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SiteBuilder provides you with an overview of the structure of your shop. Check out our review of to see if it's right for you.

There are 3 easy ways to build your website

Let's publicize it! selected submission and create your favorite page. your website. your website. with your domainname. boost your exposure. your product line and keep your customers up to date. The special offer is valid only for the first period of employment and is extended periodically at normal prices. Qualifying schemes involve free one-year registrations.

There is a non-refundable $16 USD registration charge if you wish to unsubscribe. 2018 Reviews - 8 Important Things You Need To Know

Now, it is a very restricted website creator - especially under the free scheme. The SiteBuilder (we're dropping the'.com' from now on) provides good coverage of the fundamentals. WebsiteBuilder won't do that. Our extensive SiteBuilder test explains why. We' ve considered all the important elements when selecting a Website Builder to use - design template, customisation tool, e-commerce technical assistance and value for your investment.

Continue reading to learn why SiteBuilder is perfect for novices, but may not be perfect for you. When you need to create a basic website without having to write coding, SiteBuilder is great - first of all. Grab the drag-and-drop editors, load quickly, and have a fun ride to get you up and running.

Unfortunately, SiteBuilder is not that simple anymore if you want to be inventive with your website. The SiteBuilder has a variety of neat, clear template files that span hundred of industry sectors. Upgrading to a SiteBuilder subscription gives you access to several hundred more sites. You can use all our models on your go and they come with free pictures.

Unfortunately, we can't create a hyperlink to the SiteBuilder template because you have to login to see it. However, we have a few screen shots in the section about template. SiteBuilder's built-in image viewer is supported by Adobe, the developer of the expensive Photoshop application - but SiteBuilder's image viewer is totally free.

Built-in to the templates engine, it enables fast and simple results. We will learn more about the SiteBuilder picture editors here. Creating a website with SiteBuilder is like constructing a play house from concrete boulders. As soon as you want to be inspired with your pages, SiteBuilder will lose the action. Create SiteBuilder pages with essential things like your SiteBuilder site content, about us pages, contacts, camcorders and many more.

See the Additional Functions section of the Web site for more information. The free SiteBuilder subscription is quite restricted, so you may be trying to perform an update. At the moment there is a 50% rebate on all SiteBuilder Premier subscriptions. However, after the first accounting lifecycle you have to buy at the full rate - which is a bad value for your investment if you are comparing SiteBuilder with Wix, Weebly and Squarespace.

A complete overview of what you get (and don't get!) from SiteBuilder's premier maps can be found in the Prices section. IS 2S SITEBUILDER RIGHT OR WRONG FOR YOU? The SiteBuilder templates let you create your own website, even if you've never created one before. As we will learn in the next section, the text processor is quick to load and simple to use.

SiteBuilder looks like a competitor for Wix and Weebly at first sight. First, SiteBuilder's free map contains only 50 megabytes of diskspace for all of your site's contents. It' 10x less room than you get with Wix' free game. And then there is e-commerce - or the shortage of it. Unless you update on the most costly site, you cannot resell through your SiteBuilder website.

SiteBuilder eCommerce's full cost (after introductory discounts) is far too high in comparison to the Wix eCommerce plans. Whose SiteBuilder is it - and why is it important to you? The SiteBuilder is a puzzle! There is no introduction page like Squarespace's About Us, or blogs like the Weebly Blogs, or a testimonial like the Wix Stories.

There' s a page called'What is SiteBuilder all about', but it doesn't reveal anything about the business or its people. The SiteBuilder Group is part of the Endurance Group, which "soon" is planning to move the SiteBuilder user sites to the Sitelio web site hosted by Endurance. It might make you think twice before you pay for a Premier SiteBuilder subscription.

The SiteBuilder is ideal for getting a website up and running quickly. However, if you're looking for a website building tool that's really valuable to keep over time and helps you build and manage a breathtaking website, use Wix or Weebly instead. HOW EASY IS THE USE OF SITEBUILDER? Usability is SiteBuilder's top policy.

