Sites that use Squarespace

Websites that use Squarespace

This website uses the eCommerce system of Squarespace. Statistics on land use and trends. Place place market share and movement. Use your custom fonts anywhere on your Squarespace page. Ideal for agencies, restaurants, bands, wedding centres and more.

Forty-five ( More!) of the best personal websites we've ever seen.

You' ve undoubtedly learnt that you should have a face-to-face website - whether it's building your own face-to-face franchise, serving as an on-line CV, helping you win new customers, or archiving your work out there. However, creating a website with your work history and your contacts is only the beginning. A few keys are needed to be efficient and attract the attention of the individuals you are addressing.

Next, you'll want to see meticulously selected samples of what you've done or what kind of service you provide, along with a compelling biography and something that shows your character. This is a great addition or "extra" that will make your website an unforgettable experience. So just to show that it can be done and to give you some encouragement, we have found 35 (more!) stunning pages that bring all these items together.

Every one of these projects is devoted to a different one, which means that by the point you are scrolling to its contacts, you have a fast but complete view of its capabilities, backgrounds and interests. Create such a website with the Fulton submission from Squarespace! Overall, this clear, minimalistic layout is the ideal way to show off his abilities (and persuade audiences to employ him!).

Scarcely need to click to see all his relevant information, such as what he's doing, who he's worked with, and how to get in touch with him. The six locations have efficient and attractive examples of their creators' work. Click on a single picture to see detail from this relationship.

Create such a website with the Flatiron templates from Squarespace! Create such a website with the Forte submission from Squarespace! In addition, their use of colour manifests their light, lively aesthetics. Create such a website with Squarespace's wells submission! Meyer has not only transferred his work to iPhone monitors to give audiences a sense of his work in contexts (he is a technical device designer), but also to the media that has received every single piece of work to show that other audiences like his work.

Stojkovic?s website presents his biography as a tale that captivates and reads to the end. Create such a website with Squarespace's Bedford submission! Budak's aim, some funny facts about him, where he was introduced, his contacts and his principal biography. Most of Frank' sums up his career as a college information geek.

" While he was still searching for his name, he clearly created this one-page site to direct visitors to his favorite site. Do we like how he invites them to find out more about him by seeing what he uses and where he works? Create such a website using the Squarespace supply templates!

Instead of stunning them with examples of these different kinds of project, Watkins connected with each one. Cruze has an exciting narrative in his "About" section that shows his love of commercials and his convictions about how to do it right. Let's fix this" makes him look like a dude you want to work with.

Once you have impressed others with what you have done and connected them to your own person, you will want to give a clear statement of what you are actually doing. The majority of individuals are probably not familiar with the design concepts of architectural design for the partially sighted. In order to help, Downey describes on his "Approach" page exactly how he cuts rooms to work for the partially sighted.

Create such a website with the Aviator templates from Squarespace! This site really shows what makes its owner truly special. The time line of the greatest milestones in Murphy's creative life illustrates both her character and her progression. Create such a website with the Marquee templates from Squarespace! Sakallah' own website features expertly crafted hyperlinks to her LinkedIn, Media Accounts and twitter - and hyperlinks to her Spotify play list, her Vimeo accounts and her friends profiles mean you get a glimpse of her funny site.

The Pogue website is full of person. On his " over " page is a diagram of his mind, which shows coincidental facts about him when clicking on it. Sometimes all you need to give your website a little bit of character is a funny and kind image of yourself. Goessous does a good job on this light touch down page and leaves an outstanding first impact on new website users.

Schaefer's portfolios, for example, are referred to as "Judge Me", while their contacts can be found under "Call Me Baby". Those places have taken our breaths away. Inspire them to make your own website look great - or just enjoy viewing it. It' s funny how funny it is to be scrolling through Guglieri's work - each pattern is presented on a map that slips away when you move on to the next.

That underlines his willingness to study and dedication to his profession. Further items like this, jobs you'll like, and tips that don't seem like they were posted in the 1980s.

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