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Show as CNAME record on ''. WebsiteMaker --- Online Website Builder Resellers: the domain status: the domain status: the domain status: the domain status: Registration number of the registrant: Registering State/Province: Applicant Telephone extension Facsimile registrant: Facsimile registrant Ext: Registration Administration ID: Administrative State/Province: Administrator Telephone Ext: Administrator Fax: Administrator Ext. Remote Control Registration number: Registry tech ID: Technical State/Province: Technical Phone Ext: Technical Fax: Technical Flex: Server name:

Server name: Server name: Server name: Server name: Server name: E-mail of the reseller: Retailer URL:

WebsiteMaker --- Online Website builder is 1 tenth and 4 years old. There has a total market value of 780,417 # in the worldwide. The PageRank of this page is 3/10. The website is valued at $960.00 and has a total revenue of about $4.00 per day. should be searched SAFELY as no user reports of live threat have been received recently.

Google Maps cannot download this page properly.

It'?s like a carrier covered in fat.

Choose'Admin' -->'Location address' from the tool bar to open the 'Admin' window. Bringing your domainname to our server and add it to your site addresses as described above will index your site properly by searching machines and minimize issues with many functions, especially PayPal.

Before you purchase, please make sure that you verify that your DNS-A entry can be changed by your DNS Name Providers. Which is SiteMaker? With SiteMaker, you can quickly and simply build professional-looking Web pages with award-winning website creation services. Since January 2000, SiteMaker has had over 3,000,000,000 Web pages created with our Click-and-Drag Web site creation software.

Page 4 of PageMaker What are the ways in which my pages/flashes are viewed by searching machines? Our websites are all referenced by spider machines in the same way as any other website. Since our pages are released in Flash (the Flash is included on a website), some browsers may not be able to properly view the contents.

Therefore, we create a full HTML alternate of your website that can be viewed by people without Flash or Javascript (including searching engines). To see this alternate release, go to'Edit''Show html release' in the icon bar. The HTML alternate can then be viewed by searching machines and allows them to index the site accordingly.

Furthermore, some browsers are able to view Flash contents and index them properly. Most of our websites are ranked on the first page of results at Google and other searching machines with their keywords. Where can I get my website listed in the internet searching engine?

To get your site noticed by webmasters, the best way is to get a site that is already list to be linked to your site. So if you've already had another website listings list, use them to provide you with a hyperlink to your new website.

The topic searching machine optimization is however a very large one. We' ve wrote a whole tutorial (available from the help panel in the icon bar when you are in editing mode).

First, no one can give you guarantees of position in the ranking searches. Searchengines keep their query algorithm very confidential and periodically refresh it to ensure that it delivers real and precise results. It may take searching machines month to get your website listed and then more times to give you a ranking.

Most often, pictures vanish from your website because they have been removed from the Image Manager. Uploading pictures (or other files) saves them as sources in the Image Manager. They can be accessed from any page using the editor or icon bar to place them directly on pages, in a galery, or as a wallpaper.

Erase or substitute pictures on pages or in items without affecting the original image. However, as soon as you remove the submitted input files from the Files Manager, all links to this files on your website will be deleted. There are two ways to worry about storage on your website (or in your account).

You can update your affiliate in order to expand your storage capacity, or 2. You can make it a practice to limit the sizes of the data you are uploading to your website. Images, for example, do not need to be larger than 200kb to be displayed on popular displays and monitor screen resolutions.

It is the best system, because it is much simpler for searching machines to index websites created in this way. Using "masked forwarding" to create your domainname may cause your website to be incorrectly referenced by searching machines. In the toolbar, choose'Admin' -->'Location Address' to download the Administration pane.

Use the FAQ browser's "home page" to view all FAQ catagories and then break them down from there, or use the "Search" field to enter your keywords and look for them. Websites can be manipulated and administered via web connectivity, but we suggest using wideband for faster browsing, file loading and manipulation.