With SiteBuilder, you can log in to your Google or Facebook accounts with just one click. Simply select a pattern and the text will open immediately. Editors start with a short "tour". Viewing a blank monitor or even an unadapted pattern can be daunting, so the trip will help you find your way in.

SiteBuilder's drag-and-drop control elements give you simple point-and-click access to fundamental improvements to templates. It' s a snap to add pictures as long as you are uploading them from your computer or using SiteBuilder's large free picture collection. Your SiteBuilder files are saved in your SiteBuilder folder, so you don't have to add the same picture twice.

SiteBuilder also provides a free, easy-to-use integrated image viewer to help you avoid working with standalone applications. SiteBuilder Photoshop supports the SiteBuilder image editing tool from Photoshop's creative team Adobe, but it's much easier than Photoshop. With a simple icon bar, you can decorate your pictures with text, scribbles, and funny labels, as well as crop and enhance your pictures.

A few other site builder sites also have built-in image editing (including Wix), but SiteBuilder's is especially simple to use. It' simple enough to simply drag and drop pages, section, and additional functionality onto your SiteBuilder website. Also, you cannot move feature and section between pages. From the beginning SiteBuilder is as simple as Wix and Weebly, but the more you use it, the more difficult it gets!

When you want a website that's incredibly manageable as you grow, Weebly puts you in a better position. 4 HOW GOOD ARE THE WEBSITE BUILDER TEMPLATE? The SiteBuilder site offers "hundreds" of site template choices that go up to "1,000s" when you upgraded to a Premier plan. The SiteBuilder template is quite good. However, these two website creators hire massive engineering groups to create the world's best template and most cutting-edge website feature.

WebsiteBuilder doesn't even have enough designer to create a proper About Us page. Thus his models are astonishingly good. SiteBuilder's complete set of SiteBuilder artwork includes industry-specific images and background dummies that you can keep if you want, or simply substitute. Whichever SiteBuilder style sheet you choose, remember that you won't be able to modify your opinion later.

Just like Wix and Weebly, SiteBuilder does not allow you to change template without loosing your contents and customization. Squarespace may be a better place for you if you want to be able to change between the template later. SiteBuilder's template lacks the high-end design of Squarespace and the flexibility of Wix.

5 HOW GOOD WILL YOUR SITEBUILDER PAGE LOOK ON YOUR PORTABLE SCREEN? You know it's important that your website looks and works great on today and tomorrow portable computers. It is an important element in the selection of a pattern. With SiteBuilder, you can do this by inserting a portable previewer for every document. Previewing is interactivity, so you can scrolling and clicking to test how menu and other functions work on different sized displays.

The majority of website builder let you delay until you have uploaded a preset to the web browser before getting a portable thumbnail. This is a true plus for SiteBuilder. SiteBuilder, like Wix, autogenerates a portable copy of your website that you can easily modify later. Change to a stand-alone publisher and then customise the portable edition of your website without affecting the wallpaper one.

You can, for example, append a call key to the portable edition and delete home page items that work well on the screen, but not on touch screens. 6 HOW GOOD ARE THE ADDITIONAL WEBSITE FUNCTIONS OF THE SITEBUILDER? The SiteBuilder provides tens of free additional functions, from basic contacts and mail lists push boxes to real-time community feedback and, as already noted, videos and musicians.

Unfortunately, these functions are lacking performance in comparison to similar additional services you get from other website developers - especially the press functions. Even slide shows with photos can't be added to your SiteBuilder website. With SiteBuilder, you can only attach videos by adding a hyperlink to YouTube or Vimeo. So, if you want to make your SiteBuilder website come alive with rich content, you should first build a YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud canal!

Some functions are limited to the free map, as we have already said. For example, the shop's functionality requires a SiteBuilder eCommerce scheme - which is not inexpensive in the long run, see also the section on prices. Wix, our top-ranked website creator, is always bringing smart new functionality and utilities to the market.

