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The use of the Services is also regulated by the following guidelines and conventions, which may be amended by referring to....

The use of the Services is also regulated by the following guidelines and conventions, which may be amended by referring to.... Your use of the Services also constitutes your acceptance of the following guidelines and covenants. Supplementary Conditions may be applicable to certain Services, and such Supplementary Conditions will be made available to you and included by reference to such Services.

Services are provided exclusively to eighteen (18) year olds. Every registry by, use or acces to the Services by persons under eighteen (18) is not authorized and violates this Agreement. Upon your enrollment or use of the Services, you represent that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older and that you have a valid warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

By using the Services on your own account, you agree and guarantee that you have the right to commit such third parties, companies or organizations to this Agreement and to act on your account with regard to any action you take in relation to the Services.

It is your responsibility to keep your user accounts, user content, and user Web sites secure. Furthermore, you confirm and understand that you are entirely and exclusively liable for securing your User Content, which includes, but is not limited to, all User Content and User Web Sites. Services are controlled for exports and are governed by the United States Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, State Department (OFAC), State Department and other U.S. agencies (collectively, the "U.S. Trade Laws") that administer or enforce commercial penalties law and regulation.

Do not use the Services to or allow the exporting or re-exporting of US trade law violating either US trade laws by exporting or re-exporting either piece of information. Furthermore, by using the Services, you agree and guarantee that you are not (a) a natural, organizational or legal entity organised or resident in any land or locality that is subject to penalties imposed by ofc ( whether in Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea or the Crimea area of Ukraine ); (b) a specifically identified national or blockaded natural or legal personality of of ofc or otherwise in possession, control or act on your behalf; or ( c) otherwise a prohibited U.

Your obligation under this Section shall continue after this Agreement or your use of the Services is terminated or expires. i) with material that is sexually explicit, libelous, or otherwise objectionable, or in a way that violates a third party's trade dress or IPR; ii) as a trade dress, trade dress, trade dress, or emblem; and iii) representing a subject matter represented therein (a "Model") in a way that would offend a rational individual, include, but not be restricted to, representing a Model:

a) in relation to a pornographic, "adult video", mature venue, event, escort service, date service or the like; b) in relation to the advertising or promotional purposes of any tobacco-related product; c) in support of any government policy, campaign er, election officer or belief; d) as a condition or medication for any bodily or psychological illness; or e) as a participation in unethical or criminal activity.

Contents of the User. Possibly you can up-load, save, post, display as well as share information, texts, photographs, video, e-mails and other contents on or through the Services (together "User Content"). Member Sites include all of you and your site visitors hosting through the Services ("User Sites").

It is your sole responsibility for all User Content and all transaction or other activity performed on or through the User Sites. i) use, reproduce, display in public, transmit, modify, transmit, republish, translate, post in whole or in part, and redistribute User Content and the User Web Site; and ii) make archive or backup photocopies of User Content and the User Web Site.

Services do not conform to the U.S. Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA"). It is your sole responsibility to ensure adherence to all relevant legislation regarding the protection and safety of your personally identifiable information, whether that information be medically related or otherwise confidential. They recognise that the Services are not suitable for storing or controlling unauthorised persons' ability to gain entry to confidential information, such as information about a child or information about a person's condition or illness.

Any representations or warranties that the services provided will be consistent with HIPAA are expressly disclaimed. Storage and permission to gain unauthorized use of Protected Health Information constitutes a substantial breach of this Agreement and constitutes an immediate cancellation of the User's membership. Should you have any queries regarding the safety of your personal information, please do not hesitate to call or talk to us.

You are, however, entirely accountable for the safety of the information and accounting information you gather on your User Website. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you hereby consent to abide by all relevant statutes, codes and requirements, whether resident or business governed, relating to User Content, User Sites, on-line activity, e-mails and your use of the Services.

In particular, but without restriction, you consent to abide by all relevant legislation regarding the transfer of Specifications to or from the United States or the jurisdiction in which you are located. We control and operate the Services from our U.S. office (although we may disclose information to third party companies around the globe to help us provide the Services as described in our Privacy Policy) and we make no representations that the Services are appropriate or available for use in other places.

