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Conclusion The SiteBuilder has high value template, a powerful text processor and some interesting functions, but it is also costly and there is a much better value for money. has one of the best domains in the industry, but it has little to say about its own services. You' get a few general rows about'hundreds of adjustable templates', a drag-and-drop editing tool, integrated blogs, e-commerce and analysis, but that's all.

You will get the kernel editors and the complete kit of adjustable template, but your website will contain SiteBuilder brand-ing and is restricted to 50 megabytes. Pro Plans drop advertisements, increase your disk to 5GB, and provide free domainname, website stats, ad credit and prioritizationting. Premier plans offer you 10 GB of disk and seem to add premier technical assistance, although they don't clearly state what that means.

Registering with SiteBuilder is fast and simple. Once we clicked on a hyperlink to check our e-mail addresses, we log into the SiteBuilder admin panel and started searching our template. They are categorized, and there are many choices: the lifestyle section had 80 patterns, photography had 23, computers and technology gave us 27 choices, even construction and trade gave us a very sensible 16.

Originally, all templatas were shown with large miniature views, but could also be viewed in full view, as well as desktops and mobiles - a convenient feature that many users don't notice. Choose a style sheet and it will open in the SiteBuilder Notepad. It has more visual parts, features and control elements than some of its competitors - the top right menus and page selection button, the top right symbol bar, the side bar for various edits - but there's nothing terrible or complex, and an opening guide will explain the fundamentals in less than a minute. What makes it so easy to use?

Begin exploring and you will find that WebsiteBuilder works as you would like. WebsiteBuilder's editors offer a surprise number of ways to modify most page items. Pages in the SiteBuilder consist of sectional pages, and when you click the area around a heading (or picture, galery, or other section element), you'll find many more ways to make them customizable.

One of the interesting page-level features is the possibility to show a section on all web pages with one click. If you simply move the cursor over a section, the Notepad shows a section-level icon bar, and if you click the pointer with the pointer, the entire Section Box appears. The SiteBuilder section is still a good concept, not least because it offers so many possibilities.

Header and footer lines, pictures, text fields, galeries and ready-made blocs such as function sheets, timetables, forms and more are available. All of them come in a number of different sizes and style, with the Preview of Everything screen to help you better comprehend what you're going to get. You can view individual background movies, several movies in a row or column, videowalls in a tessellated pattern, and some with or without Caption.

In contrast to similar service, these paragraphs are highly adaptable even after they have been added to your website. We could, for example, dropped one of the movies after pasting a 2 x 2 screen, view the remainder in columns or rows, or adjust the theme to fit one of the other parts of the movie.

Even though we've talked about paragraphs so far, you can also follow the more traditional way of constructing your website from single items. When you click the Append Item buttons, you can attach text fields, pictures, community entertainment contents (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), soundtracks, video, cards, documents, and more. They can be used individually or displayed in segments, and everything can be placed exactly to the nearest bit.

Items do not leap around according to secretive codes that only the writer can understand - they remain wherever you let them fall. No matter what you do, the writer's doing his best to be useful. The right-click feature provides context-sensitive menu choices with useful features, such as the option to copy and past items elsewhere.

Notepad can understand the default shortcut keys for cropping, copying, pasting, deleting, and more, and there is a Undo key to quickly fix larger errors. With SiteBuilder, you can easily add pictures, include YouTube and Vimeo videos, or playback SoundCloud contents, but that's it for the original tool.

They can show pictures or click to show them in full size, but there are no unusual lightbox controllers, slider bars or anything else. While we tried to do the search using different, unusual key words, even squirrels, asphalt and headlights provided many pertinent pictures that could all be used immediately and freely.

There is also a high-performance built-in picture editing tool with more features than some stand-alone applications. Easily cropping, rotating or resizing your pictures, adjusting lightness and contrasts, adjusting colour and sound, removing flaws, correcting reds and whites, adding captions, borders, superimpositions andtickers. It can also optimize sharpening or apply focusing and allows you to freely sketch on the picture, make a vignette, make your own spatter and more.

The SiteBuilder also allows you to create a My Image hosting galleries. When you' re building a basic website and only need a few fixed pictures, SiteBuilder's archive photographs and multimedia center can be very appealing. However, more sophisticated surfers will be disappointed by SiteBuilder's poor performance, and overall the site does not come anywhere near the capabilities of Wix or Weebly multimedia processing.

Unlike many of our peers, most SiteBuilder template files don't contain a blogs, but it's simple to create one later from the side bar of the majorditor. SiteBuilder usually provides you with a selection of template blogs, each with its own unique look and feel. They were mostly very conspicuous, with photocopies and high-resolution pictures everywhere, which can be a problem if you are looking for something simple and businesslike.

However, there is no question that the template looks good, and most people will probably find a more attractive look. As soon as you have set up a blogsite, it will appear as a new page in SiteBuilder and can be modified just like any other. Create new articles in a dedicated fullscreen editors. Only the most fundamental items of contents - headlines, texts, pictures, video and rows - which may turn out to be restricted can be used.

There is no Disqus comment system nor a separate comment system that you know will work for everyone. Those aren't necessarily catastrophic mistakes, and SiteBuilder could still be an attractive option if you're looking for a basic looking blogs with visually stunning styles, but powerful end users will quickly be disappointed by the shortage of functionality.

The SiteBuilder only sponsors one webshop with its high-end e-commerce scheme, which will cost 9.99 ($12.50) per month in the first year and then rise to 19.98 ($25). Might SiteBuilder shops be so stunning that they're really valuable, we asked ourselves? However, other areas are also missing, so there is no such thing as assistance for the download of electronic devices.

SiteBuillder is able to process at least PayPal and Stripe and offer an uncommon "cash on delivery" method. However, we would never have expected anything less for this prize, and overall we are not convinced that SiteBuilder offers you enough to warrant the prize. SiteBuilder supports you from the Web Help Center, where a browsable knowledge base is designed to help you get started.

The majority of items are very general rather than focusing on a particular task, so for example the search for'Video' items like ' Design With Elements' or' Getting Started With Templates' is not the targeted consultation you need. The search for YouTube or Vimeo - the two SiteBuilder backed web host videos - didn't give us any results at all.

WebsiteBuilder provides web chats, so we tried that next. And if that still isn't enough, there is telephone assistance, but only from a US number. We' d like to see SiteBuilder enhance its web knowledge base, although chatting and telephoning is well rewarded, and overall this has not been a poor one.

SiteBuilder's large variety of template and rich editing capabilities are able to create some high value websites.

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