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WebsiteBuilder Lite - Drag&Drop page creator and CMS by orange_chilly The SiteBuilder Lite is an easily operated page building tool and lightweight CMS. Drag and drop the block building tool to create a rocky page and websites from pre-built blockboards! Check out the online demonstration at and see for yourself how simple it is to create a fantastic website! Exports your websites with all contents like Javascript data, HTML pages, pictures and more.

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  • When trying to manipulate text, I click on the text and sometimes it just freeze and won't open the editing pane. - You may find that when you drag a pad onto the page, the pad is sometimes not viewable, just the curser, which makes it hard to find where to place the pad. - clicking on an earlier release in the drop-down list will freeze the drop-down list and not be able to exit.
  • Do you have any documents on how to incorporate Sent API to make the user interface work? How can I get in touch with you if I encounter a problem in the near term so that I don't make long remarks every year?

Website Builder - Self Hosted Website Builder & CMS

Or you can have your own professionally built website builders! Create statically-structured HTML Web sites by mixing pre-built blocs and exporting your Web site or publishing it directly to a web page. The SiteBuilder is a module-based building tool that allows you to create nice pages by merging prefabricated block names such as header, contents and features.

The SiteBuilder allows you to change the block on the screen without restriction. Every style sheet can be made modifiable, which allows infinite options. With SiteBuilder, you can store whole pages as a template, so you can easily start points for yourself or your people. The SiteBuilder does not use a complicated and arcane template system, but only uses normal HTML, which provides ultimative creativity-free.

If you are satisfied with the website you have created, just use the Import feature to import all your pages with CSS, Javascript and pictures. Rather than having to download your website, you can also post your whole website directly from the web site to a web beacon. Includes 44 professional-looking pads to get you up and running!

Expand SiteBuilder with your own custom pads! With SiteBuilder you can quickly create pages and whole websites using an easy-to-use drag and drop page generator. SiteBuilder can also be used in combination with the integrated publication function as a simple CMS, where you modify your website with SiteBuilder and post it there.

When it turns out that there is a great need for extra blocs, we could offer upgrades that contain extra blocs. It' quite easy and uncomplicated to create your own block (but you must have a good grasp of HTML and Javascript). Enclosed you will find a detailed description of the procedure to create your own custom block.

Exporting your website includes all your website related asset such as pictures, style sheets and scripting.

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