Sites that use Wordpress

Websites that use Wordpress

Lots of sections leading to external pages. Fifty great examples of extremely well-known brands with WordPress (2018) WordPress, which operates almost 30% of the web, is by far the most widely used CMS there is. Is there a big brand/company that uses WordPress? With WordPress we have put together a comprehensive presentation of well over 50 brand names: brands/companies you have almost certainly noticed!

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Fifty-five large name brands that use WordPress (and why)

They will say anything to maintain their momentum, and WordPress - just like any other man-made venture - has got its just bit of mouth. Guys (who don't know so much about WordPress or its potential) say all sorts of things against the plattform. As an example, it's not as difficult on commentaries as:

WorldPress is free, so how can it be good for a business venture? If WordPress wasn't the favorite we all know, why should big names decide to run not one, not two, but several of their sites (and applications) on the plattform? In order to calm down these and other WordPress legends, I would like to give some (about ten) arguments why favorite WordPress brand names like and use WordPress.

In the course of the paper I will draw your attention to no less than 55 major marks that use WordPress just to complement my arguments. Let's think about it - here are ten good reason why these well-known brand names like to use 2 WordPress to run their web sites. WordPress is easy to use from the moment you install it until you start your blog/website.

They do not have to consult user guides to use WordPress, nor do they have to take specific courses to become WordPress developers aka contributors. Lightness, lightness and more lightness is the way of WordPress. In a recent WordPress poll, in which @kaiserfamfound participated, everyone they talked to "...said WordPress was the better option for usability, intuitivity and a simplified work flow.

Don't you use WordPress? Isn' that right? Several of the most attractive (and intuitive) sites currently available run on WordPress. Since they use WordPress, it is simple for them to adapt their web designs while staying portable (as their customers/readers are preoccupied with navigating around). Rolling Stones promote their merchandise, new tours, concerts, films, Las Vegas exhibitions and latest events with their WordPress page and you have to acknowledge - the vibrant colours and layouts are breathtaking.

Life+Times is Jay Z's website on WordPress, where he communicates what interests him, among them styles, arts, technology, sport and of course soundtrack. Isain Bolt (yes, the quickest man on the earth also works on WordPress) has created his website with WordPress. It uses a user-defined bolt topic to split messages, gigs, and other items.

WorldPress looks great on any website, and who better than Van Heusen (one of the best-selling brand shirts) to show you what's trendy on the web? Actually I run a pretty small website on WordPress and that's a fact. Yes, Cable News Networks runs its huge "Blogs" on WordPress without any problems.

CNN would be in difficulty if WordPress were not scaleable. That should have come first, but wouldn't it be more apparent? Wordprocess or is completely free to use in their own words: WorldPress is an open resource program, which means that it is being worked on by literally thousands of users around the globe.

Large labels like the SONY Playstation produce tonnes of files, some of which may be fragile. However, apart from that, brand equity is an important issue for large brand names, and the only way to guarantee brand equity is to own everything. WorldPress is just a single publication plattform, a safe publication plattform that lets you create stunning web sites.

Your information is in your possession - every individual bytes, and no one, not even WordPress staff, will participate in your contents - that's why brands like Microsoft WordPress do. The WordPress application handles the basic (or structural) base of your source codes, so you don't have to rewrite your source codes when starting new apps.

If your website runs on WordPress, you only need plug-ins or a few additional words of coding to get any program up and run. There is no need to waste your life building new apps, as the odds are that there are plug-ins available. Just think how long it would take to build and test a new HTML + static and CSS website use?

Being able to start quickly is why major brand names like Time magazines have used WordPress to produce most of their web contents. "Nearly all of our new web contents are now produced on WordPress," according to Time Magazin. It doesn't end there - other great big brand names building new web contents (and applications) with WordPress are among others:

You know your way around - and select WordPress. WorldPress may be a blogging (CMS) site, but its capacity to blend in well and interact with other sites takes it far beyond its borders. Major labels like AMC's Walks Dead have incorporated a unique story sync feature that connects supporters from around the globe.

" Say, isn't that really awesome? ANGRIY BIRDS also runs her own charity campaigns and uses (you guess) WordPress. You' ll be amazed how far WordPress can go to integration with other applications! As soon as you place your website on WordPress, you no longer have to back your back to adapt it to your portable screen.

It' s based on the latest web standard, which means you can create fully reactive sites in just a few moments. Let us put WordPress attractive designs to the test. Now start a new register card and browse to one of the following pages: Quark is a digitally based communications agency focused on delivering portable messaging (for your hand-held electronics) about businesses and the wider world.

One of the best-known brands in the fashions industry, Vogue is a great name and you can be sure that your website is easily portable (and based on WordPress), Metro UK is a popular and entertaining website that also happens to have a WordPress-site. The Harvard Gazette communicates all of Harvard and its various schools' formal messages.

In addition to innovative contents, Harvard knows that WordPress is the best way to create a high-quality blogs. Do you have one of the above pages open in a new tabs? word press = reactivity. WorldPress is very versatile and there are no limits to what you can accomplish with the WordPress application.

Even better is the fact that WordPress is continually being enhanced by a global network of people. Have a look at the following pages: Targets share the everyday happenings, graduations and face-to-face histories on the Targets Pulse WordPress Blog. You can find People Magazine at any kiosk, but access to the latest breaking gossip and chat is made even simpler through their uploaded WordPress page.

Mercedes-Benz is known worldwide for its high end cars, so it only makes perfect business that its website is driven by a top model of the WordPress set-up. WordPress draws literally hundred thousand participants from all over the planet, creating a great fellowship in which new thoughts are created and answers provided.

And now that we've talked about why great brand names like WordPress, and 27 great businesses that select WordPress for their web sites, we thought we'd move on. Here are MORE big stamps that use WordPress.

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