription plug-ins on the shelves. In addition to the installation of the right plug-in, you must also use the right WordPress subscription themes to take advantage of the full power of the communities you have built on your site.

No matter whether you want to generate a constant flow of returning revenue and improve your users' behavior, building a member site is always a good way to get more and better visitors to your site. We' ve gathered a fistful of WordPress topics for you to try out on your sites.

While you can find members website submissions for free, we always say that you get what you are paying for, and we would always suggest buying a free submission where you can get a much better overall offer. There are a few things you will need before we begin, if you actually want to create a members-only website, and we can suggest them:

A good sound WP host - we strongly suggest that you get a good VPS (Virtual Privat Server), because your recurring traffic will put a heavy load on your site and sharing will simply not prevent it. Of course, the actual intention when you create a website with limited contents is that your members actually afford payment for accessing the contents.

You can do this by incorporating a plug-in that limits the contents to members who are signed in and out. Now you can click here to view our recommended plugs. Read below to see a wide range of items capable of meeting all the needs for the creation of a member page.

We believe that once you use a good quality member plug-in, you will prove a great disadvantage to a website if you choose a free WordPress topic member. Premier WP themes are so much more sophisticated and give such a range of features that we believe they are definitely value for it.

Really, you can't reward the confidence you gain with a WP article that is obviously a premier quality one. Here is our top selection of WordPress Paid Membership Themes. Undoubtedly Divi is one of the best decisions if you are looking for a multifunctional design for your website.

This allows you to design an eye-catching website without knowing the intricacies of design and programming. Divi offers a variety of different functions, such as a built-in build tool that lets you build almost any type of lay-out you can think of. It also includes a member site logon engine that allows you to view a WordPress logon screen anywhere on your site.

It can be a great WordPress topic function for members, so you don't necessarily have to rename the standard logon forme. Topic 0 Reviews here. And if you are interested in how to build a member page with Divi, this is a great piece. Kickcube's best thing about it is that, in addition to the normal page log-in, it also provides a community log-in, so your site visitors don't have to log in separately.

It is a great function for the members area WordPress themes, especially if you have trouble converting more traffic to registrated people. You can also use the templates to design a website front end page design similar to Pinterest or As it is ready to use immediately, you don't need to add a bulky plug-in like BuddyPress to allow the generation of frontend contents.

The WordPress topic also includes support for Restrict Content Pro, a premier plug-in for WordPress members. Note that Kickcube is not included with this plug-in. However, if you are looking for a topic for member pages that support Restrict Content Pro, Kickcube might be a good option. The Askit is a fully functioning questionnaire and provides an answer to the WP topic.

In fact, it is one of the most progressive themes on the ElegantThemes square. This topic allows people to get their relevant issues answered by publishing it on your website. AskIt is more than just a topic for the forums. The StackExchange FAQ allows you to build a StackExchange Web site where people can get responses to their queries until the questioner selects a proper one.

Juliet - WordPress Theater allows you to build WordPress members - a pure website for the talents/models world. You can use this great tool to build a pure member site for your talented agencies or salespeople. As soon as a visitor has signed up on the website, he can refresh his account via the back end. Once Julia has been installed, you can download and use the free plug-ins associated with it.

The LoveStory is a templat that is best used to create a WordPress member page. The WP Member Topic has almost all the built-in functions you need in a WP Member Topic, such as enhanced member profiles, different member tiers, instant messaging and more. When you are looking to set up a networking or a dating site, you might want to take a look at our article:

Top 10 stunning themes to build a WordPress fellowship or build a global networking group. Whilst estate pro is a residential property related topic, you can build any type of website - only for members who require indefinite membership level, limited page views and post-build restrictions. Like the name suggests, Ultimate Directory is an all-in-one way to build a directoriesite on your website.

Best of all, this WordPress member submission is not designed specifically for a particular recess, making it an outstanding option as a subscription-based WP topic. Almost all types of directories can be created, such as Yellow-Pages style directories, yellow pages listings, Yelp-like reviews, etc. A few of the functions are:

Subdirectory / Slisting / Abonnement WordPress templates. The Atlas Directories & listings is another premier WordPress member topic for directories lists. One of the major advantages of using this is that your user does not need to have any WP backing at all. When you want to build a member list where you have to pay for your posts, this is a great WordPress topic for you.

The WP Estates is another WordPress subscription topic developed for property agents. They can also allow a user to sign up an affiliate on your site, store their preferred preferences, and administer them from the administrator. In the following the most important functions of the WP estate WordPress templates are listed. With the QuickFinder WordPress Member Design you can easily design any kind of Gelbe Seiten like a website.

In contrast to most other WordPress members who only have topics, the QuickFinder is not restricted to a certain area. The best thing about it is that you can also use it to build a page for your website advertising campaigns with nice layout designs. Maya Reloaded is multi-purpose WordPress artwork that allows you to build various types of Web sites, such as WordPress member Web sites.

More than 30 different layouts are available, so you can choose almost any of them. There are also high-quality WordPress plug-ins such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolutions, Visual Composer for Google Maps, etc.. With this multifunctional tool you can build a WordPress real estate reservation system. Therefore, there is no obligation for the user to set up a seperate user interface on your website.

