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The SiteGround bietet Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server und Reseller Accounts. Latest 12-month performance statistics + review That was the best web host I've ever used. I went to the Siteground chats with an operative Gabriel, who sort it with one click. Until recently, I was very happy with SiteGround (except for the communications sometimes). However, when I tried to contact my customer service I couldn't find the phone any more!

A very nasty surprise: The technical stuff was "extended" and the chats were deleted! So I opened a lottery ticketing and 7 hour later the tech department asked me to acknowledge what I wanted. This would have been done in a few seconds with the instant messaging. Thank you, D. Radostin P offered me a great level of customer care right from the start; we had problems with our old DNS and all the subtleties, but for a total beginner he was very patience and willing to work with us throughout the game.

It was quite long, about 45 min, but it solved the problems with distribution. As I was beginning to build websites for other folks, a boyfriend told me to get SiteGround up and running, but I figured it was more than I wanted to spend on my site host. One year later and my purse was low, the technical stuff was sufficient, but very low and then my Let's Encrypt certificates began not to extend and I had enough.

Well, I bite the sour apple and went to SiteGround. The technical service is unsurpassed. We no longer have to fob off "that's third-party vendor that we can't support" any more. I not only get better hosted and supported, but also integrated coaching, automated Wordpress and plug-in updating, which spares me a lot of work on multi-site, simple back-up and recovery, and (with GoGeek) one-click stage for site testing and updating.

You bet. I am so glad that I changed to Siteground! Hosted and technical supported are always excellent. DESY just spend 45 min in the chats and helped me to solve a certification caveat. Others hostingsupport would have said to me that they can't help because it's an MS Outlook problem, but not Siteground. I' ve been in contact with Siteground Technical Assistance several times and their assistance is quick and efficient.

I' ve worked with many different hosters and Siteground is the best level of service I have ever had. Everybody should be on siteground, I think. The best location search ever! A year ago I changed from Bluehost, and yes, it costs me a little more, but I had no downtimes and the Siteground staff supported me phenomenally.

With Siteground I was so much more satisfied. Siteground gives me replies, I get things right and I get excellent client services. Satisfied with the level of services and assistance I get with Siteground, I would suggest it to anyone looking for a website hosting. The SiteGround is fantastic and I really like it.

First website I ever made was in 1996, so I definitely saw my part in nightmares and just my part in webcasting. I' ve been hoteling several sites with SiteGround for several years now and have also registered customers for their own account. SiteGround is a very highly competetive hosted environment and it's difficult to gain an advantage, and here's what SiteGround really excels at: our support services.

And for this ludicrously low rate, the sevice is only pending because they actually help with your issue, not just at the limit of their contracts. They will actually help you trace problems with emails directly to your own Gmail accounts, and they will help you with third-party plug-ins with WordPress.

While researching trusted web hostings, I came across ratings for Siteground and many were lucky. During my research on Memberiun applications they also recommend Sitegound, which offers an excellent level of support. The help was fast and the representative was patienceful. Chats assisted me and I made the passage painless with leading the chats.

Up to now the services have been great and I would very much appreciate Siteground. I' ll be publishing my web site experiences in 30 gigs. Your sponsorship is also great, you know what you're talking about and you offer a workaround. I do, however, strongly commend her. The 24/7 Siteground sex chats are invaluable. I' ve used a lot of hosters, but nobody's had this one.

There is no website that can affordable have downtimes or problems, and this life assistance will protect you from MUCH unexpected pains if your website goes down and you don't know what the issue is, what to do, and you can't get to bed until it's solved. To be able to speak to a genuine individual and solve all the problems on your technical assistance when you need it is completely FREE and saves you madness when something goes awry.

Hosting with many different hosting providers, we recently moved a fistful of websites to SiteGround. Although there are some restrictions and a light learn curve with the peculiarities of their structure, it must be said that they are characterized by their 24/7 and very experienced problem resolution team.

Martin had just over 60 min of outstanding technical assistance, and although the trouble we had was not necessarily theirs, it continued until we figured it out and solved it. By the way, we are also very satisfied with the performance and performance of the SiteGround server.

I worked with backup to clean up the storage last night because I got the message that I was almost exhausted. I jumped on a chats and today's very nice operative pointed out that I still had many data sets that had to be deleted. It put me through to technology because this was a trickier task because it was system file.

So I asked him how I could avoid this in the near term and he told me to just call the chats and hire a technician. I' m so happy that I changed to SiteGround - and I realize that both WordPress and WooCommerce are recommending SiteGround. After almost 3 years on my former hosting I changed to SiteGround.

After researching a ton of safety issues (my pages were cracked by a free WP plug-in, so safety became my top priority!), I selected them. Pleased to find that they also contain free hosting websites (ideal for checking changes to websites before they go live). Loved your kind, expert service. My former hosting company changed my username to "dmin " when I asked for help recovering my pages after the bad stuff disappeared.

This is a horrible concept even beginners should know about, and for the posting representative to do it is indefensible. Chat sessions are always responded to really quickly, often in seconds, and staff will guide me through everything I have to struggle with. <font color="#ffff00" size=14> The SiteGround has a lot of rock stars working for them.

My business is running a VIPS and I hotel a number of customer locations and maintain/support customer locations on seperate Shared Hosted Account, and SiteGround always responds to my ticket. All of the hosted functions, performance, etc. are great. SiteGround is recommended to everyone. Since I switched to Siteground, their help has been excellent.

Today above all lvaylo was able to fix problems in my data base within a few seconds AND went beyond that to directly installing SSL there. I have been working for SiteGround for years. One way or another, they're just a good host. I now need host ing-support for multiple customer problems.

The majority of hosters will tell you that you need to find a programmer or that the servers are OK. Because I' m a web advisor and work close with customers to create websites and create a strong web presence...that doesn't work for me. The SiteGround is the exceptional case. Outstanding customer service!

I' ve had nothing but great experience with your client services! There is no need to spend all your time waiting for a supporter and he really goes beyond that to help you. You even help me fix an upside when I realize that I bought a subscription for the incorrect name.

Within 5 mins someone chatted with me and reimbursed the services (even after one weeks of being active) so I could buy it for the right one. Everybody I've spoken to has been very kind and it's one of the few places I have no problem getting in touch with.

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