WebsiteBuilder is a much smaller enterprise and cannot rival Wix. It'?s nothing like the stunning Wix Apple Market or Weebly Apple Center. SiteBuilder on the other hand's Application Market only allows you to add a small number of integrated features. In order to test SiteBuilder's app market, we looked for one of the most common kinds of WebsiteBuilder apps:

Wix, Weebly and Squarespace have a dozen enhanced add-ons to create user-defined shapes that are rich, responsive, powerful and smart. WebsiteBuilder does not have a one. WebsiteBuilder provides essential searching machine optimisation (SEO) utilities to get your site up in Google ranks and help your site traffic find you. However, to get the best SiteBuilder spool builder tool, you need to perform an update.

SiteBuilder, for example, only sends Google website detail when you're on a prepaid subscription. Upgrading will also buy you SiteBuilder extra SiteBuilder keyword density management features (a keyword density checking tool), a sitemap that helps Google find your pages, and an e-book for SiteBuilder to use.

WebsiteBuilder doesn't have enough third-party functionality and applications to make your site stand out from the masses - and its free set of free site analytics (search engines optimization) software isn't enough to help you attract people. 7 HOW GOOD IS THE HELP AND SUPPORT OF SITEBUILDER? SiteBuilder will immediately calm you down with a clear, easy to use guide through the master editors.

The SiteBuilder Help Centre (which it also refers to as the "Knowledge Base") There is a neat one-page SiteBuilder FAQ, but the How-To article is too short - and there is not enough of it. Searching for'mobile', we got five results, none of which related to the use of the portable edition. SiteBuilder's not.

It' s great to see that SiteBuilder offers a free 24/7 sex update (plus telephone service in the USA). It' not a real web chats as you know it from other web utilities. You can use our online chats and telephone assistance, but only if they're really useful, and SiteBuilder's assistance is not.

SiteBuilder will also fail here if you go beyond the essentials. 08SITEBUILDER COSTS - IS A PREMIUMSYSTEM WORTH THE INVESTMENT? Free plan's quite finite. SiteBuilder will embed the SiteBuilder logo on your website and in your web page link (URL), giving you just 50 Mb of storage for all your website content.

Also, it refuses to allow many third party applications to be accessed and does not let you resell through your website. In addition, you can use SiteBuilder's free map to make only one website. With Wix and Weebly you can easily set up an infinite number of websites for free. So, if you want to expand your SiteBuilder site, make more than one site, or resell your site on-line, you'll need to upgraded to a Premier Plan.

SiteBuilder has three different types of SiteBuilder subscription options to select from. You will then be charged the full price for your purchase - up to $442.80 for two years of SiteBuilder eCommerce. SiteBuilder is valuable in the long run. These are the SiteBuilder standard tariffs. So, you get a great deal more on a payed schedule, as opposed to the free schedule.

SiteBuilder gives you less money for your money than other website builder. You can' t for example resell anything about your SiteBuilder site unless you have the most costly scheme that will cost 20 dollars a months. With the Wix eCommerce plan, you can resell an infinite number of items in a challenging web shop - and fill it with Fab revenue and market applications - for $17/month.

When you want to set up an e-commerce shop, take a look at our e-commerce benchmarking table. SiteBuilder's 50% advertising order is not too good. However, at normal prices, his premier schedules are not good for the cash vs. other website builder. SiteBuilder has pleased us very much.... for the first half hours we have used it.

Get to your destination with a variety of appealing layouts and a guide through the drag-and-drop editing experience. Simple optimizations are simple. This may sound like you, but SiteBuilder may not be the right site for you. Some things we like about SiteBuilder. It' s built-in image editing is stunning, and its portable editing gives you useful additional controls over how your website looks on your phones' monitors.

SiteBuilder's pricing, bad supporting ressources and unpredictable corporate story make it difficult for us to suggest it for long-term use. When you are looking for a premier subscription or e-commerce tool, please don't spend your cash here. SiteBuilder's intentions are no longer viable after the 50% rebate. Not enough functionality, adaptation utilities, or expertise is included.

Instead, for convenience and refinement, choose Wix or Weebly.

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