Sitebuilder Editor

Site Builder Editor

To edit the HTML area of the Web site in SiteBuilder. Editing a page in SiteBuilder After you create a page that is empty or templates, you can use your own pictures, contents, and other page items to personalize it. Any of your pages can be edited whenever you want. Create new pictures, modify pictures, or substitute pictures from a page with your own pictures or from the SiteBuilder clips library.

In order to change or substitute an existing picture on your page, right-click the picture you want to change and select Settings. You can make changes to your picture in the Picture Settings dialogue window. Find out more about the characteristics of images. If you want to change or change the contents, double-click a text field. Using the command on the Formats menu, you can reformat your text or apply a wallpaper colour to your text area.

In order to insert a new text field to your page, choose Text from the Insert drop-down list. If you want to change an existing left or left that appears on a page you selected as a style sheet, right-click the left mouse button, and then choose the Link to button. If you want to change side affects such as backgrounds, pictures, or graphics affects, right-click the corresponding side effect symbol in the Side Effects area at the bottom of the SiteBuilder panel, and then choose Properties.

In the Page Properties dialog box, you can change your page header, your creator, and your tags (General tab), customize the page size, width, and orientation in a Web Browser (Layout tab), and change your standard text styles for each page (Fonts tab). Can be accessed via Edit | Page Properties.

SiteBuilder Editor does not start, what should I do?

When the SiteBuilder Editor does not open, this may be due to the following reasons: Popups are deactivated in your web browsers, e.g. Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari. In order to fix this issue, you can turn off the pop-up blocking feature in your web browsers or simply throw in an exception for the SiteBuilder editor.

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