Sitebuilder Pricing Plans

Site builder price plans

A qualified plan includes a free domain registration for one year. The SEO tools are only available with premium and e-commerce plans. sells simplicity: We' ve asked 16 genuine tenants if the claims are piling up.

SiteBuilder, as the name suggests, is not so much a web site hoster as a website designing firm that provides web site hostering solutions. The SiteBuilder provides several layers of web site support, but they can be divided into two different categories. One is a free of charge website that allows the users to build a website and have it hosted on a sub-domain of the website

Since this is a free schedule, your site will contain advertisements, and every times you post changes, you will be asked if you want to create your own private domains. When you choose to use your own domains, you will enter the second kind of web site service - the fee-based one.

The SiteBuilder provides 4 stages of a chargeable site, based on the functionality you need for your site. Their plans all involve free registrations, adding free credit, and are ad-free. Since they pretend to be a website serving rather than a web host, they also say that they contain free webhosting; but it's just a question of semi.

Overarching plans included functions such as advanced search and analytics (SEO) and market intelligence, interoperable web pages, e-mail intelligence, prioritization, and e-commerce functions. A number of add-ons are also available in your own custom controls, among them your own website's website's domain protection, extra domains/pages, CDN services, your own emails and promotional credit. When you are in the free plans, just click on one of these items to go to the upgrades page and select one of the plans.

Contrary to most host plans that involve a somewhat bewildering contol box, when you login to SiteBuilder you will see a listing of your host websites and an "Edit" icon to begin making changes. Your entire set of accounting utilities, as well as domains, marketers, and add-on elements, are available through a single menu on the far right.

The SiteBuilder stores a separate back-up of each and every data set you generate or post on your website. Because the only way to get to your site is through your own dedicated web site management console, you don't have the ability to secure your site yourself as you do with most web site plans. The SiteBuilder service will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal payments.

Plan can be canceled at any given moment by emailing SiteBuilder, but plans still under construction are liable to a prepayment penalty. You have a 14-day back-and-forth warranty that is less than many host guarantees, but since you can create and test your website for free before switching to a chargeable site, this shouldn't be a problem.

When you are looking for the easiest and easiest way to build and update your website, this is probably the place to be. It' s easy to use with the easy draft & dropdown WebsiteBuilder and a simplified front end makes managing your bank accounts a snap. Unfortunately, this ease of use also makes SiteBuilder unbelievably restricted in relation to utilities and functions to which you have direct or indirect use.

When you see that you need something beyond a default website and blogs, you should find a real web site host using a basic web site builders simply by dragging and dropping, which is what most hosters do. You will find much cheaper plans that provide much more functions. The General Conditions expressly state that no transfer is permissible.

If, in a year, you choose to have your website hosted by someone else, you need to build it from scratch. It is not possible to simply copy your own servers to your new hosts as you can with most web based web based solutions. If you are interested in this kind of support or simply don't object to building your website in the near term, try our free website.

However, if you think you might ever change host, you'd be better off looking for a host planning solution with a favorite CMS or FTP connection so you can take your website anywhere with you.

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