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lay-out Provides general layouts preferences and choices for changing the layouts for certain items, such as the headers. Resize your layouts for small display screens. However, if you have trouble with embedding layouts such as diagrams or visualizations, turn this option off and test the issue again. Select between the standard full-width page layouts or a hardcover box for the page layouts.

Select between the standard polehead design where the headers and widgets are followed by the menus or logos in the menus. Alignment of the logotype in the menue interior alignment align the logotype next to the menue in a line. Unfortunately, if you use this feature, your website will not show the headers Widget area.

When you want to delete your menus, choose the Empty Menus item. Default footing orients footing widgets horizontal. Every add-on that is added to the bottom of the widget gets a width equivalent colum. When you want your footing widgets stacking vertical, choose the second Vertical footing item. Enforce Page Builder lines to have full width with style.

Prefabricated layouts

The Page Builder makes it simple to integrate ready-made layouts into your design or plug-in. We' ve made a point of not adding any of them to the Page Builder kernel, but mainly rely on other topics and plug-ins to create the layouts that work with their own one-of-a-kind design. During debugging, the Page Builder shows you some additional detail about the page you are currently working on.

Have a look at the HTML code of a Page Builder page that you have already made. Snapshot is only displayed if you are working on the page you create with Page Builder, but not if you are on it. Look for the following character chain Page Builder Data. You will see a default HTML annotation with the PHP for your page.

Retrieves an arrays of available layouts, appends its own layouts (with a distinct arrays key), and then retrieves the whole one. We have added an additional name code that the Page Builder uses when displaying your predefined layouts.

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