Thrive WordPress might be a good option if you are looking for a BuddyPress sponsored solution to create a collaboration based on-line audience or market segment on a WP learning environment. Added all functions as WordPress plug-ins. The best of all is that it's a light weight submission without a built-in skeleton, so it's a great WordPress topic for member clubs or a great use for using a WordPress award member topic.

Another topic that BuddyPress is supporting is MikMag, which allows you to build a very diverse member website.

Allows you to set up an on-line folder of any kind and also allows you to list in the frontend. Explorer is a delisting topic with which you can place your offers and contributions on a card. It is a great plug-in for those who want to build a member-only website to build an on-line course.

Because it is driven by Genesis, you can be sure that it is a very well backed program, with great equipment and great configurability that doesn't restrict you in any way. When you want to build a learning member site that provides drag-and-drop responsiveness and enhanced fitting capabilities, you can't go wrong with any StudioPress topic, and of course Academy Pro was specifically developed for that use case....

Here are some plug-ins and functions that are compliant with the Academy Pro topic. When your website becomes a mag where members have privileged rights to certain contents when they get payed, paperback is a great way for you. Whilst his homepage offers a contents area for your article, there are different areas for different messages or categories.

Since it is a magazin, the topic has been optimised for legibility with good typeography and easy-to-read typefaces and generous layout. As we have mentioned the topic periodicals, we also like this topic of WPZoom - Indigo. It is an award-winning WP multi-purpose style sheet with versatile functions for creating a limited scope of contents.

There are two navigational options on the home page (you can use this for members only vs. members publish content) with a slide control for top breaking information, a 3-column wide area where you can give particular consideration to certain products, a gooey screen, selected category and many other functions that you will find useful when configuring your website. Naturally, since it's a content-oriented style, it also incorporates customized Widgets to display the most favorite postings, all recent Twitter, the subscription forms for emails, symbols for favorite sites, and anything else you need.

A good excuse to build a subscriptions site would certainly be for education use. It is a website learning templates for those offering an on-line course - e.g. trainers would be an outstanding choice to use it as a website learning templates for their member site, this is the essence of such a company/course.

Teachme is the perfect tool to increase your conversations and decrease your burn time. A full-width layout of the templates provides ample room for the member to view all available classes and their overviews. There is one last point we have for you, and it is appropriate that this is one of the most favorite topics for journals.

Knowing their WordPress, their designs and how to create a winner they are in fact the creators of the most beloved Divi products used by virtually a hundred thousand people. It' extra is a neat topic for magazines for those who want to take their website to the next step, and since we are in this area to create a member-only area, this submission does of course support that very well.

When you want to set up a premier message or information site intended for premier members, Extra is an outstanding option with great ease of use as a WordPress topic for members. As best you can try to find only free website submissions for members, we couldn't find any good ones.

Are you a templates vendor who has a free copy of a member or subscriber topic? Contact us and we will include your product here if we think it is appropriate. Obviously, your submission should have a number of functions that are specific to member-only sites or can be integrated with member-only plug-ins that we next discussed in this paper.

Having browsed a selection of the best WordPress themes for members, we would like to present some plug-ins for member sites that will immediately turn your current site into a member-only site. Whilst these plug-ins will work on your website, regardless of the templates you use, we strongly recommend that you select a suitable WordPress design for your Pay Member to fully exploit the full power of the plug-ins you use.

However, most of the elements mentioned in this paper do not need a member plug-in. However, if you are looking for extra functionality that these template do not offer, you can try to install one of these WordPress member plug-ins on your website. Restrict Contents base is probably the best free WordPress subscription plug-in - it is a single plug-in that limits the contents of your website to just registrated people.

In contrast to the WPMUDev plug-in, restricted contents uses standard role users such as administrator, editor, writer, and subscriber to limit the contents. Premier Edition provides the following functions. MembershipPress is another WordPress member plug-in that is definitely a great choice to try. When you download the Royale Premier Plug-in, you also gain entry to the Royale Premier Plug-in, which allows you to set up an Affiliate Programme for your members' websites.

The MemberPress plug-in is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to limit the amount of available ressources for downloads by frequent users. Member 2 is one of the most beloved member plugs in the WP's WP plug-in folder. With the free plug-in you can build a member-only website with one of the four basic choices.

Put your high-value contents behind a paidwall and tempt your users to visit them by becoming a member of your site. Now you can use the plug-in's professional edition to get everything you need for your members' websites. As an example, the Professional Edition allows you to extend your subscription to any number of members, set up a free evaluation time, and provide voucher sponsorship for your website.

Membership 2 Per contains the actual magics in the add-ons. Functions are not included with the included software. No. You can only reinstall the add-ons you need for your website. This means you don't have to worry about functions you don't need on your website. Remember that in order to be able to use Membership2 Per, you must become a WPMUDev website member.

As soon as you are a member, you can get full use of the free Premier Plug-in and all add-ons without having to pay anything for them. Join us at Dev in order to get the plug-in that cost $49/month. Our 4th plug-in comes from wp. insideider - a top rating (4. 5 mean plugin) that is available as a free update from both the WP plug-in library and the plugin's website.

You can have free and member-only portions of the website, and you can accept payment primarily through PayPal. We' ve now seen both the subscription plug-ins and the best WordPress subscription themes you can use, so you should all be good to get your new business started!

Have you found your favorite WordPress topic for your members? Did you try any of the WordPress subscription topics mentioned in this article?

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