In order to open this window, click on "Pages" in the tool bar --> "Organize your pages". In order to modify the name of your pages, click in the text window with the actual name and edit/delete the text. First, double-click the text that you want to work on. Now choose the text you want to modify, then insert a new number in the "PT" space (short for "dot size") on the "Editor" and hit the return key on your keypad (don't panic if your text unselects the selection, the program will remember what was selected).

This beginners manual provides a brief overview of some of the most important SiteMaker functions. Whether you're interested in getting your website ranked in top ranking or ranked by your own site, our guideline, SiteMaker uses our Engine Optimization, is indispensable work. Based on a case history of an already established website we show you how to optimize your website with key components of your website and how to get good results with easy, step-by-step work.

Explaining the crucial policies of your site's content management, how to build or maintain your site's site's keywords and site descriptions, how to get your site on a list or ranked by popular searchengines, the importance of links and much more. What do I do to process my META tag on the page? Upgrading the keyword and descriptive fields on each page creates the appropriate META tag for each page of your site (in HTML), ensuring that each page of your site is indexed by searching machines.

In order to process your META tag, login to your website and click "Edit My Website" to make sure you are in processing state. On the toolbar, click'Pages' and you can then click'Metadata' to modify the page titles, keys and descriptions. To make sure that you are in editing modus, click Modify My Website.

Click'People' -->'Settings' on the toolbar and in the ''Page Access'' section, click'Page Leaders Only' to limit only you. To make sure that you are in editing modus, click Modify My Website. In the toolbar, click 'Design' -->'Background'. When you want to change the backdrop to a new one, click'New Background' and the file manager opens and displays the entire batch of backdrop choices.

As an alternative, you can also use your own files as backgrounds. Every linked item can be converted into a PayPal URL with our proprietary PayPal application, or you can use the PayPal Widget in the Files Manager. In order to make the hyperlink, highlight the text or item on your page and click the Left side of the Editor page.

Choose the PayPal-symbol. In order to create the hyperlink, you must first type in your PayPal balance, which is the e-mail that you used to register for PayPal. It is also up to you to decide whether it is a question of a sale, a shopping basket or the Show shopping basket hyperlink.

Just click on'Finish' and then on'Apply' and your shortcut is up! and you will see boxes showing the number of users, the number of members and the date the meter was rolled back. To make sure that you are in editing modus, click Modify My Website. On the toolbar, choose 'Admin' --> 'Delete page'.

Where can I let my website users retrieve data from my website? Create a hyperlink to your page by using a'link button' (Insert --> Buttons Link ), or create a hyperlink to your text or picture. Choose the option "Link to a file" (folder icon) on the "Links" page of SiteMaker Editor and the "File Manager" will start.

Browse " to browse on your computer to the data you want to up-load. Before uploading, you can either change its name or simply click "Upload" to attach it to your "File Manager". As soon as the download is completed, you can either download another image or exit the download area.

Once you are back in the'File Manager', click'Finish' and you will see your directories. Locate the Download File directory that contains your downloaded data, choose the download you want to share, and click Use this. Now you can place and resize the button on the page and modify the text of the links in the SiteMaker Editor (for buttons) or in the text itself.

Or, you can connect your videoplayer to worldwide videohosts like YouTube, Google, MySpace, and Kewego. SEO - our softwares are developed to make sure that all contents, hyperlinks and pictures behind Flash are displayed in a complete HTML alternate so that your website can be indexed by your website's webmasters.

You may also input Site META and Page META information to support the look and feel of your website in your results. Click 'Admin' in the toolbar -->'Create a new website'. Where can I submit HTML to my website? While you cannot submit complete HTML pages for use on your website, you can use the HTML widget to insert HTML with it.

HTML uploads are considered "downloadable files" and are not included in the application. Also, we make sure that all of our sites are renders so that Google can index their site so that it appears in the search (although this still does require the site to do some work itself).

