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Moonfruit SiteMaker Review: - Development Tools - Software and Services As Moonfruit says, over two million locations have been constructed with SiteMaker, and it's simple to understand why. Whilst experienced surfers will find the choice of choices rather restricted despite the different widgets contained in chargeable bundles, this will not disturb the overwhelming vast vast number of people who just need to get a good looking website up and running quickly.

The Moonfruit is an easy-to-use on-line website building tool, with the possibility of receiving a free promotional advertised website building tool. And for those who don't have much experience in website design and web site hosting, lots of Internet Protocol Services (ISPs) provide a set of quick and simple site creation utilities. The Moonfruit SiteMaker is an elegantly designed tool that allows your customers to build their own website from $5.39 - or even for free if they' re backed by ads.

To create a website, the first thing to do is to choose a website from the large selection of templates, if necessary create a standard layout (for Contacts, About your website, etc.) and then choose a subdomain or a full one, according to the levels of services you pay for.

As soon as the base tree is present, the Moonfruit software is executed in the web page pane. Moonfruit SiteMaker's overall look is very classy, similar to the Mac OSX interface, and therefore very simple to use. While the latter doesn't really contribute much to the advanced user experience, it provides simpler accessibility to some features such as administrative utilities and member groups.

Moonfruit SiteMaker's free-floating design editors allow you to make changes to the various elements on the page, such as CSS-driven scripts and colors, pictures or the design of your page icon. Changing is as simple as drag and drop elements or double-click to manipulate elements.

Moonfruit SiteMaker's various page items are loaded and organized via a file manager, and the pictures are optimized for the web using automatic uploading on demand. In addition to the essential features, there are useful administrative features such as location stats, while the People panel allows you to create groups and members.

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