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Pages like Codecanyon

I' m looking online these days, here is my list of app transaction sites:. ( the top of the sales funnel ), then it is important to turn to such locations. After you have purchased it from CodeCanyon, you can claim your purchase on our website by entering your Envato purchase code. Pages like Screenr offer free recording and hosting tools.

Pages like from which I can buy PHP-code.

Could someone suggest me some good web sites like from which I can buy high value PHP-code? I' m not looking for anything in particular. I' m looking for good web sites that offer PHP code so I can find something good there if I need it. I only know BinPress, but CodeCanyon has a much bigger catalogue.

JeffreyWay....Recently I also tripped uplon BinPress and found it a rather promissing site, but currently there are really very few PHP related stuff on the site.

eighteen popular sites like Codecanyon (Updated: September 28, 2018)

Every website has a distinct Tag signatur - a series of words as the user have described the website. The " resemblance " of a website is defined by how well its Tag signatures correspond to the sought one. 100% matching means that it has exactly the same labels in exactly the same order, while 0% matching means that it has no shared labels.

Emphasized colored labels indicate a day associated with the prefix name.

HN: Does anyone make cash with websites like the Code Canyon?

They can find the sale numbers on the website, so it should be simple to extract from there. Please be aware that Envato earns almost 50% of your revenue as provision until you make a significant turnover. Thought I did some baseball stadium numbers that look at the material you were mentioning, and it seems like this 50% just is eating away every single real benefit the site gives.

As they earn more cash, it is more economic for them to promote and buy the site. So, for the makers on codecanyon, themesforest, etc., the money they give up in sale is hopefully for the sake of more sales.

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