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Locations built with Divi

As we know, Divi has already integrated these modules into every theme: Let's take a look at some of the best sites built with Divi. Inspirational Places Built with Divi, Part 2 If I want to build a new website with Divi, I look for inspirations from others. I have a great esteem for others who are able to make nice creations with the Builders as a designers whose practices are built on this subject. And as such, I have put together a second series of inspiring Divi Sites.

I' m still looking for more inspirational samples of great designs on Divi Sites!

They can still see some of their sketches here and here. Like Olga Summerhayes' website, Infinite Imagination, I enjoy using a clear colour pattern, thin weight type and whitespace to give the site such a fresh feeling. Featuring an amazing client base, nice pictures that adorn the homepage, and plenty of spare hours for the "little details" like building weird parts with the CSS, your website is a great example of what Divi can do.

Thought I wouldn't put a Divi kid topic on the mailing until I saw A Girl and Her Mac's retirement from reelese. With an unbelievable love of detail, it would be unbelievable for any image-oriented website; my favourite characteristics are the round off photo gallery (see the ones on the home page!) and the wallpaper at the top of each page.

The colour contrasts are what I like about this one. Dim backgrounds with pop colors fade to brighter backgrounds with nice images and clear copies. I am constantly impressed by the website: they have pinpointed a major issue, they have found a way forward and they have underpinned it with luminous endorsements. It' all integrated into a website that' Divi-powered.

Personally, I also enjoy the cover area for each page - for example, click on the "Contact" page and see how the sloping area, fonts and wallpaper complement each other. What really impressed me, though, was Mladen's (the creator's) teaching, where he uses the various Divi module to split his work.

I' m still looking for more inspirational samples of great designs on Divi Sites!

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