Is it possible to up-load my own FavIcon? FavIcon must be . ico file, but may contain multiple pictures as long as the pictures are not bigger than 32 x 32 dots. FavIcon data will be loaded into your Ico folder automaticly if the formatting is correct. FavIcon has many free generating utilities on the Internet and the easiest way to find one is to use Google.

Is there anything that administrator user can see/edit? Administrator rights allow a member of your website to have full control over all editing functions as if they were the website owners. That means you can see the toolbar and text box on each page, as well as accessing'Design','Pages','People' and other areas of the siteditor.

Administrator functions are very efficient and should only be shared with persons you have confidence in to help you run the site. In order to view your'People' preferences, click on'People' in the icon bar and then on the'Settings' page. In order to modify the preference, choose the "Yes" or "No" button next to "Accept new members".

Every hyperlink can be configured as a login/join by using the'hyperlink' register card in the editor. If you want to limit the whole site to Site Admins only, first click Persons on the icon bar, and then click the Preferences tab. Where can I give/remove the full administrative rights of a member? In order to assign or delete administrative rights, click on "Persons" in the tool bar and then on the "Members" register card.

As soon as you have chosen a member, you can click on "Make admin" in the information window on the right side. As a result, their stats will be changed to'Admin' and their stats color to blau. In order to delete administrative rights, use the same procedure, choose a registered member who is already an'Admin' and choose 'Remove administrative rights'.

Where is the distinction between the "View" and "Edit" privilege sets? Each page has two privilege settings: "View" and "Edit". Selecting "Edit" determines which kind of visitors can modify this particular page. The page editing modus gives members control over the pending 'Editor', but not over the full 'Toolbar Editor'. One of the "View" or "Edit" options can be configured to be one of the following:

In order to set up a pure customer area, first click on "Persons" in the tool bar and then on the "Page permissions" register card. In order to make a custom or custom page, please browse to the page you want to modify and click on the button in the menu on the right, then modify the preferences for viewing this page in Group and you can decide which group this page is allowed to see, e.g. Groups.

Lastly, you can send your customer an e-mail with his user name and keyword and a shortcut to the log-in page. Click Persons on the icon bar, then click the Members Tab. At this point you can also give the permissions for the new member'Admin' - if you want it to have full control over the processing of your website.

Unless you want it to be a'Site Admin' (with full administrative rights), you can give them certain page rights after creation by grouping them. In order to e-mail all your members, check the "E-mail" box, then choose "All members" from the "Send this to" drop-down group.

When can I send a message, how many videos can I have? Your storage capacity limits include every uploaded data as well. Allows you to up-load as many songs as you want until you have reached this storage size. To see how much room you have used and how much you have remaining, go to the icon bar and select 'Admin' -->'Statistics'.

As soon as you have reached your limits, you will not be able to continue uploading unless you remove some of your current data to make room in your bankroll. You can also post your video to one of many websites that offer video hosting, such as YouTube, Google Video, MySpace or Kewego.

Then you can refer to this outside videotape from a videoplayer on your website and keep your storage capacity intact. To update your affiliate to take full benefit of the enhanced package functionality, just log into one of your websites and click "Edit My Website".

On the toolbar, choose'Admin' -->'Upgrade' and make sure you are on the'Upgrade' page. Choose an item, click on the "Pay Now" link and simply obey the prompts. Click in the Agreement ID named columns (heading) on the ID number (or choose the most recent or appropriate if more than one).

Sign in to one of your websites and choose "Admin" --> "Billing" from the toolbar, then on the " Summary" page move down to the "Unsubscribe" section and click the "Unsubscribe" link. To unsubscribe from our newsletter or offer, please register on your website and modify your settings on the My Data page to "Admin" --> "Your Data".

In order to perform an update, click "Edit My Website" to make sure you are in editing modus, click "Admin" --> "Billing" and then click the "Upgrade" tab. Go to the "Help" window (F1 for shortcuts ) or use the tool bar. To make sure that you are in editing modus, click Modify My Website. Choose "Admin" from the tool bar and click on "Your data" under "Account".

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