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Let's face it, there are hundreds of thousands of photography websites out there. fifteen beautiful photo pages with WordPress Powered by WordPress Let's face it, there are a hundred thousand photographic sites out there. Continued emergence of fantastic new digicams, gimmicks and technologies can make any halfway ambitioned shutters bug a full-fledged professional with little more than pleasure and a good website. Luckily for our own eye, this also means that the photographic website art gallery will continue to evolve and become more beautiful, artistic and functional.

The WordPress system offers one of the most user-friendly CMS for photographers, young professionals and anyone looking for new and interesting ways to present your artwork behind the camera objective. I hope this compilation will be an inspiration to you to consider WordPress if you are looking for a way to expand your product range.

Thirty fantastic pages supported by WordPress.

WorldPress is like a packet of pralines - you never know what you'll get. WordPress is a website creator that is packed to the edge with a multitude of topics, plug-ins and contents. While there are many nice topics with key styling features that you can begin with, it is hard to conceive and create a one-of-a-kind website - one that is connected to the personalities of your brands.

Here you will find a listing of the thirty best sites supported by WordPress. When you look at the standard WordPress Topics repository, you will notice that a large number of topics use full-screen backgrounds above the folder. Though the TEDx Melbourne website does not use a full frame, the room above the rebate was heavily used, thanks to the "ribbed" effect that encourages the visitor to scrolls.

Don't be fooled by the above screenshots - Doze Studio's homepage is perhaps one of the most fascinating and impressive sites ever. The fact that it is based on WordPress is simply astonishing. The Mercedes Benz website illustrates this and shows that you don't have to overcomplicate website designs.

Apart from the nice wallpapers, the Greenwich Library website has highlighted some other aspect of effectiveness over folding as well. Many WordPress editors are used to the map format. Saying " less is more " sounds right in the realm of web functionality. In addition to the professional photographs of the wallpapers, the Bata website lets viewers know in no time at all what their business is all about.

Brad James - shows us that once you have found your trademark you must hug it with every fibre of your being. Besides the caricature-like look it is actually a brilliant page. Luckily, WordPress is currently a goldmine of full-screen backgrounds.

When you are planning to make a summary of the best WordPress pages, you should never neglect those that put ease of use and features above appearance. A similar function can also be implemented using WordPress plug-ins. It is more than likely that Sylvester Stallone has someone else pay to build his website.

On the other hand, anyone who knows how to set up topics and plug-ins can make something that professional-looking. The Next Web simply has something crazy about it and how they deal with their designs. Contains the principle of distraction-free designs and ensures that your audiences can concentrate on your keywords.

Of course, a top level meal will save a great deal of space on the monitor, but from a user's point of view a side meal can be much simpler to read. Trefecta Mobility made a very good selection for this particular model. The Gracenote homepage looks like something you can put together in a few moments with WordPress.

It is always a delight to see how incumbent WordPress brand names make full use of WordPress. The IZOD is a medium-sized clothing store that uses a heavy-site graphic display. As soon as you have done this, you will find side panels beneath the pleat that are woven together to create an immersive adventure. Another website that takes the possibilities of WordPress to the limit, Computerized Forms includes compelling animation and interaction with its complicated programming.

Whilst the page is scrolling down, graphic entities such as the characters in Computerized Forms generate a play of forms, colours and clicking through. A website like this may be difficult to duplicate, but it should give you an impression of how efficient WordPress sites can really be. Absolutely - the use of full-screen slide bars is still a great way to give your audiences a sense of pleasure while communicating your brand's messages.

Using the right utilities, you can probably build a similar WordPress page in an hours time. One good way to get started would be an easy-to-use slide plug-in that can help you organise and present your virtual asset. When you want to concentrate on the pleat, a good option to slide or full-screen backgrounds is a simple way to introduce your teams and what you represent.

Supported with pride by, the Flickr Blog is the epitome of the sheer WordPress expertise. There is a straightforward top drop-down menus, an eye-catching picture above the folder and a handy listing of the website's best contents directly below. The WGN TV website is a great example of how WordPress can really be used.

As soon as you download the website, you will immediately be welcomed with a Weatherbox that provides useful information such as temperatures, humidities and a week-long forcast. Believe it or not, you can also view meteorological information on your own WordPress page using meteorological plug-ins like WP Cloudy.

Happy In My Skin is led by attentiveness coach Faiy Rushton and is one of the quietest sites WordPress has ever run. Besides the minimalist style, the website uses the ideal mix of font, spaces and colours. It shows that web designing is not about every detail - it's about how these parts fit together and how they compliment each other.

By chance, if you see a boot you like, all you have to do is click on the picture to complete the fast order procedure. But before you reject this as another website with a full-screen wallpaper, take the opportunity to see FormFree for yourself. It' s a little further than the long scroll formats used by many other WordPress-based websites.

When you can clearly imagine what your next website will look like, you are willing to look for topics and plug-ins that can help you set it up. In order to give you a competitive edge, click here for WordPress Hosted, which we suggest and here for a long listing of WordPress topics you should know.

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