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Send 6 free WordPress themes to sponsor All right, make a selection of 150,000 free WordPress themes, it is clear that it has been seen and reviewed. But when we talk about free WordPress themes that really send godfathers, we are playing in a different category. So let's attack this selection: the philosophy behind Bento is its ability to be multifunctional: this free WordPress theme offers a wide range of features and templates that allow you to create almost any website, from a personal Blog to a freelancer or agency file to websites and even an online store.

The flexibility of the templating system, with a highly visual model builder offering an unlimited combination of colors, does not limit Bento to a single use or need and makes each site truly custom. Baskerville, a free WordPress theme with a perfect look and feel, is ideal for a blogs because all your posts are well thought out (picture gallery, sound, video, quote) and the response is simply perfect.

And Anders Norén is the author of this topic, and it can be said that he has done a remarkable job! In the same way and by the same developer, I tested Garfunkel, which offers a similar look to Media, the blogger community created by the creators of Twitter. How would it be, if you would tell the incredible story of our supervised project in a WordPress?

It is now possible with this great WordPress theme named after the DW timberline! Design Wall has done a top job for those who want to treat themselves to a little Facebook-style WordPress theme. All postforms are stylized for a varied and entertaining time line.

And as a bonuses, a seventh theme! From the start of the blogs until today, the website has been running on Hueman, a great topic for blogs, beautifully designed by AlxMedia (Alexander Agnarson), a Swedish-born developer. Of course we have adapted it to our needs (charter, functionalities). And from experience we can tell you that this topic is great from a flexible point of view (several possibilities)!

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