Sites made with Wordpress

Websites created with Wordpress

Starak Yaro has earned more than a million dollars by creating member websites. See examples of WordPress Web sites, plug-ins, and topics. Do you find out which websites were created with WordPress? Receive information about your WordPress hosting, WordPress theme, WordPress plugins & more.

WorldPress is a template-based blog system that allows you to edit content via the website.

Example WordPress Sites

The MAN v Fantas ( offers contents and communities for men who want to slim down. Our aim is to help, defend and educate ordinary men who only want to fight their own battles against fats. There is a very beloved slimming forums ( and thousands of sections from Amazon Losers - men who have already slimmed - who help those working to make this about.

Voice-over Chap is the website of UK voice-over performer Liam Gerrard, who provides voice-over service to a range of global customers, from the largest FTSE 100 businesses to new smaller start-ups. This website presents sound clips and demonstrations, from talking books to company narratives to commercials. This is a 1 page site of videosamples, sound files, contacts, prices and more.

Wandererstone is a B2C learning organization specializing in corporate correspondence course. Its website aims to provide information to users on course offerings, outline course offerings and make bookings. The look we chose was graffiti-inspired, with a touch of revolt (but not too much), as all percussionists are slightly insurgent, with videos and galleries highlighting his connections to top players and samples of his play.

We' ve kept the overall feature set easy and expect most people to come from mobiles and tablets. Essentially, our website is a gateway to the headwear industry, specifically developed to provide an insight and story of the business, our working habits and more. There is also an added layer of hiding from the site for our premier clients, which has a deeper dimension for Sharon Lee and provides a broad array of information and resource not available to the general audience.

More than 30 practical examples of e-commerce websites created with WordPress.

WordPress has the advantage that you can use it to create just about any website. It' s no wonder that so many well-known businesses, VIPs and brand names trust WordPress. A further area in which WordPress stands out is eCommerce. The WooCommerce introductory-tutorial shows you how to set up an easy and fast way to create an WooCommerce store with WordPress.

Indeed, WooCommerce operates an estimated 42 per cent of all e-commerce websites on the web. However, if you have never created an on-line store with WordPress before, you may still hesitate to believe that WordPress can actually do so. Fortunately, there are many WordPress e-commerce sample pages to persuade you otherwise.

Once you have gone through them, you will see that there are no restrictions when it comes to setting up an on-line store with WordPress and hopefully finding much of your own business to inspire. You will see that most samples are supported by either WooCommerce or Easy Digital downloads, with a few minor differences.

We' d like to have introduced other eCommerce plug-ins, but strangely enough not all of them put real life samples on their site (I'm looking at you, iThemes Exchange). The first example is a handmade shoe store from Spain. In a beautiful, stylish style with the trolley directly on the front page.

If you look at the coding, it quickly becomes clear that WooCommerce is the power behind this store and its subject is a derivation of the Super Hyjinksified Starters themed. And Adoboloco is a supplier of spicy Hawaiian and Portland based gravy. Your WordPress page contains a recipe blogs and a basket in the header/menu.

is The Retailer, which is a story front children's themed. With WooCommerce you have the eCommerce plug-in of your dreams. Stocky's topic (developed for collaboration with EDD) is what makes everything look good. The next is a store for exquisite Scots whiskey. It' constructed with the Divi themes of Elegant Themes and has its shopping basket and cash register in the menue.

WooCommerce also has it. Traditional crockery from Denmark for sale with an elegantly designed map. It has its own blogs, WordPress customized themes and WooCommerce as the acting eCommerce plug-in. On the Uncode topic the store shows its offers with a javascript. Everything else is taken in by WooCommerce.

Probably can tell you what this place is up to. This is our first example of a WordPress e-commerce site with an unfamiliar e-commerce site. You can also create your own user-defined design. It' all running on the canvas topic of WooThemes, so you can probably guessed what the on-line store part is about.

