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See how SiteKreator compares to the average price of Website Builder software. The SiteKreator web tool is designed for the independent, code-free creation and management of customer-ready websites. site builder button Multi-purpose picture galleriesTransmit your advertising messages with compelling picture galeries. Apply motion annotations and smooth picture transition. Organise your contents with the powerful table editor.

Automatically zebra strip, embedded backgrounds or cells to produce the look or feel you want. Generate on-line validated in-printed stationery for your business. Successfully complete and submit your application to a data base or e-mail address.

Perform further optimization by specifying user-defined Metadata such as title, description, and keyword at the page or page layer. Limit visitors' exposure to your site's high-quality editorials. Build customized registry entry form and allow your user to upgrade their profile as needed. Configure more than one layer of accessibility for different areas of your work. View Syndicated Submissions from Favorite Blog or Magazine Sites.

Build portable, easy-to-use websites for display on smaller displays. Redirects users to pages developed for their devices instantly. You can use the same authentication tool to build Facebook page pages that are visibly coherent with your website. One click is all it takes to post on Facebook and help with Facebook target page advertising for your Facebook campaign. Automatic sending of traffic to pages generated by keyword engines or a previously viewed website.

View lokalized contents according to their locations. Treat returning guests with a different procedure.


The number of website construction apps available can make it difficult to reduce fats, so to say, to reach those that provide the best value for the dollar. The SiteKreator is one of those website builder and today we will take a look at how well it does this task in our SiteKreator reviews and see if it's worth investing $20-80/month (depending on the chosen package).

The SiteKreator claim that over 100,000 sites run on their platforms, which is a quite staggering number. The first time you sign up with an site you will receive a standard website that you can use to start the designing work. Note that at the top of the top part of the screenshots, a symbol bar appears with items such as Add Contents, New Page, Page Option, Control Panel, and Help.

You can see that there is a large choice of articles, but that's not all... You can continue to do so by using the application catalog in the Control Panel. There' s no doubt that SiteKreator so far provides an amazing range of features...most people familiar with the system will find it has more than enough to meet their needs.

It was very impressive to see the "keep it simple" approach that SiteKreator uses here. In order to modify one of the available contents areas, just click on the spanner symbol in the upper leftside of the contents area. As a result, an appropriate text box is displayed that is specifically for this kind of contents.

Suppose you wanted to modify the navigational settings, a click on the spanner would open this window: Just click on the spanner and you will get an elegant editing tool named 6YSIWYG ( What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). Simply click on the spanner to open a simple setup window: It should give you a fairly good notion of how simple it is to use this system to add/change contents.

At the far right is a dropdown menu of the front pane that gives you easy acces to other items such as the page look (where you can modify preferences such as texture, page items, column, and colour scheme). Isn' there enough check for you? I' m a big fans of usability and SiteKreator must be one of the simplest WebsiteBuilder apps I've ever had to try.

It' not only straightforward and uncomplicated to use, it's also unbelievably diverse and has features far beyond my expectation. Normally, I would have no trouble telling this to those looking for an elegant, easy-to-use system that is quick and workable. Hint: When I first posted this reviews, I refused to recommend SiteKreator because of a high number of validating bugs.

The SiteKreator staff has since worked really hard to get them to come up with a way to solve this issue, and I can say that this is now a sure thing. It is important to keep in mind that not all validations will return with zero error (in fact it is quite rare). Do not hesitate to visit SiteKreator.

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