Anyone accessing the Services from other sites does so on their own authority and at their own peril and is fully accountable for complying with all relevant legislation at such sites. The services are not offered when forbidden by statute. To the extent you are required to retain personally identifiable information through your use of our Services only as allowed and governed by the provisions of this Agreement, for the purpose of the European Directive 95/46/EC, the General Privacy Regulation 2016/679) ("GDPR") and any relevant domestic enforcement legislation in your jurisdictions, and with regard to the personally identifiable information of your advertisers or clients, you consent to and are deemed to be the controller (as that term means as GDPR ) and we are an agent (as that term means GDPR).

It is also your acknowledgement and agreement that you are accountable for compliance with all duties of a party in charge of processing your information under current legislation (including the GDPR). Insofar as the GDPR apply to you, you affirm and guarantee that, when using our services, you will clearly describe in written form how you intend to use the personally identifiable information we collect and that you will make sure that you have a valid lawful cause for submitting such personally identifiable information to us and that you have the necessary authority for us to collect and use ( "store") such personally identifiable information on your behalf. 7.

Extra user responsibilities. It is your sole responsibility to perform any activity on or through a User Web Site, whether authorised or not by you, and to conduct any transaction or interaction with end user of your User Web Site. It is your sole responsibility to provide end user of your User Site with all relevant User Conditions and policies, as well as any necessary disclosures or explanations of the functionality of your User Site and any goods or service provided through your User Site.

Providing the devices or softwares necessary to use the Services is your sole and exclusive responsability. It is your responsability for the safety of your user accounts, your user content and your user websites. It is your sole and exclusive responsability for the safety and privacy of all access data, your user name and your pass word.

They will make every effort to make sure that User Materials and User Web Sites are and shall be free from computer virus, worm, Trojan horse and other harmful codes. Third-party websites. We do not investigate, monitor or verify the correctness, adequacy or integrity of such Third Party Sites and Third Party Content, and we are not accountable for Third Party Sites accessible through the Services or Third Party content published on or provided through the Services, which includes the Third Party Sites' or Third Party Content's contents, exactness, offensiveness, opinion, reliance, security, data protection practice or other guidelines.

Your decision to visit or use any of the Third Party Sites or to do so is at your own personal risk and our conditions and guidelines do not govern. They should check the relevant conditions and guidelines, as well as the information protection and collection practice, of each website you use.

Notification in Writing may take the forms of (i) notification and update provided through the User Account Management Tools provided as part of the Services, (ii) notification and update otherwise provided through the Services, or (iii) notification of prices for Extensions. Announced charges do not incorporate any applicable sale, use, tax, consumption or other tax levied by any tax authorities in relation to the services offered herein.

Your bank details will be updated according to the duration of the services you have selected. It will be sent to the e-mail addressee that is registered for the user profile. If you do not deactivate the Auto Renewal feature, we will extend the Services up to fifteen (15) calendar ( "Days") prior to your renew date and will remove your money from the billing facility we have stored.

Get Add-On Ministries. It is not our responsibility to delete or lose User Content as a result of any blocking or re-activation. This Agreement is violated when misusing or using a credit or debit card, wire transfer and/or check payment system. All such abuses and deceptive uses (as we determine in our absolute discretion) may be reported to appropriate federal and state agencies, criminal prosecution agencies, loan investigation agencies, banks and payment processors.

Duration and termination of services. Duration of the services. To the extent you have acquired Services, the original duration of the Services shall be the duration specified in the enrolment document submitted to you when ordering the Services (the "Initial Term"). Except as otherwise provided in a communication sent to you at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance of the expiry of your then-current subscription date, the Services will terminate upon your termination before the expiry of the original subscription date and will terminate upon the expiry of such subscription date, and will terminate upon the expiry of such subscription date.

Unless you choose to discontinue or discontinue the Services before such a charging as provided in this Section, you hereby acknowledges, agrees and authorizes us to bill the current Service Fees and/or debit your or any other stored form of money until fifteen (15) calendar days before the expiration of each renewal period.

Term" of this agreement includes the initial term and any extension periods, if any.

They are always in charge of the maintenance of backup files of all user contents and other information. Furthermore, no refund will be given for any account suspension or termination due to breach of this Agreement. To rule out any doubts, the domain name fee will be subtracted for all reimbursements, to include but not be limited to monetary back guarantees.

Park-charged domain services. Each User registered by theeseller shall comply with the provisions of this Agreement. Resellers may not make any changes to this Agreement. All such changes shall be considered a breach of this Agreement and may lead to the termination of the Reseller's account.

If it is found that a User registered by a Reseller is in breach of this Agreement, the Reseller shall immediately upon receiving notification of the breach take steps to secure that the relevant User ID is upgraded to fully comply with this Agreement. Amendments shall take effect upon publication on the Internet or at a later date as specified in a communication we require in this context.

