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Sign in to SiteMaker Design Suite to manage your account information, create additional websites, or update your payment options. Please click here to register if your website is still on the SiteMaker X platform. Log in to see private guestbook entries. Login: Please log in to see private guestbook entries. Login: Please log in to see private guestbook entries.

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There is no need for special knowledge! With SiteMaker, you can build and change your website in your own language without the need for any special knowledge! And even seasoned site managers will appreciate the speed and ease of building high-quality sites. SiteMaker offers many different topics that you can select from and adapt to your needs and contents to help you get getting off to a good start.

Starting with the Starter Package, many free functions can be added to your website to help you with SEO, forum, instant messaging, picture gallery or even an RSS built-in feeder to name a few. Select your design, your Widget, functions, move the section to your liking and change their sizes, appearance etc.

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The name of your affiliate is either your domainname or the name of the website you used to create your affiliate area. If you already have a registered top level domain for your user name, use your name. If you have not yet set up a domainname, use your page name. Have you forgotten your username or your email address? Please type in your username and your username.

Type either your location name or your domainname in the Accounts area. When your Web site is set up in a domain, type your full name in the Accounts Name box. When your website is not set up in a specific domains, type your page name. Do you have any question about how to log in to your website? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

Create a free site data base with Free Phone Site Manager

It is possible to add a table to a data base in your own projects by clicking on the Table button - see the picture below. What can I do to modify the destination of the down arrows - in edit mode it will scroll to the next page, in preview mode it will scroll to the bottom..... Exactly what are you trying to do and what goal do you want to fix for the down arrows?

The preview in the web browsers will scroll to the end of the page. I' d like to have the same in the web as in the application. Try editing the source in this case either by hand (or with the source tag extension). From the. html page of the page, modify the line with the arrows icon - place the icon on the desired area.

Please see the picture below. As you can see, all enhancements are appended to the e-mail that would be included in the activations. It would then be unfeasible to align the enabled enhancement with another e-mail. If possible, the Bars with blocks parameter options can also be made hover. Then we can suggest that you post your completed projects in the locale directory and modify the.css files of the desired pages.

You can also open the.html of the page you want and rewrite the text of the items in the desired languages.

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