Sites Built with Wordpress

Pages created with Wordpress

Samples of websites created with WordPress WorldPress began as a basic blogsite. WordPress has since developed into a full -featured website build environment, with both WordPress kernel integrated functions and plug-ins that extend its capabilities. Using plug-ins like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce you can build an on-line retailer. Using plug-ins like LiefterLMS you can build an on-line class.

Topics like Divi or plug-ins like Elementor and Beaver Builder let you create any kind of layouts. You can add new functions with plug-ins or codes. Almost 30% of all web sites run on WordPress. Below are a few samples of stunning WordPress sites that cross the line and crack the shape when it comes to shape and functionality.

The majority use customized designs and you wouldn't know they were created with WordPress just because you looked at them. There is no particular order to the web pages. The Disney WordPress is used to present its brand and its different kinds of contents, service and product. Obama Foundation uses an interesting vertically arranged navigational menue that opens when hovering.

There is a main navigator, a charity gift dispenser, an e-mail opt-in screen, followed socially by icon and a bottom line menus - all within the pop-ups. It uses a straightforward newsprint design that is easily operated and navigated. Though there is a great deal of contents, it is easily trackable and not overloaded.

Navigating divides the category and creates a large but easily operated menus. Clicking on the button opens the navigator, which contains a slide bar. Show are shown within a list of linked shows to view. It uses the Reload topic with user-defined formulas to make your booking. The website offers a straightforward and stylish design that concentrates on service.

There are also the latest blogs with large pictures and brief extracts. Uses a Megamenu and the top and side menus below the Heldenbild. Designed to create a sleek journal look and feel with a uniquely timed line-up that links the most recent articles to each other and shows their release dates and categories.

Navigating divides contents into main catagories. There is a event calender, slider controls to make information video available and various kinds of navigations. There are several galeries, a side bar blogs, bookmarks, a cogwheel guidebook, a travel route and much more. Although there is a great deal of contents, the site is neat and easy to navigate.

Best-Buy uses WordPress MU to operate over 1050 shop logs locally to deliver shop site information, event information, announcements, and more. It has a multi-column lay-out with image and text layers to connect to every item on the site. The Glad uses a box theme with a hanging dinner in it.

Every picture contains a link to a page. Prescriptions are provided as contributions with the prescription side with maps as left. There is a simple mega-menu that divides the link into different sections. It has a staple tray design with a gooey meal after scrolling. There is also a side panel that offers many navigational possibilities.

Recent articles are shown in maps with their category in a multi-column format. As you can see from these samples, and with tens of thousand topics and plug-ins available, WordPress is an outstanding tool for creating any type of website you need. They are also a great inspirational resource.

What of these WordPress web pages are your favorites?

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