Providing technical assistance. They must supply as much information as possible to assist our research of any problem or problem. Eligibility for technical support services. Any use of the Services, and any information or materials obtained through the Services, is at your own risk, unless you specifically consent to such use.

ACTIVITIES TO THE ARRANGEMENT OF THIS AGREEMENT ARE PERFORMED "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE". THIS SECTION SHALL CONTINUE TO APPLY AFTER THIS AGREEMENT HAS BEEN TERMINATED. This Section shall continue to apply after this Agreement is terminated. All disputes or claims that arise out of or in connection with this Agreement, the creation of this Agreement or the violation of this Agreement, your violation of this Agreement, or your violation of this Agreement, shall be subject to the material jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not be applicable to this contract. Every lawsuit, claim or action relating to this Agreement must be filed in a state or federal tribunal domiciled in Boston, Massachusetts. The following conditions shall be applicable to all users who have registered for or bought services on or after 1 July 2017:

All users who registered for or bought Services on or after 1 July 2017 shall be subject to the Rules of Tribunal. There is an understanding in the Settlement Understanding that all claim will be made only in an arbitral tribunal's personal capacity and not as a collective suit or other representational process. If you wish to deregister from the dispute settlement arrangement, you can do so by following the deregistration process described therein.

This Agreement and all non-contractual liabilities of any kind whatsoever which arise out of or in connection with it shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales for European Union Members, without regard to the application of any principles of the applicable Community Courts of the Member State in which they live.

None of the parties shall have the express or implied right to contract or agree on behalf of the other or in any way commit or commit the other in any way. Titles contained herein are for clarity only and are not part of this Agreement.

Complete arrangement. Nothing in this License, or in any document referred to herein, shall supersede any previous discussion, negotiation or understanding between the parts with regard to the object of this License, and this License shall be the only and complete understanding between the parts with regard to the issues hereunder. When any term or part of a term of this License is found by a judicial authority of the forum to be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, the intent of the other party shall be that the remainder of the term or part of the term or part of the term or part (unless otherwise stated) shall be deemed its understanding with regard to the object of this License and all such remainder of the term or part (unless otherwise stated) shall continue in full effect and effect.

Neither default or retardation by either of the parties in exercising any right or redress under this Agreement shall be deemed a renunciation thereof, nor shall any individual or portion thereof of any right or redress by either of the parties exclude any other or further exercising thereof or the exercising of any other right or redress.

Nothing expressly waived or agreed by either of you to any violation or failure to comply with any provision or provision of this Agreement shall be construed as a relinquishment or consent to any subsequent violation or failure to comply with the same or any other provision or provision of this Agreement. The Agreement is effective and enforceable for the good of the applicable law and the interests of the applicable law and their successor and authorized assignors.

None of the parties shall be responsible for any failure or delay in the discharge of any of their obligation under this Agreement (other than failing to make payment when due) if such failing or delayed payment is directly or indirectly due to any force beyond the direct or indirect reasonable control of such party, which includes, but is not limited to, fire, flooding, act of God, labour dispute, accident, act of God, act of God or terror, interruption of transport or communication, shortage of supplies or omission by any third parties to fulfil any obligation in relation to the manufacture or provision of any piece of machinery or materials which is or may be produced or supplied by any third parties.

Unless otherwise specifically provided in this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement is intentional or shall be interpreted as conferring any right on any individual other than the contracting partners of this Agreement and their respective successors and/or authorized assigns. 3. Irrespective of the above, you acknowledges and agrees that any provider of a third party related good or another third party provider designated as a Third Beneficiary in the specification of the Company's Company shall be an intentional Third Beneficiary of the provision of this Agreement because it specifically refers to its good or another third party related good or another third party related third parties related third party, and shall have the right to directly assert the Terms of this Agreement against you with regard to its good or another third party related third party related third party related third parties related third parties related third party related third parties related third parties related third party related third third third parties related third party related third party related third third third party related third third third party related third party related third party related third parties.

Under this Agreement, you may not directly or indirectly sell, re-export, transmit or make available to any person outside the United States (or, if you are outside the United States, to any person outside your local jurisdiction) any controlled article or information without first observing all applicable federal and state export controls and regulations issued by the U.S. Federal Governments and any countries or organizations of countries in whose jurisdictions you conduct your trade or dealings.

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