This is a store driven by WordCommerce and a customized WordPress design makes it look good. The design was developed with the kind permission of the Humbleshop subject, which was also developed for EDD. Acting WordPress eCommerce plug-in, it only makes good business of supporting your own webpage. It' probably not difficult to tell what is driving their store and they seem to be using their own design.

When you are looking for a vacancy, this site may be able to help you with your own personalized CVs. There is a children's topic in the boutique inspired by the topic of Triczy. It' made for WooCommerce, which is what drives their on-line business. The Joco Cups is a children's event focusing on Salient.

But with WooCommerce to take charge of the buying process, the features are probably okay. Here we have a WordPress plug-in for textured files and various add-ons. It was designed by a user-defined designer using the Genesis and eCommerce features of Easy Digital Downloads. The WPML is one of the most popular WordPress translations plug-ins and one of my favourites.

With WooCommerce they are selling their flagship products and using their own design. Journal about present-day cultures that operates its WordPress on-line edition with a bootstrap-based topic. This website contains an on-line store for subscription, ticketing and utensils. I' m not sure what drives it, but this is definitely not WooCommerce.

The next example of our eCommerce website is selling handdrawn gifts, maps and more. This WooCommerce based on-line store has a beautiful look with friendly permission of its individual designs. You also take advantages of the WordPress blogs capability and the site can be wonderfully degraded for portable equipment. While WooCommerce is behind the website (the buy icon is still in the violet ), the overall store shopping sensation could be better.

In addition, the website follows the Stocky motto, which is a suitable name if there ever was one. The WooCommerce is behind the curtains and the topic is inspired by the Underscores start topic. From Guatemala, Wakami is selling social wristbands. WooCommerce's juxtaposition with underlining is also what keeps this site going.

Apparently a designer accessory store. Pretty well landscaped with an sleek purchase map in the nav. The WooCommerce note is also quite evident here and the store runs under the motto bridge. And WooCommerce also seems to have its hand on this one. Regarding the technology, we look at WooCommerce again and a customized look without further information.

Nutritional supplement and health foods from South Africa. Executes a customised redesign and WooCommerce to make everything possible. Müsli made in Melbourne with a very sound web site layout and an informational blogs. This is all done with a user-defined WordPress layout and the standard WooCommerce eCommerce plug-in. Environmentally safe kitten supplies are here and WooCommerce lets you buy as many as you want!

The Divi topic also makes everything look good. Healthier foods are on sale on-line, this will be for sportsmen. In WordPress, the website is designed with a well thought out user-defined design. Come with a blogs. This is our first example of an on-line store that is dedicated exclusively to affilate merchandising. It looks like this is something WooCommerce is able to do, too.

Maya Shop is in charge of the shop layout (which in my view could be nearer to the mother site). This page is a really well-designed overall with an elegantly styled fly-in menue for your cash register and your cart. Built on the Storefront theming, it gets its e-commerce power from WooCommerce.

Your website is also operated by EDD and is built on a topic underlined. Have more WordPress e-commerce examples? E-commerce is an important part of the WordPress world and there are many sites that use the site to offer their goods for sale on-line. If you look at sites of this kind, it quickly becomes clear that WooCommerce really has the upper hand.

Most of the above eCommerce samples use the free plug-in to operate their stores. At the same of course they show that WordPress can deal with all possible branches and product types and that the design can be as diverse as the offer. So if you are going to set up your own shop, you know that WordPress is a dependable ally.

Do you have an on-line store with WordPress or do you know further samples which we should know? Schäferhoff is an enterpriser, on-line marketing specialist and journalist from Germany. WordPress he found when he needed a website for his first company and immediately fallen in Love with him. If he doesn't create web sites, create web sites, or help his customers grow their businesses on-line, he can usually be found at the fitness center, doing the job, or travelling around the globe with his mom.

And if you want to get in contact with him, you can do so via Twitter or his website.

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