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Anyone with a successful business using as their website? Recently added Wix websites, I have often had customers come to me after using Wix or Weebly to create a website and ask for help to make their websites more visible. Both of these smaller website builders offer pre-built industry-specific websites. Private websites created with Wix.

This site was created with KI-Webdesign.

The best personal websites I've ever seen (and how to build yours)

Updated pages added to the collection, old pictures that have been substituted by the better ones, modified pictures to present website design, website description deleted (I let the picture do the talking) and a new Tutorial to help those who want a custom website for themselves. It is said that the spirit of a foreigner is unintelligible, but we cannot quite concur with the proposition.

Usually we just don't want to see the apparent by acting as if it were too much of a person thing or something like that. Usually web members are open with their own web sites for communications, etiquette and other things like this. In addition, private sites act as a kind of resume for their owner.

How do you design your own website? In the following we will deal with the most important stages of the creation of your own individual website. Obtain a domainname and a webhost. Rebuild from the ground up or use a Site Builder. Your domainname is your identification on the world wide web. It seems that you need a good domainname - something singular, easy to understand and useful.

Next, you need a good web hoster. We have four kinds of webhosting services - divided, VPS, devoted and clamped hosted. Throughout all this hosted service is used as the memory centre for your website; they differ in the amount of memory required, monitoring, speed, dependability, functionality and feature set, as well as engineering skills.

When you are new, sharing should be the best way to get started. Tip: I use Name Check and GoDaddy for registering domains; InMotion for Hosting, SiteGround and Interserver for hosted primaries. As soon as you have finished the website domainname and the webhosting the next stage is to create the website yourself.

But if HTML and CSS are not your thing, or you just want a personalized website for your interviews, then maybe a drag-and-drop website builders is the better one. The majority of web hosters offer a drag-and-drop site builders free of charge. Unless you're too interested in the lookout or the UX of the website, these free utilities allow you to build a working website in half an hours of work.

Best of all, these chargeable utilities are developed for non-technicians. Usually they are simple to use and come with thousands of ready-made masters. Below are some Wix personally owned sites that are created and maintained by Wix. Which is the aim of your website? Create and develop your own unique trademark. Have you enjoyed my compilation of personally owned sites?

In your opinion, what is the most important thing on your pages? Hopefully this collection will help you to design your own website according to all trends.

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